The Hunter B. coverup is getting scary

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CNN forced to admit that President Trump was right about Hunter, and that Joe lied through his teeth to the American public. Lol
.....but many will choose to ignore his lies instead of accepting the truth, because of mean tweets. Lol lol lol


The RINO wing of the Uniparty, hard at work.

Forget it. No salvation is gonna come out of Washington - or out of elections.

Another impeachment witness tells the GOP what it doesn’t want to hear​

While the House Homeland Security Committee was (slowly) marking up articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the (slow) effort to build a case for impeaching President Biden continued apace.

Eric Schwerin, a former business associate of the president’s son, Hunter Biden, appeared Tuesday on Capitol Hill for sworn, closed-door testimony before congressional investigators. The appearance triggered the usual response from right-wing media — new evidence emerges of Biden’s culpability!! — but the more important story is a quieter one.

Once again, an associate of Hunter Biden’s asserted explicitly and under penalty of perjury that the president was not involved in his son’s business.


Here's a goodie.

Remember the ‘Biden bribe’ allegation? DOJ now says it was made up.​

At the beginning of May 2023, Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) sent a letter to the Justice Department making a stunning accusation: Evidence existed of “an alleged criminal scheme involving then-Vice President Biden and a foreign national relating to the exchange of money for policy decisions.” The letter called on Attorney General Merrick Garland to make the “verifiable, valuable” evidence public.

For several months, Comer in particular pushed publicly for the release of an FBI interview form documenting the allegation — an allegation provided to the bureau by an informant who claimed to have been told about the bribe by a Ukrainian businessman. Grassley slowly leaked out new details from the interview document, such as a claim that there might be telephone recordings of the parties involved in the alleged bribe, including President Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. Eventually, Grassley simply released the whole document.

As it turns out, the Justice Department was working on the verifiability of the allegation. On Thursday, it unsealed an indictment: The informant who alleged that he’d been told about the bribe had allegedly made the whole thing up.

At the outset, the indictment summarizes the actions of the FBI informant, a man named Alexander Smirnov. Smirnov, it alleges, “transformed his routine and unextraordinary business contacts with Burisma in 2017 and later into bribery allegations against [Joe Biden], the presumptive nominee of one of the two major political parties for President, after expressing bias against [Biden] and his candidacy.”



Ex-FBI informant charged with lying about Joe Biden and his son​

WASHINGTON, Feb 15 (Reuters) - The U.S. special counsel leading a criminal probe into Joe Biden's son said a former FBI informant was charged with lying about the president and Hunter Biden's involvement in business dealings with Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings.

In a statement on Thursday, Special Counsel David Weiss, opens new tab said a federal grand jury had indicted Alexander Smirnov, 43, on charges of making a "false statement" and "creating a false and fictitious record" in relation to an FBI probe. Smirnov faced a maximum penalty of 25 years in prison if convicted.

Burisma and Hunter Biden's role at the company have been heavily scrutinized, opens new tab following unproven claims from Republican former President Donald Trump and others that Democrat Joe Biden improperly tried to help his son's business interests in Ukraine. The White House has denied the claims.

Smirnov was arrested on Wednesday at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada, after his arrival in the U.S. from overseas, Weiss said. It was not immediately clear whether Smirnov had an attorney.

Read the rest:


'Can someone check on Comer?' Internet mocks GOP after Biden witness charged with lying​

The internet is in an uproar over the revelations that a top GOP witness lied under oath.

A vital informant of the FBI's investigations into Joe Biden's son Hunter is being charged by a grand jury with lying under oath in the investigation. It doesn't bode well for the ongoing attacks on the Bidens from Republicans.

Alexander Smirnov, who was identified as a confidential human source in the investigation, was arrested in Las Vegas, a Justice Department statement said on Thursday. He had alleged that executives at the Ukrainian company Burisma claimed they only hired Hunter Biden to "protect us, through his dad, from all kinds of problems," while Biden was vice president.


Ya gotta wonder..........was Trump behind this?

Bombshell reporting’: Retired lt. colonel reacts to new detail in indicted ex-FBI informant case​

Feb 20, 2024

Alexander Smirnov, the former FBI informant charged with lying about the Bidens’ dealings in Ukraine, told investigators after his arrest that Russian intelligence officials were involved in passing information to him about Hunter Biden, prosecutors said Tuesday in a new court filing, noting that the information was false.


James Comer Resignation Calls Grow After Russian Intel Bombshell​

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer, who is leading an investigation into the Biden family's finances, is facing calls to resign from liberals and Democratic supporters after the Department of Justice claimed one of its key sources had links with "high level" Russian intelligence operatives.

