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This vid is the first in a series. It's pretty neat and has some cool scenes. It'll be the only one I'll post. Will provide a link to the channel below the vid for anyone interested in watching the rest of the series. 21 mins long.

Master mariner: History of an employment on board. Episode 1 - Office

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@CaptTymur/videos

Mastering OFF-GRID Living: 4 Key Things Every Sailor Should Know ⛵️ Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 441​

In this video we're breaking down the systems and technologies we've built up over the course of 14 years of full time sailing and living aboard our boat off grid. We will be covering 4 essential pieces of the puzzle that allow us not only to survive out here, but to live our lives comfortably! We will discuss electricity, how we make it, and what our set up is. We will talk about food: how we plan and figure out what we need, and how we store it. We will share how we're able to turn saltwater into drinkable freshwater, and lastly, how we're able to get the connectivity we need to stay safe, run our business, and entertain ourselves!


When The Sea Calls - Clovelly North Devon​

Jan 8, 2024


"When The Sea Calls" is a film about what the ocean means to us, told through the introduction of 3 people who are drawn to it.

Filmed in 2012 in Clovelly, North Devon, England. *Finally uploaded to YouTube in 2024 after music copyright restrictions were relaxed*We love you MOBY!

What is it that draws us to the sea?
Why might we find ourselves staring out into the blue?
Set in an idyllic fishing village on the North Devon coast, "When The Sea Calls" introduces the characters who might have the answers to these questions; a retired fisherman now ferrying tourists around the bay, a free-spirited ocean swimmer who takes a dip every day come rain or shine AND a superstitious lobster fisherman from a long line of seafarers.
In a world filled with mostly bad news this feel-good film explores another way of life.
Shot on a tiny budget, for the love of it. A camera, prime lenses (vintage glass), zoom h4n, a tripod & me, Ant.

Answering Question About Toilet Usage While Driving Towboats​


What it's like to live on a boat in Boston during the winter​

Jan 17, 2024
Approximately 50 people live on their boats at Constitution Marina in Charlestown. WBZ-TV's Mike Sullivan reports.


Back Across the North Sea. Chapter 7.​

Jan 18, 2024
Enjoy the final chapter of "Sailing around Scotland". I departed Inverness and decided to stop by the remote city of Fraserburgh, as not to many sailors come here.
I was surprised to learn that that The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses was situated here, and so happy to visit, as I love everything about lighthouses.
Then it was back across the North Sea, to Haugesund, Norway.


Back Across the North Sea. Chapter 7.​

Jan 18, 2024
Enjoy the final chapter of "Sailing around Scotland". I departed Inverness and decided to stop by the remote city of Fraserburgh, as not to many sailors come here.
I was surprised to learn that that The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses was situated here, and so happy to visit, as I love everything about lighthouses.
Then it was back across the North Sea, to Haugesund, Norway.


there is some outstanding photography of Inverness and the lighthouse in this video….

ASIA TO AFRICA on a Mega Ship - Whale Watching , Parties, and Stormy Seas!​


1 Month ALONE On A Deserted Island (NO OTHER HUMANS) 🏝️ Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 444​

The life of a sailor is often marked by periods of solitude...but THIS is something else completely.We're anchored at an uninhabited island in the Tuamotus of French Polynesia. And we're the ONLY boat here. We weren't really sure how long we would stay for...maybe a few days if a good weather window came to keep pushing east against the trades...but days turned into weeks, and before we knew it an entire month flew by without spotting another human. It's been YEARS since we've been this isolated...what would it be like to be this alone for an entire month? Would we go stir crazy? How would we stay entertained? Join us in this week's new episode and find out!


The Real Truth about Life at Sea​

Feb 6, 2024


Towboat Days, Including A Crash (caution bad language)​


A stormy North Sea crossing - Interview​

Our local TV station, TV Haugaland, made an interview regarding my very stormy ride from Shetland to Norway February 2. Consider this a warm up for the full video coming mid March.


