Unrest in Israel (Hamas war)

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This week, in response to mass demonstrations and a nascent general strike, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delayed legislative consideration of his right-wing coalition's judicial reform agenda. Both sides in the acrimonious battle over that plan say they are defending democracy, which is a misleading way to frame an issue that should be familiar to Americans.

The controversy, which Netanyahu said threatens to become "a civil war," is really about what sort of democracy Israel should be—in particular, how much power judges should have to override the will of the majority. While Netanyahu's allies are right that judicial review is a constraint on democracy, their opponents are right that unconstrained democracy is a recipe for tyranny.


The political chaos that has engulfed Israel goes well beyond a bitter battle over controversial plans to potentially defang the country’s judiciary and the mass protests the proposals have sparked.

The root cause sits at the volcanic core of the country. It is the reason why there have been five elections in less than four years, and why some argue there may be a sixth on the horizon.

Israel is bitterly - maybe even irreparably - divided. And that identity crisis is coming to a head. And at least for now, there does not seem to be any way to marry what are vastly - existentially - different visions of how the state should run into something workable

On Monday, after tens of thousands of people demonstrated outside the parliament building in Jerusalem, the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, announced he would temporarily freeze the plan to overhaul the judiciary. In a prime-time televised speech, Israel’s longest-serving premier said he would begin setting up negotiating teams, a move he said would “avoid civil war”.

In a nutshell, the government plan would give Mr Netanyahu, who is on trial on corruption charges (he denies the allegations) and his allies the final say in appointing the nation's judges. It would also give the parliament, which is currently controlled by his allies, the authority to overturn Supreme Court decisions with just a basic majority. It would limit the court's ability to review laws.

Critics say it would make it difficult to declare a prime minister unfit for office and is designed to protect Mr Netanyahu during his own legal proceedings.

Mr Netanyahu and his supporters say that is wrong, and that the changes will stop the courts’ encroaching and overreaching powers.

Israel is incredibly fractured at all levels but in simplistic terms right now on one side are the supporters of Mr Netanyahu and his coalition of far-right ultra-nationalist and religious parties. On the other side – at least at this juncture – is pretty much everyone else.

Liberals were with hunting Ben just like they did to Trump. Looks like he is trying to disinfect a corrupt system.
Some 10,000 reservists from throughout the IDF will no longer show up for service, they announced in a press conference on Saturday evening, according to N12.

These reservists are joining more than 1,000 Air Force reservists who made the same announcement in a letter on Friday.

"This is one of the most difficult evenings for the State of Israel, but it's also one of the most important in the state's history," said Brothers in Arms leader Eyal Neve. "We represent some 10,000 reservists who are telling the government, the defense minister and the prime minister the responsibility is on you! If you want us on your side as we've served under right and left wing governments, we are calling on you to stop the legislation."
Earlier this week, the IDF put out a statement saying that despite the reservists' protest, the army was still ready for war, but N12 reported on Saturday evening that IDF Chief of Staff said that if the reasonableness standard bill passes, the army's readiness will be significantly damaged within 48 hours. The IDF later denied this.

In light of the situation, Walla reported that Netanyahu and Halevi will meet on Sunday to discuss the issue.

From the link:

Israeli lawmakers on Monday approved a key portion of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s divisive plan to reshape the country’s justice system despite massive protests that have exposed unprecedented fissures in Israeli society.

The vote came after a stormy session in which opposition lawmakers chanted “shame” and then stormed out of the chamber.


Going on in different parts of the world. Seems people who have no knowledge of history are being duped into thinking authoritarian governments are somehow a good thing. Wait until a Hitleresk or Mussolini like psycho gets into power. Then we'll see how much they like it.
Ex-Mossad Chief Compares Israeli Right to the KKK

The former head of the Mossad, Tamir Pardo, said that “horrible, racist parties” in Netanyahu’s coalition are similar to the notorious American white supremacist Ku Klux Klan.

In a scathing interview with Kan public broadcaster radio on Thursday, Pardo slammed Netanyahu for “taking the Ku Klux Klan and putting them into government.”

When asked if he was referring to the far-right ministers Itamar Ben-Gvir, Bezalel Smotrich and Yitzhak Wasserlauf, he responded: “Of course.”



‘We’re angry’: Israel tensions mount as army reservists threaten to refuse duty​

Over his many years of service, Zur Allon, 46, a reservist lieutenant colonel in Israel’s artillery special forces, never imagined a day when he would refuse to report for duty.

“Half of my company was blown up in Lebanon. I have given many years of my life defending this country,” said Allon, one of the leaders of Brothers and Sisters in Arms, a pressure group of more than 60,000 Israel Defence Forces (IDF) reservists, established earlier this year in protest against the government’s proposed overhaul of the judiciary.


