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She's pretty good when it comes to history. I read some of her stuff and found it to be good.

Recently read: https://www.thriftbooks.com/w/prequ...3-d8703f5e61e3#edition=66760774&idiq=56728354

If you're interested in reading it, I'll send you a copy on me. PM me an address if interested and it'll be sent. Yours to keep, no strings attached.

Thanks for the offer, but no thanks. I have no interest in what that liar has to say. She's done nothing but tell lies about Trump for the past 8 years.

I can respect your choice but if you change your mind - let me know and I'll send you a copy. True story about an incident in American history.

She did a podcast called Ultra. If you like true American history, it's damn good.

Introducing Rachel Maddow Presents: Ultra

Sitting members of Congress aiding and abetting a plot to overthrow the government. Insurrectionists criminally charged with plotting to end American democracy for good. Justice Department prosecutors under crushing political pressure. Rachel Maddow Presents: Ultra is the all-but-forgotten true story of good, old-fashioned American extremism getting supercharged by proximity to power. When extremist elected officials get caught plotting against America with the violent ultra right, this is the story of the lengths they will go to… to cover their tracks.

He's already claiming this year's election is rigged.

Trump Claims 2024 Will Be Rigged, Putting Republican Turnout at Risk

After making years of unfounded claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him, Donald Trump is dialing up warnings that there could be an even bigger theft this time around, a tactic that threatens to complicate Republican turnout efforts.

“Too Big to Rig.” That is the phrase Trump began unveiling in recent weeks, including in an appearance in Greensboro, N.C. His campaign also has printed signs with the slogan to hand out to supporters. The idea behind the pitch is this: Trump needs a lead so large that no one can take it away.

“We want a landslide,” Trump said at the rally. “We have to win so that it’s too big to rig.”

The line has garnered energetic applause from the Trump faithful, but it presents messaging challenges for Republicans. Even as the former president says the voting process could be rigged, he is urging GOP supporters to participate in it anyway. Trump also needs to woo moderate and swing voters, yet they could be turned off by his drumbeat of election-fraud claims.


Dominion log files CONFIRM:It turns out Fani bang bang Willis couldn’t even get to the District Attorney’s office through affirmative action, so they steal an election for her. “there you have it entire batches scanned SEVERAL TIMES.”

It's come to this:

Whoever "wins", America loses.
Another reason why I'm not that concerned about Trump's many flaws.

His will be a symbolic victory, if he wins. It will be a morale booster; and perhaps pave the way for TRUE reformers to follow.

Right now, though, whoever enters with the aim of cleaning things up, is on a Quixote quest. Likely he'll be destroyed. Which is probably why the Republicans' well-staffed bench of mid-tier conservatives are quiet now...this is not the time. Either Trump goes in and overturns the tables in the Temple and thus is crucified; or else, whoever comes out as The Alternative also gets nailed to the cross.

Because of personality and his financial resources, Trump is singularly able to do this. Let him take the arrows - he's had a good life, and he's giving it now in a good cause.
So in other words you're saying it'll be just like every other election in living memory?

No, I said it not because Trump is a bad option, but because regardless of the winner, the potential for the fissure to end all fissures erupting and splitting the nation is very real. I'm not even sure there is historical precedent for this.

If the MIC wanted a civil war, they may well get it.


Mar 27, 2024

MeidasTouch host Ben Meiselas reports on Donald Trump freaking out in social media posts as President Biden is gaining a ton of momentum.


Elections should be free and fair; being a candidate should be tough​

The presumptive Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump, stood inside 40 Wall Street, a building that bears his name, flanked by his extremely expensive lawyers, and proceeded to complain mightily that life is not fair.

But what he really meant was that suddenly his life of glib stories and shady deals in service to boundless ambition and avarice had met a formidable obstacle.

He was in New York City to wrestle with two of the many court cases that dog him. In one involving hush money paid to adult-film star Stormy Daniels, the judge announced an April 15 trial date. This displeased Trump mightily because it would make his campaigning far more challenging. And that, to him, was unfair. In the case involving business fraud, a New York appeals court reduced the amount of his bond from nearly a half-billion dollars to $175 million. This pleased Trump slightly, but it was still unfair, in his view, because he’d rather be spending his money on getting himself elected president.

“I don’t know how you can have a trial that’s going on right in the middle of an election,” Trump complained. “Not fair. Not fair at all. It’s not fair at all.”

He said this in his usual way, with a plaintive whine in his voice, with his mouth spreading wide in a toothy grimace and then reshaping itself into a petulant circle of disbelief. His hands were moving in and out as if playing an invisible accordion. Occasionally, they swatted at an insect. Trump, a man privileged with an abundance of connections — both financial and political — could not stop bemoaning how wrong it was that, regardless of his behavior, he should be faced with any hurdles on the road toward the White House.