Cooking for the Crew - Great Lakes Now - Episode 2305 - Segment 2​


Cargo Ship Galley Tour Atlantic Huron​


I ran Hard AGROUND! And some news!​

Feb 23, 2024
So there we go. I ran Tessie hard aground and hurt her badly.
She was nearly considered condemned. Then things turn to the better and we managed to salvage here with the help of some good people with skills.
Here is the story, and every detail about how I managed to smash my beloved Tessie on a hard rock, doing full speed.
29 mins long.


INTERIOR TOUR of our WINTER (Alaska) Live-aboard Boat!​

Feb 24, 2024

We live in our sailboat Lumi and enjoy the snowy winter in Alaska!

Our next huge challenge is the Northwest Passage this summer. More info: http://www.alluringarctic.com



Feb 26, 2024

The ships that are waiting out the winter in Duluth Minnesota and Superior Wisconsin this year. Big shout out to John Mellencamp, Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen, Jimmy Buffet (rest in peace) and the late great Ludwig Von Beethoven for their essential contributions to this project. 14 mins long.


Lotta $$$$$$$$$$$$

Yep! Today you get an Access ALL areas pass around @motoryachtloon ! I figured you always get to see the usual pretty bits around the boat, but in this video we're going to delve a little deeper and I'll show you some of my favourite little things onboard. Thanks to Blair for the drone footage!


Docking in the Snow​

In this video we have to bring the barge into the dock, but this time it had been snowing all night long.


Exclusive Inside Look into Boston's Mariner House​

Mar 5, 2024

In this video we take you into a world that only mariners have access to. The Mariner House in Boston is exclusively for active Mariners and I take you inside for a look. 9 mins, 45 secs long.


Moving a Chemical Barge on the Delaware River​

Mar 19, 2024

We do a "Test Run" with a chemical barge in Philadelphia on the Delaware River.


14 Hours in the Day of Yacht Chef​

Mar 18, 2024
Come hang out in the galley for an entire day! Start to finish, a real picture of what happens onboard on a average day of charter onboard @motoryachtloon


Can We Build A Boat with ZERO Experience??? Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 452​

Mar 22, 2024
We Made A LIFE CHANGING DECISION! It's part 2 of our trip to Australia as our quest for Delos 2.0 continues. We are so excited about this boat design...but what would that actually mean for us? Would we build it ourselves from scratch? Would we do it in Sweden? Or hire a team to start building the hull here in Australia? Can we actually pull this off? Can we afford this? We had soooo many considerations running through our minds...

But in the meantime, our crash course in welding and working with aluminum continues, and we weld up a whole frame! It was a super satisfying feeling and a taste of what's to come for us. Stepping outside of our comfort zones, challenging ourselves to learn something new, and then seeing the fruits of those efforts come to life feels SO GOOD, and we're looking forward to this aspect of the build...sailing on Delos, while it's full of plenty of challenges and curveballs of its own, has become second nature to us after all these years, and that's one of the things that excites us most about this...the learning that will take place, and the sheer challenge of it. And of course, in this episode we make the decision that will completely alter the course of our lives in the most unexpected but incredible way!


6 Hours Before the M/V Dali - Key Bridge Allision​

Mar 27, 2024

We had no way of knowing what was going to happen in just the next six hours. We were enroute to Baltimore and about an hour and a half away when the Bridge came down.


Ship CAUGHT in a Mysterious STORM due to Global Warming - LIVE ACTION!​


00:00 Introduction
01:15 Global Warming Crisis
02:00 Present Route Overview
02:42 Random Rolling & Pitching
03:52 Latest Weather Report
05:24 Day of Unexpected Storm
07:02 Bird Stuck on the Ship
08:11 Navigation Bridge assessment
09:12 Learnings of Heavy Weather
10:16 Ship Procedures for Xiamen
11:43 Forward Station
12:24 Naval Warships
13:26 Harbour Approach
14:49 Port Duties of Cadets
16:44 Full Departure Timelapse

We Travelled on a CARGO SHIP Across the Caspian Sea​

Jun 26, 2023

After our horrendous night getting on the cargo ship, we woke up to the sounds of waves and breakfast. We had no idea how long we were going to be on the ship. Estimates were between 2 and 7 days. Food would be provided for the duration of the journey. That's all we knew.

