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20 GOP back Byron Donalds as Kevin McCarthy loses fourth vote for House Speaker​

All 20 members of the GOP who opposed McCarthy continued to do so, casting their votes for Byron Donalds. Victoria Spartz of Indiana voted "present." McCarthy did not gain any votes between the third and fourth votes.


Congresswoman Lauren Boebert Reveals Kevin McCarthy REJECTED Key Offer That Would Have Secured Him the Speakership (VIDEO)​

By Cullen Linebarger
Published January 4, 2023

Colorado Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert revealed last night on Fox News that McCarthy could have already been sworn in as Speaker yet he refused a simple common-sense proposal from conservatives. This marks just another reminder that the Uniparty is completely responsible for this crisis.

She told Fox News “Special Report” host Bret Baier she had endeavored to create “unity” to forge a conservative agenda supported by America. She said she and two others presented some simple requests including a border security bill, term limits, and reducing the federal debt.

Yet the RINO squish rejected it all! Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

From the Daily Caller:


Ego’s & Alliances - Why Kevin McCarthy Won’t Be Speaker & Why That’s A Good Thing​

Red Pill News Published January 4, 2023
They're going to be back at 8 tonight. Not much of a break. Maybe McCarthy will capitulate?
I think Trump cut a deal with McCarthy. Maybe some sort of cover up. Trump is starting to sound desperate with trying to get him elected to Speaker.
Others say it's the optics. Trump 'supports' McCarthy knowing full well he doesn't have a chance. It 'appears' as if he has NO influence on whomever gets the nod - yet he is still pulling the strings.

It remains to be seen what transpires.


"I feel at this time we risk a worse outcome if we cannot unite behind the man who has helped us achieve these substantive reforms," said Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH) prior to the 5th vote for Speaker of the House, on Wednesday.


"We can also make history today by electing the first Black Republican Speaker of the House," said Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) while nominating Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) for House speaker Wednesday before the 6th round of voting.
Goes to show what kind of person McCarthy really is. Crawling on his knees, grabbing pant legs, promising all sorts of crazy shit and begging "pick me, pick me, I'll give you anything, I'll do anything, just pick me."

America's enemies are watching this and laughing with glee. Our allies are wondering what the hell happened to them.

All the while the people causing this are basking in the attention they're getting and laughing at McCarthy and how low he's sunk.

It's a freak show and the freaks are running it.
Today's show starts in 30 minutes.

So many questions..................so few answers.

- Will we have a speaker?
- Will the repubs go nuts and attack each other?
- Will McCarthy say "it's my turn, it's my turn, vote me in and I'll give you anything you want"?
- Will the hold outs tell McCarthy they're sick of his groveling shit and vote for the dem? This would be a real gas. Imagine if they actually did this.

Kevin McCarthy struggles to find path towards House Speaker​


Kevin McCarthy FAILS 10th Vote for Speaker — FIRST TIME SINCE 1859 – Prior to Civil War!​

By Jim Hoft
Published January 5, 2023

Trump-endorsed Kevin McCarthy continued to suffer humiliating losses after he failed to clinch the title of Speaker of the House. It was the first time in 100 years that Speakership was not decided in the first vote.

The winning Republican can only afford to lose four votes! He must reach 218 votes to win the Speakership. And the GOP holds a narrow 222 to 212 majority in the chamber.

This was despite the fact that President Trump endorsed Kevin McCarthy on Wednesday morning and urged Republicans to vote for McCarthy.

The actions of these principled conservatives who refuse to support Kevin McCarthy is infuriating to party insiders, the Uniparty, lobbyists, and GOP elites.


If you need to understand what is really going on behind the scenes... grok this:


Think Fauci...? Birks? et al...?
At the end of yesterday's episode the actors all got together. Smiling, chatting, an occasional touch - across party lines. Looks like somethings up.

Today's Friday. Could a deal be in the works? The weekend calls. Can't wait to see today's episode.

Looks like George Santos is fitting right in.
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20 or so years ago I actually believed elections mattered a little now not at all. With the exception of a few like Paul or maybe Kennedy from Louisiana I think they are all the same basically. Count how many sat on their hands and didn't applaud Zelensky to get your answer. We are past screwed now.
@brunobarking THIS👇

NO ONE in the House has ANY access to any classified information right now. We are in an INTELL “no man’s land” . And…?

Space Force just took over all military satellites last week…



Brian Cates@BrianCates

Replying to @brunobarking
Maybe there's a reason all the leakers in Congress need to be *frozen out* and have their access to CI suspended for a week.
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The other person getting all the rogue votes is DONALDS.
For a while the CSPAN board read:

Trump 1

Every time they vote, they are forcing them to say out loud in the House - on the record - “Trump won”.

