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How does this work in a system that owns and controls the judiciary and the mainstream media ?
That's great question.

We'll have to wait and see. Until then....

If it doesn't get corrected, we may as well move to Russia.


Don't you just love a good conspiracy theory...?

Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 9.09.15 PM.png


Still think Q was a LARP?

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a walk down memory lane here:

2.15.24: Five EYES, Follow the Pen, UFOs?, Johnson, PAIN, Storms, Oh boy, Pray!​

Nothing spectacular or earthshaking, just something that crossed my screen.

From the link:

This dashboard provides an interactive search interface to the data collected as part of a collaborative investigation between Bellingcat and Lighthouse Reports into the online ecosystem of QAnon and QAnon-adjacent conspiracy theories in Europe. This investigation was funded by a grant from the European Commission. See the following links for articles that have used this data:

Word on the street is there will be a communications breakdown (blackout?) to prevent the election.

The usual 'suspects' (Russia, China) will be blamed for 'hacking' our internet to interfere in the election.

Marco 'setting the stage' - telling us in advance?? A 'practice run'??

Screenshot 2024-02-24 at 8.02.55 AM.png

Screenshot 2024-02-24 at 8.03.59 AM.png

Listen to video below
Screenshot 2024-02-24 at 8.11.08 AM.png

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Nothing spectacular or earthshaking, just something that crossed my screen.

From the link:

This dashboard provides an interactive search interface to the data collected as part of a collaborative investigation between Bellingcat and Lighthouse Reports into the online ecosystem of QAnon and QAnon-adjacent conspiracy theories in Europe. This investigation was funded by a grant from the European Commission. See the following links for articles that have used this data:

Not worth your time...

It says "Qanon" and there is no such thing as 'Qanon'. Knowing this to be the case, they are using propaganda to sway opinion.
Here's another 'take' why AT&T went down ... Solar flares...

Screenshot 2024-02-24 at 8.21.23 AM.png

Network Outage Was the Sun - END OF STORY​

Biden was vp when he took the docs so didnt have the immunity he has now ?
Trump was actual President when he took docs and apparently checked with the legals before doing so
I could never quite understand what the deal was, beyond more lawfare
“I’ll believe Derek Johnson when I see things happening and enforced.”

👉🏻 “Britain is seeking state-level deals with U.S. states while talks over a Free Trade Agreement at a federal level have been frozen since President Joe Biden took office.”

Keyword: Frozen

👉🏻 Donald Trump Executive Orders block and FREEZE assets

“We’re going through what I call the pause right now” - CIC Trump, November 15, 2022

👉🏻 The P.A.U.S.E. =

Public Alert: Unregistered Soliciting Entities

Found on the SEC dot Gov

Who spoke about giving the power back to the States?

👉🏻 45

Who gave the power back to the states?

👉🏻 45


👉🏻 March 2020

In the first 180-days found in the clause in the War Powers Act of 1973, which is 50 United States Code §1550.

Same time He Federalized 1 million Reserve Components to Active-Duty.

Texas making a state deal with Britain 🔥

Where was the last place CIC Trump spoke in January 2021?

👉🏻 Tejas 🇨🇱

Who was standing with CIC Trump on February 29, 2024, alongside the Governor?

👉🏻 Adjutant General

The Commanding Officer of Texas’s Armed Forces.

👉🏻 The AG is under the state chief executive unless the National Guard are Federalized under Title 10.

Who’s the state chief executive?

👉🏻 Governor

That’s the AGs first appearance on TV…

👉🏻 And it’s with the Governor and the “former” President? 🤭

When DJT is the ONLY President to Federalize the National Guard to Active-Duty.

👉🏻 On March 27, 2020.

And He tells the whole world on Feb. 29, it’s a…

👉🏻 Military Operation.

“Nothing” is happening as long as “nobody’s” reading what’s in place for something to happen.

He’s given enough of the plan to know what’s going on, only a VERY select few of us can break it down quickly.

You can’t trust the man, if you don’t listen to the man. 🐂🇺🇸

For all the whiners and deniers...

All 3 movies playing simultaneously?​

Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 10.32.15 PM.png

Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 10.31.34 PM.png

What are the odds??
All the Q whiners are going to be Q supporters once this all settles out. Read on and check off what's been revealed so far since 2016...

Start with Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, NXIVM...

The forced release of EPSTEIN LIST is much more than a list. IT'S A DATA DUMP with thousands of pages that will be released.
MSM is reporting 800 pages, conservative news is reporting over 1500 pages and alternative media is reporting over 3000 pages of data and information from the court report, logs, police reports and witnesses full testimony..And MORE IS COMING

BEHIND THE SCENES White Hats are painting a picture for the American people and world that the [ EPSTEIN] CORRUPTION is connected to a world pedophile, human trafficking extortion ring and even greater is the connection that WILL lead to world money laundering system through [ EPSTEIN] Israel, cia.mi6 , EU & U.S. military intelligence agencies.

