1. pmbug

    Gold Wars: the US versus Europe During the Demise of Bretton Woods Long read with numerous citations covering the history of gold, Bretton Woods and the petrodollar.
  2. Unca Walt

    Petro-Dollar crisis

    This is just FOUR MINUTES long. Watch it. The Petrodollar is about to cease to exist. When this happens, the impact will be immediate -- as in you wake up one morning and every bank in America has closed. WHAT WOULD YOU DO THEN? The bottom line: WHEN the Arab nations accept roubles and yen...
  3. Goldbrix

    The Dollar Is Doomed - Saudi Arabia Wants To Join BRICS

    I don't know this guy but he has 50k subscribers so his opinion must be fairly accurate. He is inline with my vision of what is coming. DYODD:
  4. pmbug

    Khashoggi death - USA principles vs Saudi oil and the petrodollar

    It seems inconceivable that this could come to pass, but damn if the neoconservatives aren't taking it as a personal challenge. I'm reminded of that scene in Robin Williams' horrible Popeye movie where the tax man is taxing everything imaginable before Popeye finally gets fed up and rebels...
  5. J

    sanctions, we don't need any stupid sanctions

    Turkey confirms that gold exports are linked to purchase of Iranian gas
  6. pmbug

    Petrodollar and WWIII

    Decent summary of how the petrodollar system is driving world events: More:
  7. S

    India to pay gold for Iran oil, China may follow

    India to pay gold for Iran oil, China may follow -------------------------------------------------------------------- The funny and untold part of the story is this: Most of the Indian gold was bought from the IMF. I bet you $10000 (;) ) that the...
  8. pmbug

    Tin Foil Hats, Economic Reality and the Total Perspective Vortex

    Conspiracy theories about a so called New World Order (NWO) and a one world currency have been around for a long, long time. So long that most people, who are not disposed to giving conspiracies a moment's thought, and who have been paying attention to the global economic news, have to be a...
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