Maybe Ol' Maxine is frustrated in not getting her pockets lined


Maxine Waters ‘just went crazy,’ getting into shouting match with Republicans on House floor​

January 6, 2023 | Tom Tillison | Print Article

It’s safe to say that the 118th Congress is getting off to a memorable start as the vote for speaker of the House drags into a fourth day and GOP leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., being nowhere close to getting the 218 votes needed to take the gavel in the Republican-controlled lower chamber.

Nerves are frayed and patience is running thin, particularly for the political elite, people like U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., where inauguration week is typically a week of schmoozing with fat cat donors at parties and other fancy events. The 84-year-old Democrat who has spent more than three decades in Washington, D.C., was seen taking her ire out on U.S, Rep. Matt Rosendale, R-Mont., a member of the Gang of Five leading the opposition to McCarthy becoming speaker — the other four are U.S. Reps. Andy Biggs of Arizona, Matt Gaetz of Florida, Bob Good of Virginia, and Ralph Norman of South Carolina.

“This is my 9th vote for Hakeem Jefferies,” Waters stood up and said at one point on Thursday, before turning and pointing to a group of Republican lawmakers behind her. “Matt Rosendale, get it together.”

Calls for order came raining down over Waters’ antics, which came about an hour after Rosendale spoke from the floor and mentioned her name while mischievously claiming he didn’t.

“Last summer we began to negotiate, a group of us in good faith, a list of changes, amendments, to the rules of this body. Not to empower ourselves, not to bring personal benefit to ourselves, but to empower you and you and you, Maxine, and you, and you, and everyone sitting in this chamber equally,” Rosendale said.

“There’s no rules, I did not use anyone’s name… Excuse me, Maxine,” he added.

Here is a clip of Rosendale’s remark, with a left-wing spin:

Maybe we'll see some action today. Imagine Maxine jumping over seats and going after Rosebud. lol
From the link:

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Defense Department formally raised the status of a critical, but clandestine cyber force, a move that underlines the military’s evolving role in the digital domain.

U.S. Cyber Command boss Gen. Paul Nakasone on Dec. 19 officiated a ceremony establishing the Cyber National Mission Force, or CNMF, as a subordinate unified command.


Breaking Exclusive: President Trump Tells Gen. Flynn He Would Serve as House Speaker​

By Bryan Chai January 6, 2023

There has been a stunning development in the ongoing House speaker drama: Former President Donald Trump said he would accept the role of speaker if elected.

Both Kari Lake and Gen. Michael Flynn confirmed the news to The Western Journal.

“I talked to President Trump last night and told him he would be great and he should do it,” Lake told The Western Journal. “[I said] that he could take Congress from the most hated branch of [government] to the favorite branch.”

Lake’s pep talk appears to have worked, because Flynn told The Western Journal the following: “Trump says, ‘I will do it.'”

This would be a shocking turnaround for Trump, who has long supported Kevin McCarthy for speaker.

Trump’s name was actually brought up in Thursday’s vote when Matt Gaetz, a leader of the anti-McCarthy sect of Congress, nominated him as speaker.

Some of the hold outs are flipping over to McCarthy. Could this be his day?

Edit to add: I think it is his day.
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BREAKING: 14 GOP reps flip for Kevin McCarthy in 12th vote for House Speaker​

Miller said that the change in voting came from negotiations made since yesterday evening’s vote.
During a 12th round of voting on Friday, 13 GOP representatives that had previously withheld their support from Rep. Kevin McCarthy cast their vote in support. Despite this, McCarthy did not reach the threshold required, and a 13th vote will be held.

Reps. Dan Bishop, Josh Brecheen, Michael Cloud, Andrew Clyde, Byron Donalds, Paul Gosar, Anna Paulina Luna, Mary Miller, Ralph Norman, Paul Ogles, Scott Perry, Chip Roy, and Keith Self voted for McCarthy, after withholding their support in the previous 11 votes.

Bishop, Cloud, Clyde, Gosar, Miller, Norman, Perry, Roy, and Donalds are a part of the House Freedom Caucus.

McCarthy seems to have overtaken Jeffries but can't come up with enough to push him over the finish line. Hate to say it but I think it's only a couple more votes and then he'll have it.
@brunobarking THIS👇

NO ONE in the House has ANY access to any classified information right now. We are in an INTELL “no man’s land” . And…?

Space Force just took over all military satellites last week…

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Brian Cates@BrianCates

Replying to @brunobarking
Maybe there's a reason all the leakers in Congress need to be *frozen out* and have their access to CI suspended for a week.

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