Trump Indictments (NY, GA, Jan 6, etc.)

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To top it off, some of those people — including the one who called him selfish and said she outright dislikes him — are now members of the jury of 12 Manhattanites who will decide whether to convict him of 34 felony counts of falsifying business records to conceal a sex scandal.
Just another loaded "jury" in one of the dems kangaroo courts trying to quash their competition. Ho hum.

Why Trump is upset about what's happening outside the NY courthouse​

Apr 23, 2024
While speaking to reporters before heading into court, former President Donald Trump said that the amount of security surrounding the courthouse, where his hush money trial is underway, is preventing his supporters from protesting. CNN's Kaitlan Collins fact-checks those claims.


Trump co-defendant was told he'd be pardoned, notes from FBI interview show​

Apr 23, 2024
Donald Trump’s valet Walt Nauta was told that if he was charged with lying to the FBI, the former president would pardon him when he won a second term in 2024, according to notes from an interview with a witness in the federal classified documents investigation.

Most of us have known this is a complete Third World political prosecution but incase a few insane people want the evidence, here ya go.

the Biden White House colluded with the National Archives (NARA) and the FBI to concoct a case against the former president.

Enough said.
@searcher , do a post on these newly unredacted court docs.

If I come across them on my interweb travels I'll be more than happy to link them.

Would you care to place a couple of wagers?

#1 - We each put up $50.00 with @pmbug. If Trump is convicted, the money goes towards a forum contribution in my name. If he's declared innocent, the money goes toward a forum contribution in your name.

#2 - We each put up a$50.00 with @pmbug. If Trump loses the election, the money goes towards a forum contribution in my name. If he wins, the money goes towards a forum contribution in your name.

The reason for putting the money up front stems from a bet I had with SOG @ gim2. We had a hundred dollar bet on the 2020 election. Pryor to the election, and before my account was deactivated and me being banned, I sent him a PM with my name and a PO box where he could send me a check if I won the bet. Well Trump lost and I never got my money. 'SOG turned out to be as honorable as Trump.

Edit to add: My book offer still stands. Say the word and I'll have a copy sent to you. It's worth a read.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene makes wild claim that Democrats want Trump to be ‘murdered in jail’

Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has wildly claimed, without any evidence, that Democrats want Donald Trump to be “murdered in jail.”

The right-wing lawmaker made the remarks during an interview with Infowars host Alex Jones, in which she suggested that the four criminal cases Mr Trump is facing - including an ongoing trial where he has pleaded not guilty to 34 felony counts relating to alleged hush money payments - are an intentional effort by his political rivals to imprison the former president until he dies.

She added that Democrats are also attempting to strip Mr Trump of his presidential Secret Service detail to accomplish their goal.

“They want to lock him up in jail for the rest of his life so that he dies in jail,” she told Jones, a conspiracy theorist who owes the families of Sandy Hook victims $1.5bn.

“And they want to take away his Secret Service protection so that he is murdered somewhere in jail, possibly. This is how serious they are,” she added.

Ms Greene was referencing a bill proposed last week by Mississippi Democrat Rep Bennie Thompson - the former chairman of the House January 6 Select Committee - that aims to strip Secret Service protections from former government officials convicted of a felony.


I honestly don't doubt that DC critters say those kind of things out loud behind closed doors. Swamp things really are that nasty.

Secret Service MAKES PLAN for Trump GOING TO PRISON​

Apr 23, 2024

The glass ceiling has been broken: The Secret Service IS IN TALKS with Law Enforcement & PRISON OFFICIALS about HOW TO JAIL TRUMP! Michael Popok breaks down the logistics being discussed either if Trump is jailed for contempt OR is sentenced to jail or prison for a criminal conviction. It is getting real….


Opinion: If Trump gets convicted, what happens next?​

We all have a huge normalcy bias — that is, the refusal to contemplate an imminent disaster. So it’s hard to get your head around the idea that we may well be facing an unprecedented constitutional crisis come November. But then, none of what’s going on in American politics these days is normal.

In Donald Trump’s case, we’ve already sailed way past the edge of the known world. Yes, all things considered, it’s unlikely that a former president — much less a potential president-elect — would find himself in jail or prison. Of course, it’s also unlikely that a former president would find himself facing four separate criminal trials. Yet here we are.

So what might really happen in Trump’s New York criminal trial? How might it play out if he is treated no better — but no worse — than any other criminal defendant?

