Software update this afternoon (don't panic!)

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I'm going to shut down the forum briefly this afternoon so we can make a full back-up and then update the forum software to the latest available version. If all goes well, it won't take more than hour or so. If it doesn't all go well, it might be a bit longer than that. :eek:
"This afternoon"?
It's morning over here in snowflake city (AKA: Seattle)
you on central time?

Yes. I don't have an exact time yet on the update. I'm waiting on confirmation on my server guy's availability. *Probably* happen around 4pm CST.
If it doesn't all go well, it might be a bit longer than that. :eek:

LOL the best laid plans.... was that EST, or PST, or?


Good luck BUG and we'll see you on the other side!
Reminder: forum shutdown in about a half hour

Not upgrade related, but close enough.

Clench time.

What am I looking at Unca? You posted a reminder for ... what?
I understand a blue wave in a political context. I have no idea what it means in relation to this thread though.
* bump *

Server guy is going to shut down the server briefly either this Sunday morning or next Sunday morning in order to install an upgrade to the server's operating system and PHP system. I don't have an exact time for it, but it shouldn't take him very long to get it done. Afterwards, if all goes well (knock on wood), I'll be able to make a few more improvements to the site (that require the updates).
What am I looking at Unca? You posted a reminder for ... what?

We had to make-do with that banner, for quite some time, at GIM, after making 'upgrade' jokes, I think. Payback is a bitch.

I'm still triggered šŸ¤£.

Historically, upgrades were not good for GIM, running VBulletin.

We restarted 3 times, from scratch, IIRC.

Golden Regards
* bump *

I updated the forum software a few minutes ago. We're now running the latest stable version of the Xenforo software (which was published yesterday).

This update is mostly bug/security fixes. I suspect most folks here won't notice any difference at all. But if you do notice something not working correctly, please let me know.
I just updated the forum software (again!) a few minutes ago. I'm not even sure what they fixed/patched between the last update (2 weeks ago) and this one. Shouldn't be anything noticeable.

The next update will have some noticeable visual changes as well as some new features from what I've been reading. We'll know more whenever it gets released.
* bump *

XF has released version 2.3 of the software. This is considered a minor version upgrade, but as they have re-written a lot of the back end (invisible plumbing of the software), there is an outsized chance for the updated software to break some of the add-ons/modifications to the pmbug website once it is installed.

3rd party developers that provide most of the add-ons that pmbug uses have been updating their wares to be compatible with the new version release, but I need to make a checklist and see which of the ones that we are using have been updated already. I will likely be doing this later today. If all the bases are covered, I will be updating the software for the site this weekend (either later today or tomorrow).

I will likely take the site offline temporarily whenever the update process starts.
too bad you didn't have a spare server to test it on....

isn't there a way to create a server in the cloud??
... If all the bases are covered, ...

We have around 20 mods installed on the site and all but one are supposedly ready/compatible with the new update. I'm waiting on feedback from the developer on the last mod.
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