The allegation was made against Alexander Smirnov, formerly a confidential FBI source, in a court memo filed on Tuesday by the Department of Justice. Smirnov was charged last week with lying to the FBI and manufacturing false records relating to the Biden's business activities in Ukraine.

Smirnov had been a key source for the Republican controlled Oversight Committee's investigation into the Biden family, which provided justification for then Speaker Kevin McCarthy to launch an impeachment inquiry into President Biden in September 2023.

In June 2020, as a "confidential human source," Smirnov had claimed Ukrainian energy company Burisma had paid Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden "$5 million each" in exchange for political favors from the former vice president.

However, according to Tuesday's Justice Department filing, Smirnov had "extensive and extremely recent" contact with "officials affiliated with Russian intelligence" which formed part of an effort to "spread misinformation about a candidate of one of the two major parties in the United States," in an apparent reference to Biden. Referring to Smirnov the filing added: "He is actively peddling new lies that could impact U.S. elections after meeting with Russian intelligence officials in November."


an effort to "spread misinformation about a candidate of one of the two major parties in the United States,"
You mean like what your commie dems did to Trump in his first term, by buying fake intel on him from the Russians and then using it in a sham investigation?

Informant who allegedly lied about the Bidens is rearrested​

The FBI informant charged with telling lies about President Biden and his son Hunter was rearrested Thursday in Las Vegas, apparently out of concern he might flee — just days after a federal magistrate decided he could be released on bond.

Alexander Smirnov, whose arrest last week surprised Republican and Democratic lawmakers alike, was taken into custody again Thursday morning in his lawyer’s office. Prosecutors had argued that Smirnov’s claims of having significant relationships with Russian intelligence operatives, as well as millions of dollars at his disposal, meant that he was a flight risk.

“He was inside our law office at the time of his arrest, preparing his defense,” Smirnov’s attorneys, David Z. Chesnoff and Richard A. Schonfeld, said in a statement.

In a court filing, the defense lawyers called their client’s rearrest “bizarre” and unnecessary and ask that he be released again. “At no time since his release on February 20, 2024 has Mr. Smirnov left Clark County, Nevada,” the lawyers wrote, adding that the fact he was arrested in their own office shows he was not preparing to flee.

Smirnov was indicted by a Los Angeles grand jury in a case brought by special counsel David Weiss, who is overseeing a separate investigation and prosecution of Hunter Biden for gun and tax charges. A dual U.S.-Israeli citizen, Smirnov is charged with lying to the FBI in 2020 when he claimed to have knowledge of corruption by Joe Biden and his son.


Again -

What, exactly, was Hunter selling? Certainly not his "expertise". He has none. He got thrown out of the military for being a crackhead. Are we supposed to believe that he actually deserved to be on the board of a foreign energy company? In what capacity? One million a year salary ($83,300 a month) for what was basically a no-show position? Are the American people really stupid enough to actually believe that?

Why did the wealthiest woman in Russia give him $3.5 million dollars?

How many millions did he actually get from the Chinese and what, exactly, did he perform or give them in return?

Did he pay taxes on all of this?

120 SARS reports and nothing was done? Is that normal?

Once the American people realize that the crackhead had nothing of value to offer anyone except his name and his influence with his father, they can come to terms with the fact that they are both dirty and Joe is guilty of selling his office for ten percent of his son's illicit gains.

How can anyone possibly try to defend this?
What, exactly, was Hunter selling? Certainly not his "expertise". He has none. He got thrown out of the military for being a crackhead. Are we supposed to believe that he actually deserved to be on the board of a foreign energy company? In what capacity? One million a year salary ($83,300 a month) for what was basically a no-show position? Are the American people really stupid enough to actually believe that?
Short answer:


Biden impeachment effort on the brink of collapse​

A wide swath of House Republicans are acknowledging they likely won’t have the votes, especially given their struggle to recommend booting Alejandro Mayorkas.


The House GOP’s push to impeach Joe Biden appears close to stalling out for good.

First, the impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas scraped through on the narrowest of margins — and took two tries, raising serious doubts about Republicans’ appetite for an even bigger impeachment fight. Then, a high-profile informant making bribery allegations against the Biden family was not only indicted, but has now linked some of his information to Russian intelligence.

Even before those recent developments, the numbers were lining up against House Republicans, who can only afford to lose two votes on the floor after Democrats won a special election in New York. Falling short on a Biden impeachment would be yet another embarrassing bullet point for a conference that struggles to square the ambitious demands of its right flank with the reality of a thin majority.