Let’s start with Trump’s difficulties following the judge’s orders, both in the courtroom and outside it. Judge Juan Merchan, who is presiding over Trump’s New York criminal trial, has issued a gag order preventing Defendant Trump from attacking people like witnesses and court personnel, though the judge has allowed Trump to continue to attack both him and the district attorney. If Trump violates this order —and he probably already has — he can be fined or imprisoned for contempt.


I honestly don't doubt that DC critters say those kind of things out loud behind closed doors. Swamp things really are that nasty.
And you honestly don't think they'd be absolutely elated if that were to happen to Trump?

If he ends up in jail on any of these bogus charges coordinated by the Biden admin and the DOJ ( it's documented fact that it is, no question about it, and anyone saying otherwise is a liar), he'll need protection more than ever.

The Epstein case (and many others) prove that the gov is incapable of ensuring ones safety in jail/prison, and the dems leading the charge against him, know this very well.
It just occurred to me that if any of these bogus charges end up with him in jail, the jail housing him will likely need it's own zip code, as I've no doubt he'll be inundated with mail from supporters. He could spend all day personally responding, and his time would fly by. People getting letters would post them all over the interwebs for millions to read, and as such, will still be in commumication, gain popularity, and best of all, not have to spend much $ on campaigning.
they really don't want a fair trial

NYC Judicial CORRUPTION? Judge Merchan QUASHES Trump's Subpoena for Stormy Daniels! Viva Frei Vlawg​

they really don't want a fair trial
Everyone knows that. Even the TDSers. They just don't care because it serves their purpose.

What Trump is being accused of is the exact same thing as what the hag did. Ie: list something as "legal expenses" that isn't really legal expenses.

In the hag's case, she got a small fine by the feds that mostly was ignored by the msm.
In Trump's case, the fed's didn't even think it warranted that, and declined to prosecute. Yet the msm goes nutzo over it as though it's the worst crime ever.

Yet some piss ant guy in NY wants to prosecute federal law, AND change it to a felony? Where does the fat pos even get off in trying to do such BS? Even if there's a unanimous guilty verdict by a rabidly anti-Trump jury (they screened out people for liking Trump, but not for those who hate him. So clearly it will be a biased jury) it'll be overturned on appeal.

Bottom line is that these kangaroo court three ring circuses going after Trump are designed to persuade those Americans who have little to no real understanding of how American Jurisprudence is supposed to work, to not vote for him.

Which sadly, is quite a large chunk of the population.
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good interview

'How About Pres. Obama's Drone Strikes?': Kavanaugh Brings Up Past Presidents With Trump's Lawyer​


Lawrence: New Trump docs transcripts reveal lies detailed in case's indictment​

Apr 30, 2024
MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell analyzes what we’ve learned about the Trump classified documents and espionage case thanks to newly released transcripts between the Grand Jury in the case and Trump’s co-defendant Mar-a-Lago employee Walt Nauta.

And there you have it! Lawfare


And SC Jack Smith who is said to use felony EXTORTION and was NOT CONFIRMED by the Senate, is hiding who his prosecutors and witnesses are.

KASH Patel: “Judge Cannon unseals DOJ docs that Jack Smiths band of miscreants redacted, showing Bidens GSA possessed boxes of 45s papers before they shipped them to MaL.

Translation: #GovernmentGangsters possessed 'classified' docs, shipped them to 45, then charged him, because they became illegal in transit? Another DOJ/FBI rig job, just like Russia GateCongress- where are the flipping subpoenas”.

Current events covered


Kash Patel served as the former Chief of Staff to Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller and is responsible for leading the Secretary’s mission at the Department, including his executive staff and providing counsel to the Secretary on all matters concerning the Department’s operations. Kash oversaw the execution of several of President Donald J. Trump’s top priorities.

Kash begins the conversation talking about how they setup Trump in the document case. They planted the information and the agents actually held classified documents which is against the law. The house is rotten, it needs to be cleaned and Trump has the ability to fire those who are corrupt. The [DS] is preparing different tactics to manipulate the elections, this will fail.
butter my butt and call me a biscuit!!

Do you hear that sound?? That's the sound of defeat after the corruption of the Lying stinking Democraps!

Trump Whodunnit: Prosecutors admit key evidence in document case has been tampered with​

Legal experts call revelation a “serious violation” as Jack Smith’s team admits it also misled court.

