Greek CDS market fallout?

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¨Greece¨has been the word for two years now... I wonder just how far down the rabbit hole this goes. And then who´s next? Portugal and Ireland I have about being next. And then the BIG ENCHILADAS Spain and Italy. If Italy goes, then FRANCE goes, and it´s all over.

FRANCE goes down, you have maybe two days to make and get your final preps...
I think if any of the spanish speaking ones go, that's going to topple the other dominoes - just a matter of (short) time. In general, they're too big to bail w/o hyperinflation.
I would have sold the underlying asset and the CDS a LONG time ago.
...good and concise charting by Reggie Middleton, on why Greece is guaranteed to "redefault" on their newly-issued bonds even faster than they did on the previous ones - probably, well before 2016:

...this guy is someone to listen to, I am not his paid subscriber, but everything he says makes perfect sense, also he was spot on many times before (and I like his reasoning, pure math most of the time - so, not to many assumptions, mostly the certainties :))

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