Washington State representatives want to legalize gold and silver

"was dropped"

What does this mean? Was the bill introduced or withdrawn?
The bill was withdrawn from consideration.


I wrote without researching first. I guess it means it is now going through the legislative process, because the document itself, with a date of 1/27/2012, says it has been sent to the Ways and Means committee for consideration.

Why the hell would they call that being "dropped"? It's kind of counter to what they actually did......I think.....?
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Lol, that is certainly confusting language, although I've worked with systems where "dropped" meant the same thing - that something has been introduced and will be reviewed for inplementation.

I believe that Utah and Missouri have already taken these, or are currently working on it. Maybe we can get real money state by state and have 50 organizations ready to oppose DC and the Fedmonster.
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