Two eye-opening books on the EURO crisis


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Anyone who is interested in the Euro crisis should read these two books.

The first one was written before the Euro came into being by a disgusted British EU bureaucrat called Bernard Connolly. He exposed the corruption and power brokering behind the scenes of the emerging Euro-project and was fired by the European commission for his whistleblowing in 1996. He predicted the whole mess which is unfolding now with epic precision:
His book is: Rotten Heart of Europe: The Dirty War for Europe's Money

Aiming to destroy illusions about what lies at the heart of Europe, this book provides answers to questions about European monetary union. The author, who is [was] head of the Commission unit responsible for monitoring and servicing the ERM, offers a portrait of the motives of many Euro-propagandists. The book addresses topics such as the real motives underlying the Franco-German determination to suck European countries into the monetary union, why the French and Germans are applying intense pressure to recreate an exchange-rate agreement despite the political conflict and economic disarray that its earlier incarnation caused, and how so determined a leader as Margaret Thatcher could find herself forced into submission on the ERM.
[ame=""] Rotten Heart of Europe: The Dirty War for Europe's Money (9780571175215): Bernard Connolly: Books@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]


The second one was originally written in 2009, right when the crisis began. The foreword to the book written by Paul Volcker which tells you something about the connections the author - David Marsh ( ) - has to the establishment. He used them to get access to classified documents and personal conversations with European leaders. The book shows that they knew full well that they were putting the Eurozone on the road to desaster. Everybody thought that his country or institution would benefit from a crisis, though. And so they went along. E.g., the French thought they'd control Germany. Germany thought they'd impose the Bundsbank model on the whole Eurozone. The EU bureaucrats saw the potential for further integration and transfers of sovereignty from the nations to them. and so on...
The book is: The Euro: The Battle for the New Global Currency

[ame=""] The Euro: The Battle for the New Global Currency (9780300176742): Mr. David Marsh: Books@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]
The first book I mentioned in the op ("the rotten heart of Europe") has been selling for ~ $700 at Amazon in November 2011.
I got my copy for $80, one of my best investments ever :D

Sixteen-Year-Old Book on Europe a Hot Seller
By Paul Kiernan

Forget credit default swaps: Investors betting on further mayhem in the European monetary union should trade in used paperbacks.

Copies of Bernard Connolly’s “Rotten Heart of Europe,” a 432-page book written in 1995, are selling on for nearly $700 apiece, highlighted pages and all.

The New York Times ran a profile Thursday of the book’s author, a former European Commission official turned euro-zone critic whose once-radical views now seem to prescient as European leaders struggle to contain the Continent’s burgeoning debt crisis.
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Hmm.. Wonder if my local library (system) has a copy....
Legendary trader Ira Harris has reprinted "the Rotten Heart of Europe". The author, Bernard Connolly, has added a new foreword.
You can order the reprint directly from Ira here:
To order your copies, e-mail

Please send checks to:

Yra Harris c/o Shepard International

141 West Jackson Blvd., Suite 2270

Chicago, IL 60604

He was recently interviewed by Greg Hunter of

Skip to 19:20 to listen to Ira's opinion on the book:
Ha! A deflationary spiral will be fought tooth and nail by the Princes of Darkness. The Black Brotherhood will be there to make certain of that. Ben Bernanke is beholden to his bankster masters and knows all too well who his masters are.
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