Pre-Tax dollars - Where to put them?

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If you had pre-tax dollars "locked" in an account, unable to withdraw. What investment vehicle would you put them in?

What options does the account offer?
Maybe split 50/50 or 60/40 or whatever then. Stocks are likely (I mean, logically they should, but the Fed might intervene, so...) to face significant headwinds this year. Fed will likely pause rate hikes soon, but bond markets might take a while to find equilibrium. $.02
I agree with a 50/50 mix. I assume you have a limited selection of funds to choose from, and metals are not an option.
If you have an option for a large cap value or equity income type fund, that may be a less volatile option than some others. And should give you decent dividend reinvestments to help.

If you have a commodity type fund as an option (this is not common, but may be an option), that could be a decent choice for a portion of your holdings.
I currently have some pretax dollars that I put into a government money market fund for now......i currently have good mechanisms in place to deal with and mitigate taxes going forward if I didn't I would strongly consider in the current environment moving them to a post tax setup like a Roth
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