The Great Taking

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Here are a couple of reads that fit right into The Great Taking....

updates on the insane world of money and power

'Owe Nothing—Be Happy'

I'll be 80 next April, and just finished up my biggest work year in decades. Pump hous-
es and high ladder work, for which I got bids that would have meant selling assets I've
held onto since the turn of the century. Instead I decided that I had created this mess,
and I was going to spend 6 months, hanging unto my assets—and making it right.

There were pluses/minuses—I listened to podcasts all day, but at night could barely
stay awake to write. Today, I was so tired I needed energy from a cuppa coffee to nap.

I sent this out to someone close who is considering getting a loan to buy some multi-
family units. He's done it before, successfully, but he is young and has never experi-
enced a depressed real estate market. Here's my text: A prediction: within one to five
years, every property with a mortgage on it will be confiscated by the big banks, and
bank accounts will be taken to be used to bail-in (the opposite of bail-out), failing
banks. The only economic word that applies now is 'safety'. ‘Owe nothing—be happy’.

By now, I know better than make predictions, but I made this by way of a warning to
him because I know he doesn't read what I write, and he won't be logging on to 'Wel-
come to Bill Holter' to read 'The Great Taking'. Hopefully I can scare him into sanity.

He doesn't understand that the US is on the verge of the greatest credit collapse in
history—a credit collapse that will pervade the global economy. And without credit (the
medium everyone relies on for most everything), it will all come to a stop for everyone.

And those multifamily units, rented at 'fair rents' will have no takers in a depression.

Also, he doesn't understand that as a business conservative who supported Trump,
twice, he is regarded by 'the ruling class' as a 'domestic terrorist'. At some point his as-
sets will be dealt with the way the US Gov't dealt with Russia's assets. But before that,
along with the rest of the 'plebeians', his 'reserves' (bank accounts), will be confiscated,
'bailed in' to save his failing bank (with blame laid at the feet of Putin/Xi). Then, in a
more definitive step, the 'ruling class' will rationalize seizing any real estate and bonds.

Maybe this won't happen? Maybe 'the wrath of Trump' will eviscerate the 'leftist' bas-
tards—but don't count on it. And don't count on Trump avoiding war in the 'holy lands'.

The elites can't do to American citizens, in 'one fell swoop', as they did to Russia's
foreign reserves and Russian citizen's assets (held outside of Russia). The US 'ruling
class' has to tread lightly, having had its nose bloodied over the origin of, and decep-
tion around the virus, the reaction to the virus—'vaccines'/adverse reactions/masks/lockdowns,
immigration insanity, Ukraine, and so many economic lies—perpetuated.

Elites need to incrementally strip us of our 'pursuit of happiness' (assets), using un-
constitutional but quasi-legal proceedings that will shock Americans—but maybe not
stir them to action? As in, bank depositors losing funds (w/out judicial review), funds
they assumed were 'on deposit'—except when banks need our savings to stay viable.

Will the elite get away with it? Maybe. They will point to articles in the mainstream
that under Dodd/Frank, what were 'depositors' became 'investors'—not at the head of
the 'claim line'. Savers will have to take responsibility for 'depositing' funds in unsound
institutions, at no interest paid. Instead, they risked their 'savings'—for nothing at all.

It's BS, but contractual—with no legal remedy for the loss of funds. Elites next step
will be more difficult, but it will be tried. Somehow, the definition of private property
needs changed to 'security entitlement' (easy under tokenized CBDC). In other words,
it's not really yours, it's a 'security' you are 'entitled' to. This applies to stocks and
bonds. They are held in your name; you are 'entitled' to the 'security', but ownership of
the instrument is not 'titled' in your name'. You are 'entitled' to it, but you do not own it.

At that point the definition of 'entitled' is up for grabs. Government, allied with monied
interests, can then default on 'selective securities'—the ones you're entitled to. Relying
on fear, under national security threat, government is forced to confiscate your asset.