Records confirm Trump’s mother-in-law came to U.S. through process he derided​

Melania Trump sponsored her mother to immigrate to the United States through a family-based process that former president Donald Trump aggressively sought to end, according to federal immigration records released Monday.

The records detail for the first time the full path that the former first lady’s mother, Amalija Knavs, followed from Slovenia to the United States — and how the Trump administration’s policies would have made that far more difficult for others. Knavs died in January at age 78.

Trump is the likely Republican candidate for president in the 2024 race against President Biden, a Democrat. The Trump campaign declined to comment through a spokeswoman.

Melania Trump used a legal pathway that her husband and his top advisers had repeatedly disparaged as “chain migration,” the right of U.S. citizens to bring their parents to the United States.



Melania’s SECRETS Get Revealed in New Records DUMP​

Mar 27, 2024

MeidasTouch host Ben Meiselas continues his reporting on Melania Trump’s suspicious background and web of lies drawing on a new investigative story by The Washington Post.

Devolution... if you want to grok what's going on behind the scenes follow Rattletrap on Telegram.

^ Umm, what???
You have some reading to do to catch up:

This first article of the Devolution Series was written on July 2nd, 2021. I had no idea how many articles I would write. I’m just a guy trying to figure out what the heck is going on. As I have continued to research and write my series, my conclusions have evolved. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know everything.

The one conclusion of mine that hasn’t changed and that I have only grown more confident in, is that Donald Trump initiated a continuity of government plan.

I’m not asking you to take my word for it. I don’t think anybody, including myself, should be blindly followed. We as a society need to question everything. I urge you to read through this series and all of the research I have compiled and discover for yourself why I am so confident that Trump didn’t just walk away from the stolen election.

What conclusions do you come to when you add read through this series?

The Devolution Series, along with my interviews and Devolution Power Hours can be found on my website: https://www.devolution.link/

I still have a question after going through that site.

Why would he run for president if he is still in charge?
I don't know, unless it's to wake up the people...?

Think about 2020. How many liberals today think Trump is the only way to vote in 2024. ALL those folks would have fought Trump's 'winning' in 2020, but now they SEE and FEEL the reality. Trump needs the people to back his play and since 2020, and Fani, and NY indictments et al, the people are coming on board.

I've made this point before, but isn't it interesting that the more the establishment (deep state) goes after Trump, the more they themselves get exposed? How can that be?? P Diddy (the Epstein of Rap) for example? Fani Willis secret lover?

People had to see the Biden government plan with their own eyes. "Seeing is believing"?

Jon Herold never read the Q posts - didn't 'follow' Q - yet folks argue his writings sound like them so he must have... OR maybe both are grounded in reality?

Q asked questions and Anons searched. Jon uses publicly available information (kind of what Q did!) to make his argument. Anyone can research and check his work for themselves because he shows where he found his it!

It all makes perfect sense! Devolution. Continuity of government. PEADS. The Calm Before The Storm. A military operation? Trump said: "I caught them all. I caught the Deep State (DS)." Even though people insist 'Nothing is happening', it's happening right before our eyes!

Rattletrap on Telegram is ex military and is pointing out what he sees happening in the skies via Flightradar24 app and his knowledge of military regs. It makes sense! He says the National Guard has been federalized - something only the President can do. Biden is a cuck. Those who control him believe they have the reins of power, but the true reins, military power, lie with the CIC.

I've NEVER seen a former POTUS escorted about the nation with such security. It's as if he IS the Commander In Chief (CIC) during wartime. He even declared we were at war. He said he was a wartime president. He also told (ordered) the insurrectionists "To go home" and when they didn't... "the insurrection" (the crime) was completed. They overthrew the US Government and as CIC of the military Trump was obligated to save the nation and the military is obligated to follow the orders of the (true) President:

Article II, Section 1, Clause 8:
Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:–I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

The military has a similar oath.

That's exactly what Trump is accomplishing (with the force of secret military ops??) Gitmo is still in operation and according to Rattletrap there are regular flights in and out: Military tribunals?? I thought Biden was going to close Gitmo? The military never reveals it's operations.

Like the 17th letter of the alphabet said on Jul 08, 2019:

It must be done right.
It must be done according to the rule of law.
It must carry weight.
It must be proven in the court of law.
There can be no mistakes.
Good things sometimes take time.
Attempts to slow/block the inevitable [Justice] will fail.
[D]s election interference 2016.
>Clinton/Hussein illegal FISA
[D]s election interference 2018.
[D]s election interference 2020.
These people are sick.
We, the People, are the cure.

