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Charles Barkley THREATENED Me, Jason Whitlock And My Friends?​


“How high can gold and silver go? When a currency dies, the answer is “infinity”!”​

Hyperinflation: Wiemar, Germany January 1919 to November 1923
[Expressed in German Marks needed to by an oz. of ag. o
r au.]”

Jan. 1919
Silver 12
Gold 170

May. 1919
Silver 17
Gold 267

Sept. 1919
Silver 31
Gold 499

Jan. 1920
Silver 84
Gold 1,340

May 1920
Silver 60
Gold 966

Sept. 1921
Silver 80
Gold 2,175

Jan. 1922
Silver 249
Gold 3,976

May. 1922
Silver 375
Gold 6,012

Sept. 1922
Silver 1899
Gold 30,381

Jan. 1923
Silver 23,277
Gold 372,447

May. 1923
Silver 44,397
Gold 710,355

June 5, 1923
Silver 80,953
Gold 1,295,256

July 3, 1923
Silver 207,239
Gold 3,315,831

Aug. 7, 1923
Silver 4,273,874
Gold 68,382,000

Sept. 4, 1923
Silver 16,839,937
Gold 269,429,000

Oct. 2, 1923
Silver 414,484,000
Gold 6,631,749,000

Oct. 9, 1923
Silver 1,554,309,000
Gold 24,868,950,000

Oct. 16, 1923
Silver 5,319,567,000
Gold 84,969,072,000

Oct. 23, 1923
Silver 7,253,460,000
Gold 1,160,552,662,000

Oct. 30, 1923
Silver 8,419,200,000
Gold 1,347,070,000,000

Nov. 5, 1923
Silver 54,375,000,000
Gold 8,700,000,000,000

Nov. 13, 1923
Silver 108,750,000,000
Gold 17,400,000,000,000

Nov. 30, 1923
Silver 543,750,000,000
Gold 87,000,000,000,000

"If You Can't See It, I Can't Help You" | Bill Holter​

The US debt crisis is coming to a head, says Bill Holter ( The only solution is to print more currency and paper over the problem. “The currency is collapsing,” he says, and foreigners recognize it. "It is the end of empire. You're watching it in real time," he argues. "If you can't see that, I can't help you." He discusses preparedness and what kinds of gold and silver products would be ideal in a collapse scenario.

0:00 Intro
1:22 US debt crisis
11:30 Revaluing gold
13:12 Gold moving east
14:30 Gold going mainstream
16:30 End of empire
19:42 Collapse by design
22:16 Consolidating the banks
25:15 Explaining to family
30:10 Free speech
32:40 Silver vs gold bullion
37:30 Gaudens vs Eagle vs Buffalos
39:00 IRA & storage
42:40 Bill Holter online
44:00 Weekly specials

Everything You Think You Know About the Trump Appeals is Wrong -- John Rubino​

Mar 25, 2024

Kerry Lutz and John Rubino offer their unique perspectives and engage in a comprehensive analysis of recent events surrounding former President Trump. They dissect a New York appeals court's decision allowing Trump to post just $175 million to delay a staggering $464 million fraud judgment, offering insights into its implications on Trump's financial and political landscape. This ruling marks a significant reprieve for Trump, amidst mounting legal challenges and his potential bid for the 2024 presidency.

Lutz and Rubino delve into the complexities of Trump's legal battles, highlighting the challenges he faces in securing bonds and the broader implications on his financial stability. They scrutinize the intersection of law and politics, emphasizing the potential impact on public perception as Trump navigates his legal entanglements.

Moreover, they explore Trump's response to the ruling, including his social media company's imminent Nasdaq debut and his remarks critiquing President Biden and the New York attorney-general. Throughout the discussion, Lutz and Rubino provide nuanced insights into the multifaceted nature of Trump's legal saga, emphasizing its implications on his future endeavors and the broader political landscape.

DYODD here.

If There Were No Government: Anarcho-Capitalist Solutions To Break Free From The System​

Mention slavery and you are immediately entering a minefield of political correctness, setting off “offense” bombs left, right, and center. The really funny part is that people today are nothing more than slaves, and the worst thing is that they can’t even see it.

That’s because for hundreds and thousands of years, generations of “citizens” have been brought up with the following messages deeply programmed into our minds:

  • Truth comes from authority.
  • Taxes are not extortion, it’s a social contract.
  • Intellectual and social conformity is rewarded.
  • Non-compliance is punished.
And, they’ve done such a good job that it’s almost impossible to convince people that this is not a good way to live.

Kids come out of college today with knee pads on – ever ready to kneel before authority; with no intrinsic need or understanding of human beings being totally free in a free market system; and with a mindset that you can’t facilitate exchange without a central planner. Something that is against the basic laws of Entrepreneurship, Libertarianism, Anarcho-Capitalism, Agorism, Voluntaryism… and human nature.



How a biased test kept thousands of Black patients from getting a new kidney​


The Chief Apologises | Scot Squad | BBC Scotland Comedy​

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