Real estate—good luck with that. Few of us ever read Dodd/Frank, and how many
among us have read the terms of our real estate loans? Is it there, in black and white,
that under duress, banks may be obliged to call in your loan to protect bank viability?

We have woken up in an insane asylum. Some of us recognize we are yet sane, but
not understanding the full scope/danger of where this is headed, we best 'witness' be-
fore making decisions to act. What comes, whatever it may be—is a whole new game.

I want to go into how we got here, but leave that for another article. We are here,
and what caused us to get here is unrecognized by 'the many'. Some young person
have made millions in real estate, but not recognizing the peril, could lose everything to
renters unable to pay, and mortgages being called. They just don't think it can happen.

So what is safe? Nothing—but what is safer? This is the George Carlin moment: "I
have one rule—I never believe anything the government tells me." Not listening to their
spiel about 'vaccines' may have saved your life. Not buying into 'Trump derange' got us
some Supreme Court judges, without which the conversation ends—w/out a republic .

Buying on credit at a time like this is sticking your neck out—making you the
Thanksgiving turkey. Anything the bastards can get their hooks into—they will. Along
the way we have to scrutinize, otherwise reasonable pundits such as Brent Johnson
and Robert Barnes—who venture into the category of 'believers' when it comes to the
dollar. Johnson: 'everything is going to go on just like it always has—with the dollar
winning in the end.' Barnes sees the dollar as the currency the world wants to trade in.

Will a US, wrong about everything, in a world aligning in BRICS, win the currency war?

They will not, but along a 'path of misery' they will come for everything you own—
and you with it. Nothing is safe, but some things are safer than others. Gold and silver
is yours, 'to have and to hide', from this day forward. Ammunition is yours. They can
come for both—but will they want to take that chance—when everything is on the line.

Keep in mind the elite have no ethics—and under their rhetoric lies a coward. They
rely on people like us to fight their battles. We rely on ourselves to fight the good fight.
updates on the insane world of money and power

What Do Elites Have In-Store For Us?

To better understand the destiny elites have in store for us we need an analogy—Pa-
lestine. Devastation rages in the 'holy land', under an obscure mission and outcome.

With 700,000 of the most militant Israelis 'settled/occupying' (illegally under UN
Charter), any possibility for a 2-state solution is lost. And with Arab and Jewish popula-
tions each at 7.5 million (Arabs reproducing faster)—there is not a 1 state solution.

The Jewish state cannot abide a larger Arab population making demands for equal
access, so what outcomes are left? We are seeing it in real time: populations of Gaza
(and the West Bank), either have to be annihilated or driven out into the Sinai Desert.

This is what happens when governments allow time to dictate the terms, without any
attempt to make a situation sustainable. This is analogous to the US and the West
where elites have allowed greed and power to be the planners/motivators that have led to the
present situation. Now, global elites, understanding that 8 billion people cannot be fed with a
few loaves and fishes, and diminishing energy supply, are faced with a Gaza of their own.

Be assured elites will not take responsibility for what they have done—at the same time
doing anything/everything to secure their hold on power. In that scenario either the elite
or the plebeians will have to pay. I've seen the menu—all costs accrue to the plebs.

With no exact counterpart for the Sinai Desert, what do elites have in-store for us?

Take them at their word: "You will own nothing, and be happy." 'Happy' is apparently a
consequence of owning nothing, so how do they plan to get each of us into penury?

They have to get control of everything: our rights, liberty, political power, our bodies,
communication and thoughts. Along with all things material—that just about covers it.

Because most of my articles deal with 'rights and liberty', 'communication and medi-
cine' let's discuss how they plan to rid us of our stuff, our assets, those things material.

Some of you are familiar with David Webb, "The Great Taking". He thinks it is al-
ready coordinated to where the elite, 'in an instant', can take everything (for just about
everything). This includes your stocks, securities, your house, bank account, and car.

