1. pmbug

    The Seventh Characteristic of Money

    The Six Characteristics of Money We are roughly a century into the grand experiment with a central bank fiat monetary world order (half a century on a pure fiat system). For many people, pure fiat money is all that they have ever known. The lessons of history with respect to money have been...
  2. searcher

    The History of Money

    Friday the 13th Could Have Been Known as “Kill Your Banker Day” The History of Money: Installment 1 – The Templars This article was originally crafted by my father for his readers in September of 2003, but its content is possibly more relevant than ever before. This is one of the original tales...
  3. pmbug

    Better Money vs. Easy Money - Cato event

    Streaming here:
  4. foolsgold

    Pre-Tax dollars - Where to put them?

    If you had pre-tax dollars "locked" in an account, unable to withdraw. What investment vehicle would you put them in? Thanks!! Steve
  5. Goldhedge

    Why the Globalists are Terrified of Trump’s Relationships with BRICS Leaders

    Why the Globalists are Terrified of Trump’s Relationships with BRICS Leaders Clandestine Jul 17, 2022 Is it starting to make sense now as to why the Left began the propaganda campaign via the Russia Narrative back around 2014-2015? Why they label everything they don’t like as “Russian...
  6. pmbug brings the lulz
  7. searcher

    ATM Leaderboard Ranks Users According To The Amount Of Money In Their Account

    This ATM has a 'leaderboard' that ranks users with the most money their account. Yes, really. Story by Marina Pitofsky, USA TODAY • Yesterday 1:10 PM Some people might call it impolite to talk about money in public, but an art collective is displaying work at Art Basel in Miami Beach that...
  8. Goldhedge

    Inflation 75 Year High, Unemployment 24% – John Williams

    Inflation 75 Year High, Unemployment 24% – John Williams By Greg Hunter On October 11, 2022 Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with John Williams, founder of, as he explains how bad the economy really is...
  9. Unca Walt

    PayPal did NOT back down

    Their ability to fine you $2,500 is IN THE CONTRACT you agree to if you use PayPal. Know that if they disagree with you, you just had $2,500 taken from you...
  10. SongSungAu

    A couple Ron Paul lecture series for the library

    Ron Paul Money Lecture Series (three videos) "What is Money?" with Joseph T. Salerno -- Ron Paul Money Lecture Series, Pt 1/3 (53:58) Published on Oct 20, 2011 by CongressmanRonPaul Rep. Ron Paul sponsored this Congressional lecture on "What is Money?", part one of a three part series on the...
  11. pmbug

    Characteristics of money

    I used to have a link to a .PDF produced by the Philadelphia Fed that talked about the characteristics of money, but I lost it some time ago. It's fine to try and educate people about ancient wisdom that people understood for millennia, but if it comes from goldbug sites, Joe Sixpack doesn't...
  12. pmbug

    In Money We Trust The documentary aired on PBS and you can watch it here:
  13. J

    Goodbye Fiat Currency! Gold Standard Returns To America!!

    Gold standard has not FULLY returned yet but US states are pushing for it due to lack of confidence of the FEDs solution to print endless amounts of money. I think more states and countries will follow this much needed solution to fake economies and fake fiat currencies. Even if you agree with...
  14. J

    Gold Price 2014 Prediction & Outlook - Peter Schiff

    Clearly Gold has been part of the bull market and investors are very bullish about it. This is because the FED is artificially inflating the stock market and dollar. This is increasing economic growth, a strong equity market and with low inflation is the exact situation where gold falls. heres...
  15. J

    Peter Schiff - Ben Bernanke Has Created a Phony Economy That Will Crash!

    Peter schiff disagrees with the Dow's new record and economy growth. What do you think the future holds for america?
  16. J

    Peter Schiff: The Fed Won't Stop The Monetary Heroin Until We Die Of An Overdose

  17. J

    Ron Paul is Still Buying Gold

    Heres a video explaining why gold will continue to rise and regain its true value once the fed stops creating fake growth. Let me know your thoughts. This youtube account had other ones by Peter Schiff but this one is my fav regarding this topic
  18. pmbug

    Ron Paul and HR 1098: Free Competition in Currencies

    It seems painfully obvious to me that given events that are shaping the future for the US Dollar, we are headed for a currency crisis. Most pundits in the financial media, at least the ones who dare to discuss this topic, usually point to two options - default on the debt or monetize the debt...
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