1. pmbug

    SEC sued for mass surveillance
  2. searcher

    SCOTUS: SEC v Cochran - administrative state no longer has carte blanche to run amok

    Woman Wins Years-Long Battle Against Regulator, Dealing Blow To Administrative State The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) dropped its more than seven year-long case against accountant Michelle Cochran after her April Supreme Court victory against the agency. Cochran’s case began in 2016...
  3. pmbug

    America's War on Crypto

    The crypto industry recently held a Consensus 2023 industry event in Austin, Texas. It was a 3 day event featuring numerous panels/sessions with speakers/representatives from both crypto and non-crypto companies/industries as well as representatives from various government regulators. The...
  4. pmbug

    Barrier to investing in private securities to be reconsidered? I can only assume that this would also have an impact on the SEC's current "cryptos are securities" war against the crypto industry.
  5. pmbug

    SEC trying to curb retail trading

    Their Jihad isn't limited to crypto:
  6. pmbug

    U.S. Lawmakers Argue SEC Accounting Policy Undermines Safe Crypto Custody Not sure if anything actionable will come of this, but it's probably worth watching as the birthing pains of the crypto markets going mainstream continue.
  7. pmbug

    The SECs Consolidated Audit Trail (financial surveillance)

    Goes to 11 in March apparently: More:
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