It used to be that stock certificates were paper, and numbered—held in your posses-
sion. Not any more: what you own is an 'entitlement' held by a beneficiary that owns
the security, that they then use as collateral. All stocks/securities share the same 1 pool
—no accounts are segregated. If Webb is correct, you own no securities or stocks.

A 'protected class', secured creditors (big banks), control (own) all securities as col-
lateral for 'derivates'—including those free of debt. Who are these guys? Custodians
have the records but not the assets—brokers are even farther down the food chain.

This 'protected class' was created in a 2005, Safe Harbor—safe for them—not you. If

Webb is correct, this transfer of stocks and securities is ready to go and can happen in
an instant. Cross-border transfer of collateral creates a situation where there is no one
for plebeians to go after—we won't even know who it is that took our assets from us.

But, no worries, by then we will be funded by CBDC, but reflect on the Great De-
pression when most, except for a few big banks failed and depositors lost everything
except their debt that was transferred/consolidated under the 'Federal Reserve'. And
something else to chew on: The Fed has no money; they are funded by Treasury, and
every penny comes to them as debt. When that debt gets transferred you—you owe it.

So much for your bonds and securities, stocks, and your savings. Moving to another
question, what assets do we hold directly? Webb speculates that the same conditions
that apply to securities applies to our homes and cars. Maybe—but I am thinking not.

Assuming he is correct that the auto dealer retains ownership of the collateral (your
new car you bought for cash), and he used that collateral to borrow against. That
doesn't explain how it is that you hold title to that vehicle from the state. I don't see how
a car dealer can have passed ownership of your car when you hold the 'title' for it?

According to Webb, my home, with no mortgage, for which I hold the title, on which I
pay taxes on, is at risk. I don't see how ownership of my home can there be transferred
cross-border, electronically to unknown owners? Anticipating such a crime. I obtained
home insurance from Mr's. Smith and Wesson—with their AR-15 homeowner's policy.

David Webb says to get out of debt, even sell the house and rent—but if you don't
own your assets, why bother? He goes on to say that what has been set up by the elite
is a 'construct', likely illegal. Constitutionally he is correct, but he reckons the only way
out of this dilemma is through the law-courts. How's that working out for Jan 6 victims?

David doesn't point to the 3rd Reich as another 'construct', in a time when law need-
ed to be 'taken in our own hands'. If Klaus Schwab has it in mind that everything we've
worked for gets transferred at the speed of light—then it's time to 'stand on our ground'.

As Pepe Escobar would say: "So there you go." There is some expectation that dur-
ing the 'Great Re-take', asset values will fall 80%—not that it matters much to ple-
beians. Intentionally, 'big banks' need your assets and deposits because they extended
themselves with computer clicks, amassing debt, in some cases equal to global GDP.

To rectify the situation they made certain there were no counterparties with which
you could hedge risk—then 1 more click disappears your entire 'pursuit of happiness'.

Custodial fraud does not protect you from losing assets. At best you are entitled to only
a pro-rata share in insolvency. No worries, once derivates settle, nothing is left for you.
Webb doesn't mention it but, if you sell assets, you can protect yourself (as much as
we can be protected), by purchasing gold/silver. When we understand the degree of
'criminal insanity' that we face, the only role for us is that of the 'outlaw—maybe pirate'.

Let me suggest just who the elite are: a combination of a big personality, but lacking
the quality of wanting to be left alone. Some of us, even with big personas, lack much
desire to inflict ourselves on others. If elites would leave us alone—we'd just go away.

Maniacal elites are of the opposite condition. Makes me think about illegals crossing
the Southern border. Is the plan to use illegals to police elite policy? Got gold/silver?
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Good summation, but it only goes as far as the law holds.

The ELITES - those most protected by law - are trying mightily, to upend Rule of Law and replace it with the iron fist of tyranny. Naively expecting that they will wield that fist. They won't; in a world removed from law and thus, civility, it's the strong, not those with the bloodlines or credentials, who rule.

