My Gold and Silver Bullion Dealer Warns America of a Real Conspiracy!

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Gold and Silver Stacker Warns Dealer: Cash Considered "Too Risky"!​

Nov 13, 2023


In this video I share shocking excerpts from my live interview with Tim Marschner of the Coin and Stamp Shop in Manchester, NH. My gold and silver bullion dealer helps old and new stackers understand what is coming with precious metals, local coin shop dealers, the failing US economy, the Federal Reserve and Treasury, politics, and what you need to do with your gold and silver investments right now! The US dollar's reserve currency status is in jeopardy and silver and the rush to silver and gold may end soon! Watch as we discuss why stacking gold and silver to protect yourself from out-of-control governments and central banks is more important than ever before. If we abandon physical cash and adopt a central bank digital currencies, gold and silver spot prices may rise quickly and dramatically and you'll need a good stack of silver rounds, silver bars, silver coins, and gold coins as essential barter and wealth preservation. Economic collapse is coming...prepare now!
No conspiracy talk here, just an interview where a guy talks about the physical PM market (consumers selling, not buying) and stress on dealers dealing with crashing margins and inventory challenges. I personally couldn't listen to more than 5-6 minutes, so I'm not sure what else they talked about. I ended up reading (skimming) the transcript for the first 10 minutes or so on YouTube.


Bullion Dealer Warns US Economy on the Brink...AND A CUSTOMER STORMS OUT OF HIS SHOP!​

In this video my bullion dealer warns of an economic disaster coming. Tim Marschner of The Coin and Stamp Shop urges people to "find the money" to stack silver and gold. And he STILL thinks that we should sell everything we don't need and buy precious metals. Gold and silver stacking is a MUST as inflation, unemployment, and credit card debt rise rapidly and our Federal Reserve doesn't know what to do about it!

But as Tim talks with several gold and silver stackers in his coin shop about reckless government spending and a feckless Biden administration, one of the customers storms out of his shop! What triggers him? And what does Tim think about it? Never before has stacking precious metals been as important to do as it is today. Protect yourself from out-of-control governments, evil central banks, and the failing US dollar. Make sure you build a stack of silver rounds, silver bars, silver coins, and gold coins as essential barter and wealth preservation!

Tim Marschner
The Coin and Stamp Shop
300 Granite Street
Manchester, NH 03102
(603) 624-4400


FREEDOM WITH SILVER AND GOLD! Wake up America and Ask...Do I Really Live in a "Free State"???​

one of the customers storms out of his shop! What triggers him?

I wish they would have shown the guy storming out. Would have been interesting to see his facial expression / body language. If he was there to buy or sell, he simply should have transacted business. To be upset by words that weren't directed at you is a sign of weakness. Why should he care what someone thinks about a person who doesn't know he's alive. Makes no sense.
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