In a stunning admission, Special Counsel Jack Smith’s team is admitting that key evidence in former President Donald Trump’s classified documents criminal case was altered or manipulated since it was seized by the FBI, and that prosecutors misled the court about it for a period of time.

Legal experts told Just the News the revelation could prove to be a serious problem for prosecutors and a violation of court rules to preserve evidence in the state it was seized.

In a new filing Friday, Smith’s team said that the order of documents in some of the boxes of memos that were seized by the FBI from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate was altered or jumbled, leaving two different chronologies: one that was digitally scanned and another the physical order in the boxes.

“Since the boxes were seized and stored, appropriate personnel have had access to the boxes for several reasons, including to comply with orders issued by this Court in the civil proceedings noted above, for investigative purposes, and to facilitate the defendants' review of the boxes,” Smith’s team wrote in a new court filing to U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon.

“There are some boxes where the order of items within that box is not the same as in the associated scans,” the prosecutors wrote.

Smith’s team in a footnote also conceded it had misled the court about the problem by previously declaring that the evidence had remained in the exact state it had been seized.

“The Government acknowledges that this is inconsistent with what Government counsel previously understood and represented to the Court,” the footnote said.

You can read the filing here:



April Showers Rain on Jack Smith's Lawfare Parade​

A pair of discouraging Supreme Court hearings and a barrage of unsealed records in southern Florida just doused Jack Smith's plans to prosecute Trump before Election Day.​

APR 30, 2024

To hear NBC News reporter Laura Jarrett tell it, Special Counsel Jack Smith was downright jovial as he attended oral arguments at the U.S. Supreme Court last week. The nine justices were set to take up the question as to whether a former president is immune from criminal prosecution for his acts in office, a matter that originated out of Smith’s history-making indictment against Donald Trump for his alleged attempts to “overturn” the 2020 election.

“[Smith] was sitting at the counsel’s table, it was the first time I have seen him crack a smile, laughing, he was sort of jocular with this team,” Jarrett, daughter of longtime Obama whisperer Valerie Jarrett, enthusiastically swooned on MSNBC on April 25. “He was cracking jokes. Everyone sort of felt the weight of the moment but in that moment, Jack Smith was sort of, I think, trying to be as relaxed and cool as possible knowing that all eyes were on him.”



Former Trump communications director Hope Hicks called to witness stand

Senior correspondent Eric Shawn reports the latest on the NY v. Trump trial in New York City. The 'Outnumbered' panel also discussed the latest on his criminal trial as it reaches day 11.


I Encourage Everyone To Listen To This

American Citizen Has Taken It Upon Herself To Attend Donald Trump’s Trial In New York City

“I have never seen antics like what I'm witnessing in that courtroom. It's a humiliation ritual. It's so sad what they are doing to him and to his family and to the American people.”

“What I can say for sure about everything that is taking place is President Trump is right on in calling it a show trial.”

“This is, they've weaponized the judicial system. Every system has been weaponized against anybody who would dare to stand up against the system and do something different. They want to bully and shame people into submission. But what I know is through all of this.

When we walk through fiery trials and processes, if we remain faithful and stay the course, we can allow the Lord through it to fortify us. In the courtroom, every single day, I have been praying for President Trump and for the whole process, everything that's happening. I have been praying for President Trump since 2015 consistently, but to be in the courtroom, to have the privilege of looking at him on last Friday, a week ago, I was able to smile at him in mouth, thank you. And when I did, he smiled and winked at me as he was walking out of the courtroom. That was very cool.

It's good for him to know that he has friends in the room”

I transcribed a very small portion of this video and I greatly encourage you to listen to the full clip. These people are evil, this is what we’re up against.
So... how is that indictment going these days???

The federal judge overseeing Donald Trump’s classified documents case has reversed her own decision and elected to postpone the deadline for a crucial court filing in the criminal proceeding. This decision, revealed Monday, increases the risk that the trial will be pushed back past the November election.

Judge Aileen M. Cannon’s postponement of the filing deadline — a list of the classified documents that the defense team would like to present at trial — is another feather in Trump’s cap, marking his latest successful attempt at delaying the classified documents trial. If he wins, Trump can then order his Justice department to drop the matter entirely, The New York Times reported.


Stormy Daniels describes alleged sexual encounter with Trump​

May 7, 2024

In dramatic testimony, Daniels testified in vivid detail about the encounter with Donald Trump sitting just feet away.


