1. Goldhedge

    My Gold and Silver Bullion Dealer Warns America of a Real Conspiracy!

    My Gold and Silver Bullion Dealer Warns America of a Real Conspiracy! In this video, local bullion dealer talks about his challenges with sourcing silver and gold, the midterm elections, and what a "red wave" could mean to the price of silver and gold. My silver dealer also warns about the...
  2. Viking

    Monetary Debasement Insurance

    or, How to Protect Your Wealth Against Inflation
  3. <SLV>

    Fed will overshoot rate increases

    Major slowing happening in inflation. Signals of a slowdown in corporate earnings misses and reduced forward guidance. Housing market cooling fast Fed should pause rate hikes now and let the dust settle from their recent flury of significant increases. But...... they won't. Recession is...
  4. B

    Surging Dollar-Making Goods Almost Impossible to Afford in countries Around the World
  5. Goldhedge

    Fed Defending Dollar No Matter what Crashes

    Fed Defending Dollar No Matter what Crashes Greg Hunter's Published October 15, 2022 Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with the Publisher of The Solari Report, Catherine Austin Fitts...
  6. Newmisty

    FOOD Prices in YOUR AREA

    I bought some cows milk for the first time since I was a wee lad grabbing a jug of 2% in Cumby Farms with a buck and change while mom waiting on the running car. Well did me me in fiat! They want almost $7 for jug of Hiland whole milk.:oops:
  7. C

    Crypto and inflation

    I read the other day that the market cap for all crypto currencies was about 2.25 trillion world wide. Got me thinking, what if there were no crypto? Where would all that money be? Would inflation be even worse if that 2.25t was out in the economy. Are crypto investments like a sponge sucking up...
  8. vox

    Producer Price Index (PPI)

    Interesting post from Karl over at market-ticker. Uh, that's what we call HYPERinflation, yes? SMH!
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