gun control

  1. pmbug

    Cody Wilson documentary

    Condensed transcript:
  2. foolsgold

    Israel o gun laws

    Comparing America to Israel on gun laws is dishonest – and revealing Quote "Israelis are limited to just 50 bullets in their possession at any given time." Israeli Loosens Gun Laws After...
  3. André

    NZ gun control

    Mod note: this topic was split off from the Found Treasure thread. ... NZ corp govt does this sort of sнΐτ too, as well as actively removing/destroying/covering up ancient sites because they don't want the masses realizing that Maori's weren't the first people here, and that the cannibalistic...
  4. Goldhedge

    No Lawful States in America

    this site is a treasure trove of info No Lawful States in America Welcome to Corruption Exposed! Links to documents in the video shown above. Article 4 Section 3 US Constitution Article 1 Section 3...
  5. B

    Good Firearm Discussion Links

    With the recent nationally advertised shootings, I have been having numerous discussions with anti-firearm types. I would like to compile a thread of relavent links, statistics, ect. Feel free to contribute! More people die from hammers than rifles in the U.S. yearly...
  6. D

    American state of mind.

    I hear everyone grieving over the colorado incident, and I agree, its sad. But what is equally or even more sad is the state of mind of the every day American. What was it, 200 people in the theater and not a single person fought back. Not one. Americans, it would seem, would rather lay there...
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