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  1. searcher

    Court orders $146m penalty over missing silver coins

    Court orders $146m penalty over missing silver coins AUS court has ordered two precious metals companies to pay almost $146m (£115m) after more than 500,000 American Silver Eagle coins went missing. The firms and their owner Robert Higgins have been accused of running a "fraudulent and...
  2. hernancortes

    Silver Eagle Premiums

    Headed back north after collapsing from the ridiculous highs of autumn of '22. SD bullion paying $7.25 over today. US mint showing a paltry 900,000 produced this month in spite of high demand. One would expect at least 4 million in a normal environment.
  3. V

    Whatever Baby Boomers Ought To Know About Precious Metals

    Baby boomer is a generation known for their focus on financial freedom and prosperity. Precious metals are a good shot and great opportunity to invest and cultivate financial security. It will aid the smooth transition from employment to pleasurable retirement. Investing in precious metals is...
  4. B

    canadian silver coins?

    trying to buy some Canadian silver coins from for both investment and collection. And I'm also thinking of those mintage < 2000 and price <$1000. Those should have more potentials...any input, guys?
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