Rikers Island jail ‘ready’ to receive Donald Trump, says Eric Adams​

The New York City mayor, Eric Adams, said the city’s notorious Rikers Island jail and its department of corrections were “ready” to receive Donald Trump, should the former US president and presumptive Republican presidential nominee make history and become the first former White House occupant ever put behind bars.

“They’re professionals,” Adams told reporters on Tuesday. “They’ll be ready.”

Trump is already the first former president ever criminally charged, facing 88 criminal charges.

But he could face temporary incarceration before any conviction, if he again violates a gag order in his New York trial on 34 charges concerning hush-money payments made as a form of election interference.

The former president has been repeatedly fined by the judge in the case, Juan Merchan, for social media outbursts.


You will see tonight outrage by legal "experts" about Judge Cannon vacating trial date and refusing to set a new one.

They will again accuse her of being in the tank for Trump and demand Jack Smith seek her recusal.

At the same time, these frauds will refuse to cover all of the new developments related to DOJ tampering with evidence, misrepresenting the condition of the evidence to the court, doctored evidence, and perhaps even missing/misplaced documents.

Keep in mind-- Jack Smith is the one who decided to bring this unprecedented indictment in June 2023 then add a superseding indictment on the case a month later. He then handed down the DC indictment in August 2023--Judge Chutkan leapfrogged over Cannon's initial date and set a March 4 trial date, further delaying proceedings in Florida.

Smith forced the defendants to comply with CIPA, which are stringent rules related to handling/sharing of classified materials in such cases.

His team foot-dragged discovery and failed to set up a secure location for months where defense could view classified discovery evidence.

Cannon has held numerous sealed and public hearings over the past several months as well as addressed multiple competing motions for dismissal of the case.

Here is a partial list of what's been presented in her court recently:
Follow along closely...

Everyone's reminder to not take these TRUMP cases too seriously.

You're watching a specific narrative play out with an endgame that's outside the realm of due process and democracy, as only very specific approaches have any effect on the way this narrative bends. I've been involved in it personally, and I didn't realize it until I was addressing the Oaths of Office of federal judges.

Let me to explain.

If you haven't already noticed, none of these indictments against TRUMP follow any rhyme or reason. There's sudden "plot twists" around at every corner - be it a sudden new discovery of exculpatory evidence or even a romantic affair, usually turning out in TRUMP's favor as public sentiment for him grows.

The amount of attention being put onto the overall spectacle is astounding, and I'm constantly asking myself just how much energy is being diverted into the speculation of it by legal experts, news media and concerned Americans, every day, around the clock.

There's a reason for this, and I've had it partially figured out for some time. I say "partially" being that I do not know the exact end-goal of this upcoming election drama fiasco and what that will bring about for all of us - especially January 6'ers like myself. But I do know one thing, and it's that most of these indictments are surrounding one common theme that's not going reported by any news media. The theme being the Oath of Office of public servants.

In March 2023, the New York de jure Assembly (of which I am an admirer of but having no affiliation with) filed with the Supreme Court of the State of New York an acceptance of Mayor Eric ADAMS and D.A. Alvin BRAGG's Oaths of Office in an effort to bind them to those documents under the Constitution. From what I understand, ADAMS and BRAGG never showed up to respond to that filing, thus defaulting without any media attention.

What happened next was no coincidence.

Within weeks of that filing, BRAGG suddenly indicted TRUMP as a historic moment against a U.S. President, which lead to the trial involving MERCHAN that we are seeing today, one year later.

What many do not realize is, the de jure's case against BRAGG is still ongoing today behind the scenes as it is awaiting an appeal. This makes it happening in sequence with the TRUMP trial involving BRAGG that's hogging all of the media attention - both at the exact same time.

After the New York de jure's Supreme Court March 2023 filing was made, you then had my January 6th case and its own Oath-related filing submitted by me - an estoppel on the D.C. "chief judges" HOWELL & BOASBERG due to illegally changed and fraudulent Oaths of Office, refused for cause. Both of these non-judicial judges were lawfully disqualified as not legally having any judicial Oaths required to preside over any federal or January 6th cases, which is something they have been doing, with BOASBERG in particular being one the FISA "Russia Collusion" "judges" and HOWELL having made decisions within the TRUMP and GIULIANI's cases as of late.

This estoppel was served on June 5th through a professional process server into the United States District Court, and on June 8th, 2023, it was granted leave to be filed as viewable on January 6th court record itself - my record.

