Goodbye Fiat Currency! Gold Standard Returns To America!!


Fly on the Wall
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Gold standard has not FULLY returned yet but US states are pushing for it due to lack of confidence of the FEDs solution to print endless amounts of money. I think more states and countries will follow this much needed solution to fake economies and fake fiat currencies. Even if you agree with teh FED this is a very interesting video

What are your thoughts? After 80 years will gold standard return?

There would be WW3, civil war and revolution before TPTB give up the power to counterfeit.
I was very surprised when Newt Gingrich talked about it during his primary campaign. Of course I thought it was mostly lip service to improve favorability with Ron Paul's base support, but it's always possible that an influential politician can turn the tide of sentiment in D.C. Rand Paul in 2016?

Anyway, you can always contact your representatives and urge them to co-sponsor / support Rep. Paul Broun Jr.'s "Free Competition in Currency Act of 2013".
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