Trump Indictments (NY, GA, Jan 6, etc.)

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This one is pretty good. While I have no clue what'll happen in the rest of the trial, I do have a feeling that in the end Trump will be found guilty. If that does happen, I wonder what the RNC will do?

Lawrence: Why Trump's lawyer called him the 'orange turd' during Stormy testimony​

May 9, 2024 #MSNBC #DonaldTrump #StormyDaniels

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell explains how Donald Trump’s lawyer Susan Necheles attempted to mischaracterize Stormy Daniels’ description of Donald Trump as the “orange turd” and how Stormy Daniels saw through this line of questioning.


I think we need a tune for Stormy:


'The most important piece of paper of all': Smoking gun document presented at Trump trial​

May 13, 2024 #DonaldTrump #MichaelCohen #hushmoney

Rachel Maddow shares a document presented as evidence in Donald Trump's New York criminal trial that is a bank record showing the hush money payments to Stormy Daniels, with handwriting on the page by Michael Cohen and former Trump Org CFO Allen Weisselberg outlining how the payments were to be made.


Lawrence: ‘Michael Cohen on the witness stand is like Donald Trump in AA’​

May 13, 2024 #MichaelCohen #DonaldTrump #hushmoney

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell describes how Michael Cohen was “a different person” than he’s been in the past on the witness stand testifying in Donald Trump’s hush money trial.


Trump blasts his trial judges. Then his fans call for violence​

On a recent Tuesday morning, a visibly frustrated Donald Trump sat through a tense hearing in the first-ever criminal trial of a former American president. During a break, he let rip on his social media platform.

New York Justice Juan Merchan, Trump declared on Truth Social, is a “highly conflicted” overseer of a “kangaroo court.” Trump supporters swiftly replied to his post with a blitz of attacks on Merchan. The comments soon turned ugly. Some called for Merchan and other judges hearing cases against Trump to be killed.

“Treason is a hangable offense,” one wrote.

“They should all be executed,” added another.

The April 23 post by Trump and the menacing responses from his followers illustrate the incendiary impact of his angry and incessant broadsides against the judges handling the criminal and civil suits against him. As his presidential campaign intensifies, Trump has baselessly cast the judges and prosecutors in his trials as corrupt puppets of the Biden administration, bent on torpedoing his White House bid.


One of the sanest vids by the good rev. Actually, I've wondered the same thing.

Why Trump Did Not Make Michael Cohen Chief Of Staff​

May 13, 2024

“Treason is a hangable offense,” one wrote.
That's merely a statement of fact, not a call for violence. Exaggerate much?

If you look up the penalty for having committed treason, is death not one of the punishments one could receive when/if found guilty?
....and if those involved in the attempts to get Trump have not committed treason, why would they be concerned with someone merely stating the penalties for treason?

“They should all be executed,” added another.
If one is found to have committed treason, is that not what they could likely receive?

The ones who should be concerned about such statements, are those who realize that they may have committed treason.

If I stated to you the penalty in Pennsylvania for bank robbery, would you view it with concern? If you had just robbed a bank, you very well might due to the fact that you realize it could apply to you.
However had you not robbed a bank, you wouldn't care about someone stating the penalty for bank robbery, as it absolutely would not apply to you.

DISASTER! Michael Cohen Trump Testimony is a DEBACLE! Time for a Narrative Shift! Viva Frei Vlawg​

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