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Locations: Beaumont, TX

Shipping (USA): ??? orders under $500, free orders over $500. All orders insured.

Payment Options: Credit Cards only?


There was an advertisement by this company in the latest American Legion magazine. They were advertising $20 Gold Saint Gaudens coins in presentation cases. Supposed a hoard of 1,000 coins transferred by Teddy Roosevelt to a European vault. But when I went to the site, there was no mention of them I could find. Looks interesting if it is real.

Anyone hear of or know them?

No prices for this coin but there was also an offer of $5 Gold American Eagles at $115.00 (minimum order of 5 coins) with a purchase of the Teddy Roosevelt coin.
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Unless this is one of the same companies that advertises in the NRA magazines, I haven't heard of them before. I went to their website to see where they are located and at the bottom left of the page, it says:
... Learn more about our company by clicking here.
But the text isn't a hyperlink and there is nothing to click.

I can't find any information on their website about the company. That doesn't inspire confidence for me.
My conclusions pretty much mirrored yours. The product "looked" good, kinda like the lady at the end of the bar at 2am, but in both cases looks can be deceiving.

I was not going to try them unless one, or preferably more people had come up with a glowing recommendation.

The ad is in the December 2018 American Legion magazine. If you know any legionnaires you can check it out.
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