“I happen to know there are like 20 Republicans who are not in favor of a Biden impeachment. Mainly because it smells bad what he did, it looks bad, but when you ask them what crime is committed — they can’t tell you,” said Rep. Don Bacon (R-Neb.), a vulnerable purple-district incumbent who’d raised doubts about impeaching Mayorkas but eventually backed that effort.


The Silly Party.

Not to be confused with the Stupid Party.

The two are different, but usually working in perfect harmony. Working to destroy their enemies...AMERICANS.

Jerry Nadler Says Prosecutor May Have Laundered Disinformation from Smirnov in Congressional Testimony​

Representative Jerry Nadler is calling for the Justice Department to investigate a former federal prosecutor who he says may have deliberately attempted to “launder foreign disinformation” during Congressional testimony about since-discredited allegations of bribery against President Joe Biden and his son that the FBI obtained from a source with Russian ties.

The FBI received the bogus allegations from Alexander Smirnov, a former informant who was indicted last week and accused of giving false statements to authorities. Former U.S. Attorney for Pittsburgh Scott Brady testified to the House Judiciary Committee in October about how the allegations were brought to his attention, according to a newly published transcript.

In a letter on Thursday to Attorney General Merrick Garland and Inspector General Michael Horowitz, Nadler, a New York Democrat, wrote that it “seems unlikely” that Brady verified the information obtained from Smirnov as he testified he did.

Through his testimony, “Mr. Brady appears to have been part of a deliberate attempt to launder foreign disinformation through the Department of Justice,” Nadler wrote.

Federal prosecutors said in a detention memo earlier this week that Smirnov has ties to Russian intelligence officials and received information from Russia about Biden’s son Hunter.



Former CIA Director explains how Russia is using 'Republican lawmakers as tools’​

Feb 25, 2024
Former CIA Director John Brennan joins The Weekend to discuss the FBI informant charged with lying to investigators about President Biden and Hunter Biden.


Former CIA Director explains how Russia is using 'Republican lawmakers as tools’​

Feb 25, 2024
Former CIA Director John Brennan joins The Weekend to discuss the FBI informant charged with lying to investigators about President Biden and Hunter Biden.


Isn't that the same guy who signed a letter stating that Hunter's laptop was Russian disinformation? :ROFLMAO:

Yeah. His credibility is completely shot now and he should just sit down and shut up. Nobody is buying anything he's selling. 🤣
Brennan is a convert to radical Islam.

What it means, in his mind, is that Truth is unimportant. Spreading Islam is important, and Allah has blessed lies that serve to spread Islam.

Of course it was bribes. What "business" was there? None, as far as anyone can tell.

Are there any actual (and legitimate) business ventures that the Biden family runs or is a primary party to?

Rep. James Comer Talks Up Criminal Referrals, Legislation As Impeachment Prospects Dim​

WASHINGTON – Instead of impeaching President Joe Biden, Republicans may settle for telling the Justice Department to prosecute his son.

House oversight committee chair James Comer (R-Ky.), who has led Republicans’ investigation of Biden’s alleged involvement in his son Hunter’s foreign business deals, suggested Wednesday that the end result of the probe would be criminal referrals to the Justice Department, not the toppling of a president.

“The purpose of this investigation was to get the truth to the American people and then hold people accountable for wrongdoing,” Comer said on Fox News.

“We’re gonna do what we can to hold them accountable,” Comer continued. “At the end of the day, what does accountability look like? It looks like criminal referrals. It looks like referring people to the Department of Justice.”

Since launching the investigation last year, Comer has repeatedly said that his committee would refer the president’s son, Hunter Biden, for prosecution by the Justice Department. He’s also said he would draft legislation addressing “influence-peddling” by presidential family members.


They should televise this stuff. I think the ratings would be through the roof. Maybe call it The Freak Show.

Shouting, accusations, a Putin mask: GOP’s Hunter Biden hearing erupts into bickering​

The Republican-led House Oversight Committee's marquee hearing on Hunter Biden's business dealings quickly devolved into squabbles between committee members and witnesses on Wednesday.

Why it matters: It's an increasingly familiar scene for the committees leading the impeachment inquiry into President Biden as they've held numerous highly charged hearings.

  • Oversight Chair James Comer (R-Ky.) is under pressure to prove a link between the president and his son's financial activities as Republicans increasingly doubt the likelihood of an impeachment vote.
Driving the news: Comer kicked off the hearing by waiving a rule prohibiting members from impugning the character of the president, saying that members "must be allowed to speak frankly."


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