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Today's hike

Eastern Bluebird

Red squirrel

Mourning dove

Turkey vultures

The river

Melt snow, will ya?
I saw a short video of a bungi jumper in Australia. Just as hit head reached almost to the water below, a crocodile leapt up and bit it clean off. TINS


That is great news. Fargin Aussies.

I LOVE the Woodpecker ad. It has ducks coming in on duck hunters in a boat. But the ducks have rockets and machine guns under their wings. Funny.
Picture of Buffalo Bill taken outside the iconic Irma Hotel in Cody, Wyoming many years ago. The photographer was taking the picture from the sidewalk in front of the Cody Drug & Jewelry, the future location of Seidel's Saddlery! I wonder if he was ever in this building---if only our walls could talk!

Buffalo Bill.jpg
One of the most beautiful places in New Mexico, Inn of the Mountain Gods, Mescalero Apache Reservation, Ruidoso, New Mexico. The view looking from inside the inn towards Sierra Blanca.

Not a care in the world getting high and drinking wine cooking ribs for dinner on a Saturday afternoon.

Nice super cub. I’ve got a hundred flight hours in them.
I cannot remember the landing length requirement for that little darling. Can you help out a doddering old zoomie? My only landing was at a real airplane patch, so I only noticed it was hardly anything... first turnoff.
I flew one from Anchorage to Minneapolis one fall and landed across the runway into the ramp in Loydminster Saskatchewan due to the winds and I bet I didn’t roll out 50 feet. No wind in one with flaps 150 feet is pretty comfortable.
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