Civilization will de-industrialize because systems, grids, supply lines, won't work without order and law. This means starvation; but it will not be the Elites laughing. Any more than the Roman senators were laughing as the Empire collapsed. Any more than Louis XVI's court was laughing.

We will have a new elite class of leadership. IMHO it will be comprised of the most brutal, aided by various shaman-medicine-men advisors. Whether Judeo-Christian laws, morality or understandings of Natural Law survive and return, is anyone's guess.
Damn. Jason Fn Bourne is making videos about TEOTWAWKI now?

@ 3:19 he shows a chart for the velocity of money. He didn't say whether this was M2, M1 or something else, but judging from the graph falling below 1.2 on the Y axis, I assume it is a chart of M2. His chart runs to about mid 2020 on the X axis. I checked with FRED and it looks like his chart stops at the local bottom (it has since started recovering):

Mid 2020 low is reflecting the impact of supply chain disruptions and pandemic lockdowns. Of course the velocity of money fell precipitously then. That makes sense. I'm not sure that we can draw parallels to economic conditions during the Great Depression from that though. It's not apples to apples.

I made it to the 9:30 mark for now. I'll have to watch more another time.
Now, global elites, understanding that 8 billion people cannot be fed with a
few loaves and fishes, and diminishing energy supply, are faced with a Gaza of their own.
Interesting times.

The Georgia Guide Stones were their guide, a warning to humanity. Their mission completed, they destroyed them after they introduced the jab.

They're attempting to kill humanity off to protect humanity from itself.

They are self-appointed Gods among us.
Looks like the elites want a bunch of illegals to cook and clean for them. In addition, many Gaza civilians were active combatants or used in support roles. I am no fan of those that control the FED and Hollywood, but they should pave Gaza over and set it on fire.

I also do not trust the US stock market. Valuations are very high and it looks like those that manage it are sucking everybody in before they turn the lights off for about a decade.

Buy physical PMs and do not go into debt.
I watched a bit more this morning. I made it from the 9:30 mark to the 30 min mark. He talks a lot about specific laws/rules and changes to them, but there is a lot to digest and he is glossing over them quickly, so it's a bit much to evaluate critically. One particular comment that stood out to me was his focus on the "protected class" status of JPM re: Lehman. It seemed to me from that he was insinuating some meaning to this beyond the simple legal meaning. I'm not sure why. Does he not know what protected class means with respect to a legal case? Here is the document he referenced:

The Court first must consider whether JPMC is eligible for protection under section 546(e). That subsection, like the safe harbors generally, applies only to certain types of qualifying entities. Specifically, section 546(e) covers pre-petition transfers made by or to a “financial institution” or “financial participant” in connection with a “securities contract.” 11 U.S.C. § 546(e).

JPMC, as one of the leading financial institutions in the world, quite obviously is a member of the protected class and qualifies as both a “financial institution” and a “financial participant.” ...

There is nothing particularly nefarious or alarming there with respect to the interpretation of the law/rule. Whether the law/rule itself is kosher can be debated, but the Judge's opinion of JPMC qualifying as a protected class in accordance with the definition seems pretty clear cut to me.

FWIW, I read the book, yesterday. Instead of hanging out on the InterWebZ.

Very worthwhile, IMHO. But then, as you can guess from my earlier comments, his thinking is mostly in line with mine. With ONE point.

He says they're going to do it - and he proffers documentation. I don't doubt that is the PLAN of the Davos Supper Club...and I don't doubt that they have the mechanisms in place to do it.

But it won't work. It won't work even if the serfs do not rise up and try and burn the whole world down.

It won't work because, money is an abstraction. Money in a counting-house is just material. Digits on a computer ledger are worthless.

Money gets its VALUE from its acceptance as a medium of exchange. Rob the whole world of their assets, and nobody has nuffin. And they find the government PROTECTS the thieves - so, money is worthless, because they've been told they can't have it and can't keep it. No rule of law to enable them to defend ownership.

