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Forget political nonsense, markets, insane news and other day to day madness. Enjoy.

Surfing Queens (July 7, 2023) POV 4K​

Premiered Jul 9, 2023


Everyone is anticipating the next pumping swell arriving this week but Waikiki had some fun waves over the weekend. Zoesurfergirl, Puaiohi, Taylor, Kaniela, and Nique are featured getting some action out there surfing fun Queens.


White Plains Beach | Summer Surfing June 2023​

Jul 16, 2023


A clean, small day of morning June surf at White Plains Beach perfect for logging. Lifeguard Justin Marriott (end of video shaka laka surfer and video single fin longboard aficionado) hits the surf before work. OG surfer Uncle Derek (photo bomb skipper at start of video and surfing the coolest pink longboard out there) is always a regular face out in the water and on land plus a whole new generation of surfers of White Plains beach and more!


Sun Shines On Bali’s Favourite Wave​

Jul 17, 2023


This run of swell has no end in sight and with the SE trade winds blowing offshore all day, Uluwatu has been pumping out the kind of waves we’d expect for this time of year.

Main Peak was in decent form for the higher end of the tide early, but it was low tide Racetracks that produced the best shape around mid-afternoon.

It looks like more of the same on the way, with one or two bigger days towards the end of the month, so hopefully we’ll get to see some Outside Corner and Bombie action.

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Bali Surf Journal – July 2023​

Aug 3, 2023


After months of patchy connection, the waves finally came online in July.
There weren't any monster swells, but it was big enough for the odd day at Outside Corner at Uluwatu and lots of overhead days throughout the month.
The trade wind also showed up, so it was the left reefs on the Bukit that did most of the heavy lifting - which is what you'd expect for this time of the year.
Hopefully the trend continues and August delivers the kind of swells that get the heart racing with a few XL days that chase most of us to the safety of the cliff.
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Stoked About Keramas​

Aug 18, 2023


Big Set Coming (Opening Scene) – Uluwatu​

Sep 17, 2023


Sep 26, 2023


Breakaway Cronulla Part 2 Filmed in Cronulla Australia in the 70's by Darryl Menzies & Ross Myers.

Dropping in with style and grace || KERAMAS BEACH BALI​




Breakaway 1978 Part 3. Featuring Jim Banks. Filmed South Coast NSW & Cronulla. All surfing filmed in Cronulla by Darryl Menzies & Ross Myers.

The 10 Best 'Stickerless' Rides – September 2023​


With lots of medium to solid swells in September, most of the ‘stickerless’ entries came from Uluwatu, with just one ride from Padang Padang. It may not have been the deepest barrel, but considering how difficult it is to snag a set wave from that crowd it was hard to pass it up for the number one ride.

Step Down To The Promised Land​


This was exactly the kind of day people make the journey to Uluwatu for. The sun was shining, a light offshore breeze that never let up and an organised solid swell.After some great waves at the Peak in the morning, the Racetrack started firing during the afternoon low tide with a few nice tubes.

Historic Day in New Jersey SURFING the Atlantic Ocean! 7 Seas in 7 Days​


The 7 Seas in 7 Days journey has proven to be a special mission. It started out as a certain type of idea in my head, but has built into such a different spiritual path. I didn't think I'd make it this far, but here we are about to take on the final leg of the journey & send it off to Norway for the dream! Thanks to everyone in New Jersey for making this such a historic & special day for me. FOR THE DREAM!!! - Ben


Surfing Maxed Out Pipeline (Nov 25, 2023) 8K​


HUGE NAZARE - Surfer takes 5 waves on the head before getting rescued​


Gallery: Swell Of The Decade At Maverick's​

A rare, El Nino-fuel mega swell lit up Maverick's for a massive day of surfing at California's premier big wave break.

There aren’t many days like the one we just saw at Maverick’s on December 28. The combination of an extreme westerly angled swell combined with a deep, long-period interval, and temperamental winds made for a historic days of surfing at the infamous Northern California big-wave break.

“All day it had razor sharp teeth on it,” affirmed Maverick’s local Luca Padua, who spent from sunup to sunrise in the water with his tow partner, Santa Cruz’s Alo Sebir.


Longboard adventures, full of glories - CANGGU BALI​


Jojo Roper Huge Mavericks Tow Surf in Slowmo 12.28.2023 - Mavericks Awards​


THE LORE | Robbie Goodwin Big Wave Surfing In Ireland | Rip Curl​


Morning Light People - Canggu​

The morning light revealed a medium sized swell and light offshore breeze in Canggu late last week.
It wasn’t completely groomed, but still nice enough for some good sections to hit and the odd tube. By mid-morning the onshore had made its move and conditions deteriorated from that point onwards.


Surfing Past 60​

We gotta keep surfing past 60. It doesn't matter what type of board, how short or long, it doesn't matter what type of waves, small or big. We just gotta keep at it. 11 mins long.

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