So why are these two June dates significant?

On June 5th, TRUMP's attorneys were reported by mainstream news media as being at the DOJ for an unconfirmed reason - the same day my filing entered the U.S. District Court.

Then on June 8th, the DOJ's indictment against TRUMP - being Jack SMITH's secret documents case that we are seeing presided by Aileen CANNON today - OPENED. This would be the SAME exact day that my Refusals for Cause on both "chief judges" of D.C. were filed onto record.

One month passed since the June 8th, 2023 date, and in July 2023, when I decided to motion to continue my January 6th case, TRUMP's attorneys' motioned to continue HIS secret documents case, mere hours after mine. TRUMP's attorneys did not make a SINGLE major motion or filing in that case since it first opened for the entire month - which, again, opened on June 8th one month earlier the same day the D.C. United States District Court was proven to be disabled by BOASBERG through improper Oath of Office, estopped by me.

If that wasn't enough, on August 10th, TRUMP's attorneys and prosecutors were sent directly my June 8th Refusal for Cause filings, in addition to the Oath of Office of the "judge" on the THIRD indictment against TRUMP for January 6th, Tanya S. CHUTKAN.

On September 11th, 2023, TRUMP's own attorneys for his January 6th case cites the proper Oath of Office statute that I referenced and have sent to them alongside the invalid Oath of CHUTKAN one month earlier of that on August 10th - Title 28 U.S.C. section 453 - in their motion to recuse CHUTKAN in questioning her impartially that she must maintain by oath. In addition to that, her documented Office of Office was referenced itself, TRUMP's attorneys SPECIFICALLY highlighting "So help me God" in proper format - which HOWELL, BOASBERG and CHUTKAN have illegally signed as changed to corporative CAPITONYM "SO HELP ME GOD" on record.

In late December 2023 (while I was in jail), Colorado was calling the kettle black by trying to taking TRUMP off of the presidential ballot, the reason being that they believed he violated his own Office of Office by partaking in an alleged insurrection (with me being one of the first people there, it wasn't) on January 6th, 2021. Meanwhile, most of the federal government was proven to be vacant of any valid Oaths of Office itself, including its federal judges, months before that.

Oaths, Oaths. Oaths, Oaths, Oaths.

There is no coincidence to any of this subject matter and timing, and further solidifies just how important the issue we have in this country with the Oaths of Office as (im)proper contractual trust bonds.

TRUMP knows about all this, and is likely not in any danger in any of these indictments at all. The pattern since early 2023 has been: TRUMP's legal and political opponents get their Oaths of Office EXPOSED by We the People, and then TRUMP gets indicted by those very same officials.

So, why the show? Why the terrorism against very real Americans for January 6th and seemingly all the other fucked up things happening within our country and around the world?

For these reasons alone, I just want it to be over with for some closure. I suggest stop listening to fake news media and the propagandists on every side that need to truly shut the fuck up. It's sucking the life out of you and everyone that gives any of this their attention.

I can almost guarantee that if your favorite news media pundit or journalist is not reporting on the fraudulent Oaths of Office that I've very clearly put on January 6th record, they are a shill or grifter - especially after I've personally sent many of them all the proof and information over the course of a year now.

Coming from a January 6'er who was one of the first at the Capitol building and seen not only what happened that day, but what's gone on within the courts themselves... for the media to ignore such a case with that kind of evidence repository says enough.

There is no legitimate election or political narrative, and I can confidently tell everyone right now that thinks that voting for anyone this specific November will make a difference - it won't, just like the last. It's going to play out as exactly as it's planned to, as what's going on right now is even bigger than America - and it all might not be a bad thing! I wouldn't personally vote and choose to willingly consent to it, giving your power away to something's that's clearly fake.

However, addressing and accepting the Oaths of Office of your government officials as bonds and contracts to We the People, will make the difference, as clearly shown to a degree I don't believe has been fully revealed, but has clearly show to have an influence on the politicalized public narrative.

I wonder what would happen if Trump's legal peeps were to contact every prosecutor involved in his different cases along with Joe B and propose a mass pardon if Trump were to publicly announce he's no longer running for prez, done with politics and wanted to leave America?

They could all say it was for the "good of the country" and, in my opinion, it would be a win - win for all involved.

Big Fani in BIG TROUBLE! Georgie Appellate Court to Hear Appeal of McAfee Refusal to Disqualify!​

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