Meantime - as Webb notes, in an interview with James Howard Kunstler - the Elite class of today may be clever, but they're not very smart. Gates, Webb notes, seems to be a fool. Schwab, Kunstler has said repeatedly, looks and acts like an amateur theatre casting of Dr. Evil. Think of the motivation - You vill own NUFF-ing; and you will be HAPPY.

So, we're gonna get going growing vegetables for the moronic thieves who've robbed us blind? Gonna work like slaves, literally, shoveling coal into power-generation boilers, so we can't even share the benefits?

I don't think so. We will starve. They will, too, once their freeze-dried food runs out.
I watched a bit more this morning. I understand the premise he is laying out with the structure of clearinghouses and creditor exposures to bankruptcy/bubble popping. It's similar to the rules changes on banks from bail outs to bail ins, but he's focused on the derivatives markets.

His example (circa 39 min mark) of car dealerships going out of business and creditors repossessing autos they sold - specifically autos they sold outright on a cash deal where there is no financing - makes no sense whatsoever. They cannot repossess autos for which they have no title claim (or lien).
I watched a bit more this morning. I understand the premise he is laying out with the structure of clearinghouses and creditor exposures to bankruptcy/bubble popping. It's similar to the rules changes on banks from bail outs to bail ins, but he's focused on the derivatives markets.

His example (circa 39 min mark) of car dealerships going out of business and creditors repossessing autos they sold - specifically autos they sold outright on a cash deal where there is no financing - makes no sense whatsoever. They cannot repossess autos for which they have no title claim (or lien).
This is true, but only of cars that were bought with cash. Those are very, VERY rare types of sale these days.

I think his point is, cars that were financed, even for short terms/short duration and paid off. The lender is not relinquishing claim on the title.

I can see how that happens, especially in a "no-hold" state like Montana. Here, you get the paper title even if you have a note - but it's branded with a lien notation on it. Pay it off, and you get a state form releasing the lien...which you are then supposed to take down to the County Treasurer (the local representation for the title agency, which is part of the Department of Justice in Helena). They submit it to the State office (you cannot do it yourself, even if you live near Helena, as I do) and a new title is mailed to you.

Few do until they go to sell the car. Mostly, dealers will take that state form and your title, and do it themselves when they process your trade-in.

So what that means is, your car, even when paid off, is still noted as encumbered by Acme Finance or whoever had the note. So I'm guessing that something has been done that this title record has been put into that derivative pool.
This is true, but only of cars that were bought with cash. ...

In the OP video at the 38 min mark, he very specifically lays out his analogy as someone buying a car with cash and having no debt to service on it. It (his framing of this analogy) does not make any sense to me.
It doesn't make sense to me, either.

I don't remember him addressing it in his book, or his Kunstler interview. He only claimed that it was happening or that the path to it had been set up. And with encumbered titles, I can see it; but not a clear-title purchase.
Okay...I went to the video at your timestamp, and saw.

That has happened in the past - it has been treated as fraud. In Cleveland, 40 years ago, a major multibrand motorcycle dealer, Mark Smith, had begun doing this. He purchased the dealership from Rick Case, when Rick Case was a man, not a mega-dealership corporation. Case, originally of Cleveland, was required to give up his dealer statuses with Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki, by Honda, in order to qualify for a new Honda auto dealership franchise. So he did.

Mark Smith bought the business, accepting Case's inventory audit as valid. And Smith went to clear out the house...and found new product, some of it NOS, without titles. No problem, he sold them anyway. And kept stalling, to buyers and to financing companies, on delivering the title and paperwork.

Until a well-connected buyer with resources - probably an attorney's kid - brought suit and investigation, pulling down the house. Mark Smith asserted that the previous owner was responsible for the missing paperwork. But the State held him to his acceptance of the business in its sale-date state. Product without MSO paperwork should have been returned to the manufacturer or scrapped and written off. By submitting sale paperwork, he had provided testament that his dealership was the lawful, documented owner, and it was not.

Since then there have been other isolated cases, of dealers selling cars without processing paperwork, to continue the floorplan financing. They've always been treated as lending fraud, and a violation of the terms of an auto-dealership license.

