1. ErrosionOfAccord

    The Maverick of Wall Street

    An irreverent and contrarian view on markets. The start of his vids are usually a rant then he gets into stats and technical's of the preceding session. I'm admittedly not subscribed but, he does a paid show on Sunday night and four more free shows through the week. He's always worth a listen...
  2. T

    The Lunatic Fringe - Market and Trade Chat

    Just a note for anyone reading the thread that doesn't know me. I think that its a small group and most do know me, but regardless... 1. Australian based, as such I trade our local markets for fun and profit... it is all I do. 2. I believe that success in the markets is mostly due to back...
  3. J

    Peter Schiff - Ben Bernanke Has Created a Phony Economy That Will Crash!

    Peter schiff disagrees with the Dow's new record and economy growth. What do you think the future holds for america?
  4. B

    The day's price movements

    I thought it would make things easier to start a single thread devoted to the movement of PM prices each day. Today (7/6/12) has been fun so far. First unemployment numbers disappoint and cause metals prices to jump...
  5. B

    American Reality Check

    It is bad when even the mainstream news is noticing: "By law, the federal government can't tell the truth," says accountant Sheila Weinberg of the Chicago-based Institute for Truth in Accounting...
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