Taylor Swift - Time magazine’s person of the year

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Heading off to college? Wondering what courses to take? Great news!!! You can now study Taylor Swift.

You Can Study Taylor Swift at These Colleges​

  • Colleges and universities are embracing the popularity of Taylor Swift and offering courses on the singer, studying her lyrics, legacy, and pop culture reign.
  • Berklee College of Music and Stanford University are among the schools offering Taylor Swift-focused classes.
  • Last year, the University of Texas at Austin and New York University offered Swift-inspired courses.
Universities are entering their "Taylor Swift Era."

While there's no degree for being a Swiftie, universities across the country have embraced the 12-time Grammy award-winning singer and started offering courses inspired by the superstar and her music catalog.

BestColleges combed through course catalogs and found classes empowering students to explicate Swift's lyrics, analyze her albums era by era, and examine the societal impact of her hits.

Here's our syllabus of colleges and classes helping students study Taylor Swift and her music, impact, and success.

Yeah. That's gonna get them jobs.

In ten years, we're gonna be asking, Sailor WHO?

Remember the Madonna fad? About 1986, a few colleges (no Ivy League institutions, not then) started offering courses on Madonna. The local fish-wrap (Cleveland Pain-Feeler) ran a piece in the Lifestyle section (the renamed Women's News section) basically, jabbing and mocking it.

Nobody wants to learn about Madonna and her recidivist bastardy, anymore. Old news, about an old woman in a sheet-metal brassiere and cantilevered buttocks lift.

And Madonna, when the object of university research, was quite a bit younger than Tay-Tay. Six years younger, which at that age, matters in a woman, racing, as she is, towards menopause.
Haven't watched a football game since the whiners started kneeling. Must be five or six years now. Don't even miss it anymore.
Haven't watched a football game since the whiners started kneeling. Must be five or six years now. Don't even miss it anymore.

Had some money in 2 pools. Didn't do too bad.
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