Our time on the ship wasn't exactly relaxing. Prior to boarding, a border agent informed us he wasn't sure we could get a visa on arrival in Kazakhstan. If we were denied entry, our only choice would be to stay on the boat until it landed back in Azerbaijan. Every day we ate delicious food but were unsure of when we were going to land or if we would even be allowed into the country.


Why Yacht Chefs Hate Fridays...​

Apr 1, 2024
The busiest day of the week when we are off charter - its non-stop cooking! Thanks to Steve for the excellent drone footage. Follow him on instagram @tenchvisuals and be sure to follow @motoryachtloon on Youtube!

Guy is ex-navy, merchant seaman with interesting channel. Been doing a series on what it's like working with the Military Sealift Command. Good stuff.

Life at Sea and Ashore: Deployments, Downtime, and Pay Explained.​

The Wandering Mariner does Subscriber Sunday and dives into the topics like living situations after assignments, vacation time and some differences between #MSC and union maritime jobs.


Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@thewanderingmariner/videos

MSC: https://sealiftcommand.com/

Is MSC the Best Entry Path for Maritime Careers? Insights & Alternatives​

Tonight on 'The Wandering Mariner,' we dive into the crucial question of whether the Military Sealift Command (MSC) is the optimal route for gaining entry-level experience in the maritime industry.

Drawing from my extensive background, I explore the MSC's and Seafarers International Union (SIU)'s entry programs, outlining their strengths and weaknesses. This episode provides a balanced perspective on both paths, emphasizing the hard work and dedication required to succeed in either. Join me as I share valuable insights to help you navigate your maritime career journey.


MSC: https://sealiftcommand.com/

SIU: https://www.seafarers.org/
Here's a retired army guy doing a series on getting ready to sail around the world. This vid had me laughing a bit, especially when he showed off his wheels.

How to Retire on a Sailboat DC Ep. 16​

Now that I’m officially retired, I need to sell everything in preparation for living aboard and casting off for good. While I figure that piece out, I set off for Florida to have my chainplates replaced at the only place that replaces Island Packet chainplates on the east coast, Mack Yacht Services, in Stuart, Florida.


Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@damage_control_sailing/videos

How satellites revolutionize sailing​

Apr 5, 2024

Satellite Sailing the Atlantic coast of Portugal, using lots of GPS systems . We realise that there could be up to 40 Global positioning system conversations going on every second , our yacht is chatting all the time to Satellites about our position and nautical information around us. While these complex calculations are ongoing, we enjoy idilic weather to make our way down the Portuguese coast to Gibraltar . We experience the turbulent winds of the Straight of Gibraltar and the Tuna capital of the Mediterranean .Visiting some great anchorages, and marinas , some in need of dredging, some very chic posh and expensive. We talk you through some of the electronics we have onboard that determines our position and discus some future trends. All in aid of us getting closer to the start of our Atlantic crossing #sail into the sunset #arc #sailing #sail #boat #satellites #ARC #ARC plus #sailing vlog #boat life


Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@Aequitas-sailintothesunset/videos

Operations Chief position at Military Sealift Command​

Apr 11, 2024
Dive into the world of an Operations Chief at Military Sealift Command. In this episode, I share firsthand insights on the challenges and rewards of this crucial role. Whether you're considering a similar path or just curious, join me to uncover what really goes on behind the scenes. #MSC


Essential Packing List for your next Sea Voyage: Don't forget these!​

Apr 14, 2024
Planning your next trip on the sea? Join me as I dive into the essential packing list to make your voyage comfortable and hassle-free. From must-have gadgets to personal essentials, I'll cover everything you need to pack. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a maritime adventurer, this guide ensures you won't leave port without the necessities. Tune in to get your packing checklist ready!

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