Even though there are those who insist it's balderdash... live it, or live with it, that's where we are today!

Knowing what you know from the Devolution Series thread... if you happen to wade through the 'conspiracy' Q posts you might start seeing reality rhyming with today!

The DS is telegraphing their next move. Covid was supposed to lock down the world for a decade. That failed. The next move is a cyber attack which will shut down the 2024 elections! "We can't have an election" yada yada yada... you know the drill.

What if Trump orders the National Guard to oversee the election using 'watermarked paper ballots' (he's already discussed this in his rallies)?
No mail ins, vote in person, show ID's etc?
Will the people agree?
What will that do to all the illegal's the D's are importing? Shut down their vote? The people are PISSED that the illegals are being supported financially - even in liberal cities! They SEE what's going on! This means The People will support paper ballots, ID's etc, i.e., Trump!
The vote will be counted and the people's voice will be heard. The DS won't be able to cheat as they have in the past.

Just my SWAG....
Last edited:

U.S. foes exploit Trump's divisiveness with fake MAGA accounts; China adopts Russian tactics​

Apr 2, 2024

Rachel Maddow looks at how China has learned to take advantage of Donald Trump's divisiveness within American society by mimicking his supporters online using techniques that were successful for Russia in the 2016 election. Tiffany Hsu, technology reporter for The New York Times, joins to discuss how China is stepping up its disinformation game.


How the world is preparing for Trump’s return​

Apr 2, 2024
Even though #Biden and #Trump hold diametrical views on social, legal, political, climate, and financial issues, their approach to #geopolitics is not necessarily all that different.


Republicans hope to win Black voters for Trump. It won't be easy.​

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, April 2 (Reuters) - Orlando Owens, a rare Republican activist in a majority-Black district of Milwaukee, had hoped this election season would be different.

With national polls showing waning enthusiasm for Democratic President Joe Biden, especially among Black voters who say they are frustrated with his performance on the economy and other issues, opens new tab, state Republican party officials and activists saw an opening.

Wisconsin holds its primary on Tuesday, where voters will weigh in on the presidential race, weeks after Biden and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump clinched their respective nominations.


Republicans hope to win Black voters for Trump. It won't be easy.
that ship has sailed a long while ago...

U.S. foes exploit Trump's divisiveness with fake MAGA accounts; China adopts Russian tactics
Interesting that Russia & China care at all about US elections.... As for Mr. Maddow... I don't listen to his diatribes... If I did I would have taken the jab....

Even though #Biden and #Trump hold diametrical views
Biden holds NO views unless a child is near... then it's sniff, sniff, sniff...

Karl Rove: Trump's "Critical Mistake" Is Standing With January 6th Thugs​

FOX News contributor and former Bush strategist Karl Rove called it a "critical mistake" for former President Donald Trump to make a campaign pledge to pardon the "thugs" that participated in the Capitol Riot on January 6th, 2001. On a panel hosted by MSNBC's Ari Melber, Rove said "everyone of those sons of bitches that did that, we ought to find them, try them, and send them to jail."


But at the most basic level, they all mean the same thing: Voters aren't thrilled with their options.

Research bears this out: A 2020 working paper published by the Vienna University of Economics and Business, based on surveys conducted in the weeks preceding the 2016 U.S. presidential election and the 2016 Austrian runoff election for president, found that manipulating ballots to include a "none of the above" option increased participation. It also diverted votes from "non-establishment candidates," which matches up with Virginia's results and may be a cautionary note for reformers who would prefer to juice the stats of third party options instead.

"None of the above," the researchers explain, is "chosen more frequently by voters with a protest motive, who are either unhappy with the candidate set or with the political establishment in general"—an increasingly common condition as the post-primary portion of 2024's election starts to take off.

More (long):

and they still haven't figured out who left the pipe bomb at the Capitol... weird....
As I mentioned in the other thread, Joe can't be prosecuted because of his mental capacity but he can run for re election and carry the nuclear football?

Elections no longer matter and really are no longer even legit. If you think Joe got more votes than Obama so he could beat Trump then I have a bridge in Maryland to sell you.

This election and all future elections will no longer matter. The damage to freedom and the American way of life has been done and it won't be undone by elections.
A hypothetical.

In a parallel universe, the voters in every state either select "none of the above" or write it in to the tune of 60% of the primary vote. What happens in such an eventuality?
and they still haven't figured out who left the pipe bomb at the Capitol... weird....

A good number of the peeps who were grabbed up for Jan 6 were either ratted out, tracked down by the feds or found by internet sleuths. Yet nothing with this. You'd think with everything available he / she woulda been caught by now.
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