Why was the Goliath Grouper named?
Actually, this is going on here and in Europe too. For some reason authoritarian types are popping up in a lot of places and some people seem to actually welcome them.

Actually, this is going on here and in Europe too. For some reason authoritarian types are popping up in a lot of places and some people seem to actually welcome them.

That is because they are too weak and stupid to manage on their own. They welcome their autocratic overlords and would gladly walk off the edge if a cliff of they were ordered to do so. See the recent scamdemic for actual proof of this. These people are the reason why we have to have instructions on shampoo bottles.
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I find it interesting that in all 3 articles Searcher posted, authoritarianism is explicitly associated only with conservative or right leaning governments and movements. It's like the authors, being left wing authoritarians themselves are either completely blind to their own strangling of liberty, or perhaps complicit in it.
I find it interesting that in all 3 articles Searcher posted, authoritarianism is explicitly associated only with conservative or right leaning governments and movements. It's like the authors, being left wing authoritarians themselves are either completely blind to their own strangling of liberty, or perhaps complicit in it.

Nailed it. Their brand of totalitarianism is acceptable to them.

Just as they are proponents of free speech - just as long as you are agreeing with them. And they honestly cannot see any hypocrisy in any of that.

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Live updates: 'We are at war,' Israel's Netanyahu says as Hamas launches surprise multi-front attack​

Israel and Gaza were at war Saturday after dozens of gunmen from the Palestinian militant group Hamas infiltrated southern Israel fin a surprise major attack that coincided with a holiday and the 50th anniversary of the start of the 1973 Yom Kippur war.

"We are at war, and we will win it,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said. The Hamas attack was “not an ‘operation,’ not a ‘round,’ but a "war.” The attack appears to have caught Israel off-guard on the Jewish holiday, Simchat Torah. It has also revived memories of the 1973 war, in which Israel’s enemies launched a surprise attack on Yom Kippur.


Earlier today Hamas terrorists launched a major surprise attack on Israel. The Islamist group fired over 5,000 missiles inside Israel, crossed into southern Israel, captured innocent citizens and Israeli soldiers as prisoners, and launched numerous attacks across southern Israel.

This assault comes just weeks after Joe Biden sent $6 billion to Iran in September.

The last time the US gave stacks of money to Iran, during the Obama years, Iran launched a massive military build-up.

This time it took four weeks before Iran’s proxy army in Gaza launched a historic military assault on Israel on the Sabbath.

Earlier this morning Joe Biden’s US Office of Palestinian Affairs urged Israel not to defend itself from the 5,000 missile attack and mass kidnappings and killings by Hamas.

Hamas is a creature of the mossad. Israel created Hamas, as confirmed by many top Israeli military and civilian officials over the years. So I am sure the Israeli government wanted this for whatever reason. Maybe to sabotage normalization with the Saudis.

The Top Ten Takeaways From Hamas’ Sneak Attack On Israel​

original source

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said Sunday he has ordered the Ford carrier strike group to sail to the Eastern Mediterranean to be ready to assist Israel after the surprise attack by Hamas that has left more than 1,000 dead and thousands wounded on both sides.

The USS Gerald R. Ford and its approximately 5,000 sailors and deck of warplanes will be accompanied by cruisers and destroyers in a show of force that is meant to be ready to respond to anything, from possibly interdicting additional weapons from reaching Hamas and conducting surveillance.


Why is this happening?

Why now?

What are we being distracted from?

Who is behind it?

Questions that need an answer. Israel drill for this sort of thing all the time. Mossad intelligence is formidable. I find the idea that this was a surprise less probably. I find the idea that the attack was as effective as it appears to be less realistic. That wall has been good for 50 years.

I have questions!
Who really helped Hamas carry out the attacks on southern Israel that slaughtered all the innocent Israelis and took scores captive unhindered for more than 6 hours? Where was the IDF during the first hours and how could Israel not know they were about to be attacked especially seeing the Israeli Navy seemed capable of stopping the sea attack? We reported 10 months ago such a false flag was coming to the Middle East that would ignite WW3.

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How Israel was duped as Hamas planned devastating assault​

Oct 9 (Reuters) - A careful campaign of deception ensured Israel was caught off guard when the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas launched its devastating attack, enabling a force using bulldozers, hang gliders and motorbikes to take on the Middle East's most powerful army.

Saturday's assault, the worst breach in Israel's defences since Arab armies waged war in 1973, followed two years of subterfuge by Hamas that involved keeping its military plans under wraps and convincing Israel it did not want a fight.

While Israel was led to believe it was containing a war-weary Hamas by providing economic incentives to Gazan workers, the group's fighters were being trained and drilled, often in plain sight, a source close to Hamas said.

This source provided many of the details for the account of the attack and its buildup that has been pieced together by Reuters. Three sources within Israel's security establishment, who like others asked not to be identified, also contributed to this account.


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