I don't know how those laws could be so jiggered. But then, there's a lot I don't know; and I keep learning that, if nothing else.
Related. Nothing to see, can listen in one tab, play around the forum in a different tab. 25 mins long.

What the Central Bankers Don't Want You to Know.​

Dr Chris Martensen deep dives into it -

The Great Taking : Uncovering Economic Manipulation with Peak Prosperity 1\4​

The global economic system is being manipulated by hidden individuals and institutions, leading to a concentration of wealth and power, intentional induced financial crises, and the dematerialization of securities, and that this system must be dismantled non-violently.

It’s important because it answers the question, “How exactly will I end up owning nothing as the WEF has prognosticated?”

If you’d rather not lose all your wealth to a bunch of amoral Wall Street crooks in a legalized transfer of wealth, then this series is for you.

His opening statement here is key

The Great Taking: Financial System Instability and Risks with Peak Prosperity 2\4​

In this video, we dive deep into the world of 'senior claims' and the shocking truth about stock and bond ownership. Discover the reality of being a subordinated claimant with a 'security entitlement' and how the Federal Reserve's inflationary policies affect your investments. Learn about the risks and implications of this financial system, where others may have the upper hand in claiming your assets.

But hang on, it gets even more intriguing. Those senior claims? They’re mostly held by the big boys – the major banks and financial institutions.

The Great Taking - Safe Harbor Means "Your" Financial Assets Are At Risk of Being Taken​

Part 3
Heads they win, tails you lose.
The game has been rigged against you and toward Big Banks and other major financial players. This concerns the so-called “Safe Harbor” provision which grants those big players the right to reach into a failing or failed financial company and take what they feel they are owed. Most of you will find this shocking, and you should. It’s deeply unfair.
He's letting the world know...

The Great Taking Author Warns, The System Was Created to Take All Your Money, No One Gets Spared​

In an exclusive interview with Daniela Cambone, David Webb, the author of The Great Taking, delves into his early financial career in New York City. He shares insights into how his journey in finance led him to uncover the profound financial upheaval following the Asian financial crisis, a narrative that unfolds in his book The Great Taking.

“For a long time, I understood the privileged position of the people behind the central banks and their ability to control everything through creating money out of nothing,” he states. Furthermore, he explains that the “elites” exert their control by means of warfare. “When we go back through history, we can see that the central banking power is joined at the hip with warfare, and it always has been,” he explains.

Additionally, he points out that the creation of central bank digital currencies must be stopped, asserting that their inception reflects the central banks' ambition to exert control. "They want instability; they are not capitalists." Watch the video to discover how people need to be better prepared in case of another financial meltdown.


The Most Shocking Interview I’ve Conducted this Year - Peak Prosperity Podcast​

In today’s episode of Off the Cuff, Dr. Susanne Trimbath, a true expert with real, practical experience in economics and finance, shines a bright light on the inner workings of Wall Street. Her views were sought out as a means of better understanding the true risks raised during our exploration of the laws and rules governing financial asset ownership. That is, your stocks and bonds in your brokerage account.

With her rich experience spanning the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, the DTC, and various academic positions, Dr. Trimbath is uniquely positioned to illuminate the often-opaque workings of Wall Street.

I have to confess – this interview shocked me. Twice!

I’m pretty difficult to shock, to be honest.


Paul Craig Roberts​

The Great Dispossession Part 1​

Some definitions: an “account holder” is you, your IRA, your pension plan, your stock and bond investments held at an “account provider” or “intermediary” or “depository institution” such as Merrill Lynch, Schwab, Wells Fargo. An “entitlement holder” is the definition of you whose ownership claim to your financial assets has been subordinated to the claims of “secured creditors” of the institution where you have your accounts. Please do understand that the dispossession of which I write is your dispossession.'

The Great Dispossession Part 2​

The Great Dispossession Part 3​

The Great Dispossession Part 4​

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