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    USGS reports on Silver Production
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    Physical gold supply (Valcambi and conflict gold)

    There have been a few issues with the supply chain distribution for gold in recent weeks including the run on COMEX gold inventories, the shutdown of gold refineries/mints, shipping difficulties and the schism between London/LBMA and USA/COMEX pricing for gold. Then the Switzerland refineries...
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    Premiums rising for physical silver (and gold)

    It was just a couple days ago that The Doc @ SilverDoctors posted a note about BullionDirect having problems and wherein he stated: Now it appears there is indeed some tightness going on...
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    Mexican silver production down 5pct so far in 2015 No reason for the decline. I suppose it's possible they could ramp it back up if the price of silver (and copper?) rose (and made it attractive to do so). It will be...
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    U.S. mined silver output continues to fall--USGS Is it because spot is too low for them to make a profit, or another reason?
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    Anectdotal report of physical silver shortages

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    Sprott: plunge in gold recycling - 850 tons per year

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    Physical gold and silver inventory watch 2013

    Continued from last year's thread... It's been 3 days since the last report. The following report details changes from 12/30 @ ~9am to 1/2 @ ~9am:10 ozt gold bars - from 69 to 54. Pamp (-10), JM (-4), JM "bache" (-1 sold out)1 ozt gold bars - from 2498 to 2196. Apmex (-59), Pamp (-142), Pamp...
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    US silver production fell 14% in May
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    New gold finds not keeping up with resource depletion

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    Further decline in Australian gold production during Q1

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    Gold disappearing from the LBMA system?

    Turd says it's so:
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    SRSrocco: Potential disturbance in the (paper silver market) force

    I wanted to highlight this very interesting report that was posted in a place silver bugs might not have seen it: :popcorn:
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    World Silver Survey 2012
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    African Barrick Gold posts 17 pct production loss A sign of SRSrocco's EROI paradigm playing out in gold?
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    Military coup in Mali raises concerns for gold producers

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    South African Gold Production Dives Again To 90 Year Lows Krugerrands to become more scarce in the years ahead?
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    Shorts loading up on SLV; physical being withdrawn :silver: :flail:
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    Silver demand and supply analysis

    I found this nice technical anylysis I think overall in 2012 silver will do better ôn a % basis than the major stock indexes, bonds and cash. Dare i say also than gold, the metal of the gods? After the 2011 correction...
  20. pmbug

    Physical gold and silver inventory watch

    As mentioned in my original 100 ozt silver bar watch thread, I've started an Excel spreadsheet to track the inventory of a few gold and silver products at apmex. This isn't an exact science, but hopefully will yield some useful information anyway. The following report details changes from...
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