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The Beatles - Blackbird [Cover by Mary Spender]​


2019-04-14 Michael P Smith - The Dutchman​


This was a great band back in the day. And yes, that's an oboe and cello you hear with that rock band.
Just practice (the real show may be a bit too racy for the forum)

Jake E. Lee is a pretty inc edible guitarist. After Ozzy he formed Badlands which came too late because the grunge scene had taken over good music. Badlands was a one hit wonder. Had no idea that Jake had formed another band until the other day.

When road tripping, especially solo, inevitably MSB will hit my play list. Memories of the Agora, beach balls bouncing at blossom, so many sing alongs. Brings tears every time I think about, RIP Michael, you were the best artist most never heard of

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