This is just the beginning of the FIRE and is opening the doors to the CIA Pentagon Corruption system. > This was always the *PLAN ... And the growing EPSTEIN SAGA WILL GROW INTO MAJOR WHISTLE BLOWERS COMING FORWARD AND LEAKS OF VIDEOS AND AUDIO FROM DIFFERENT SOURCES >>> INCLUDING EPSTEIN HIMSELF TALKIN


White Hats are painting a picture for the world. .. And the continuing EXPOSURE is going to lead and EXPOSE a controlled Military COUP over the U.S. government and elections. Including several countries across the world.

I have been telling you for a long time these events were coming and was going to happen . Well it's happening and growing/

You think it's coincidence that Q military intelligence operations was the first to bring EPSTEIN into the> Exposure on a world scale with hundreds of millions of ANONS and World Patriots searching for data on EPSTEIN

RIGHT NOW_The CIA. Pentagon is in major panic as their corrupt system and institution is inside a collapse and more data is coming and going to be dumped.

As the world gave up on EPSTEIN i have been telling what was going to happen and how it was going to connect to all branches of the government, Hollywood. Entertainment Industry.

Do you think it was coincidence that i told you the black community was being guided to expose the music and entertainment industry?
Do you think it was coincidence that i told you P Diddy was connected to massive pedo ring, sex extortion ring ? I gave you this information long ago and told you this would connect to the killings of Tupac and planned Black on Black hate/wars created through the music industry controlled by the CIA and Elites.

_NOW you have MAJOR celebrities, musicians exposing P DIDDY AND JAY Z for sex extortion, pedophilia and sexual assault. The truth is getting stronger as major forces come together and start to EXPOSE WILL SMITH having sex with men and being part of a male prostitution Elite ring ( more is going to drop on Smith)

_Sean p Diddy Combs killed his childs mother Kim Potter , she had evidence P Diddy was part of a satanic cult and she had found him having sex with young boys and she knew about the killings at these elite parties. She wanted to come forward but she was killed. ... But new evidence will emerge in the year of P Diddy connection to sex extortion ring and the CIA and to [EPSTEIN]

_RIGHT NOW... White Hats operations have given the green light to Hollywood White Hats to go after OPRAH WINFREY>≥> her connection to the CIA, Harvey Weinstein ,[ Epstein] financial ring and the Clintons human trafficking ring will be EXPOSED in the next months...
Right now in Hollywood and on the Internet celebrities are attacking Oprah and exposing her control over the black actors and black entertainment community.

(Oprah was PLANTED by the CIA and Hollywood elites to take control of the black communities and unite them under the DNC and liberal agendas ) .. In the next coming Months White Hats are going to connect JP MORGAN. Goldman Sachs Wells Fargo Blackstone BLACKROCK to A FULL CORRUPTION SCANDLR that is connected the Pentagon the CIA ( Rockerfellers+ ELITES)

You want to know why?



McCain Institute


The Bronfman Family

Sara Bronfman


Sean John Clothing


Bad Boy Records

Belinda Stronach

Death Rooms In DC

Dragon Den

Black & Veach


Are all connected to human trafficking. It doesn't help that Mila Kunis is from Ukraine either. It doesn't help that Mark Cuban partnered with Ashton Kutcher. It doesn't help that he is a Freemason. People have no idea how far reaching this case will be with P. Diddy. Ron Burkle & Peter Theil. Jeffrey Epstein wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Edgar Bronfman.

Edgar Bronfman, Jr is one of the 7 Jewish men who controls these companies below.

Seven Jewish men collectively control:




The Turner Broadcasting System



Universal Studios

MCA Records

Geffen Records

DGC Records

GRP Records

Rising Tide Records

Curb/Universal Records

Interscope Records

People you have to understand how gargantuan this entire case will be. It will connect back to everyone and most media companies. The Bronfman Family is a bloodline of Canada. I told you all before we are in a bloodline war. Crown Royal is manufactured by Seagram & Sons, the world's largest distillery. Seagram is owned by the Bronfman bloodline dynasty of Canada, the family of ardent ADL Jewish Zionists. Its senior is currently Edgar Bronfman, who also just happens to be chairman of the World Jewish Congress.

To my Canadian followers who are always asking me by Justin Trudeau. Listen to me the Bronfman family has heavily influenced Canadian politics for many decades. Your government is Canada is nothing but a cabinet and administration full of puppets who control your country based on who they decide gets to rule it by putting money behind those who sell you out to the globalist. You need to understand this goes much deeper then just getting liberals out of government.
When is this "forced release" scheduled?
WASHINGTON — The ex-military member who federal authorities say drove his SUV into a barricade at the FBI office in Atlanta on Monday had online ties to QAnon-related content and appeared to be a supporter of former President Donald Trump, according to an open-source investigation by the group Advance Democracy.

Ervin Lee Bolling currently faces a count of destruction of government property. He has not yet entered a plea. An FBI affidavit states that after crashing his car, Bolling got out and tried to walk past the gate where he was stopped by three special agents. Bolling refused instructions to sit on the curb and resisted arrest when the agents tried to take him into custody, according to the charging documents.

Advance Democracy, in a report seen by NBC News, found social media accounts that appeared to be linked to Bolling that had a history of promoting conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election as well as QAnon.


Read it and weep...

Shit just keeps on happening... all by itself!! LOL

and if you haven't watched their Fall of the Cabal video series:


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