1. pmbug

    Bulgaria adopting the Euro in 2025?

    I was not aware of this.
  2. S

    Bank runs, bank holiday & 10pct bailout tax on deposits in Cyprus

    The EU finance ministers decided yesterday that all depositors at Cyprian banks will have to pay for the bailout of the government, regardless of whether their bank is in trouble or not. Collectivism at it's best. It's also gonna hit local and smaller depositors more heavily, because smart money...
  3. pmbug

    New blood (pool) for Euro Ponzi
  4. S

    Two eye-opening books on the EURO crisis

    Anyone who is interested in the Euro crisis should read these two books. The first one was written before the Euro came into being by a disgusted British EU bureaucrat called Bernard Connolly. He exposed the corruption and power brokering behind the scenes of the emerging Euro-project and was...
  5. pmbug

    Who Needs the Euro When You Can Pay With Deutsche Marks?
  6. pmbug

    EU floats worst-case plans for Greek euro exit

    Hat tip to Graham Summers via email: More: :paperbag:
  7. pmbug

    Greek exit coming soon

    Looks like it's on like Donkey Kong... More: Fitch and Moodys both were busy downgrading Greece, Spain and Euro bank credit ratings over the last couple of days.
  8. B

    European Reality Check "...reality check is to accept that the EU countries in the PIIGS group will never repay their international debts." :rotflmbo: (Spanish) "Unemployment is...
  9. pmbug

    French fried markets Monday morning?

    Any speculation on how the French Connection election is going to affect markets tomorrow? It's looking like Hollande may beat Sarkozy in the run off election. That is going to be a thorn in Germany's austerity desires. Storm clouds coalescing over the Euro?
  10. R

    Gold, Stocks and Euro All Down after China Manufacturing News

    "Gold, Stocks and Euro All Down after China Manufacturing News, Bullion Refiners "Stocking Up" for Europe but Concerns Over Liquidity "Cap Upside" for Gold PRICES TO buy gold bullion on the wholesale market dropped to $1630 an ounce during Monday morning's London session – a 2.3% drop from...
  11. pmbug

    IMF warns of potential Euro currency collapse

    More: Yet, they will continue to loan them money... :paperbag:
  12. pmbug

    Gonzalo Lira: Spain to leave Euro first, this year

    More: Pro tip - type Ctrl-A when you visit his blog to highlight all the text on the page. It's hard to read otherwise because of the background image he uses.
  13. pmbug

    The Netherlands a wild card?

    You might recall those crazy Dutch people wondering about their gold a while back. Now it looks like they have taken a sober look at their continuing participation in the EU: More: Add to that a...
  14. pmbug

    The Greek tipping point and zee price stability

    Markets are currently "risk on" in the belief that the eurozone issues are solved for the short term as discussed in the recent platinum/palladium discussion. Rumors abound that Greece is about to completely capitulate their last vestige of true wealth. However, we've watched this saga with...
  15. bushi

    RUMOR: Greece out of Eurozone?

    ..."in as orderly fashion, as it would be only possible": See this as you like it fit :) On my part, I've heard some birds twittering about similar preparations going on here in Ireland. Better...
  16. pmbug

    S&P puts 15 euro-zone countries on watch negative Translation: No bailout for the PIIGS!
  17. pmbug

    Britain: Prepare for riots in euro collapse, Foreign Office warns

  18. white&yellow999

    End in Sight for Italy

    As reported on Thanks for the hint but most of us are way ahead of you... :gold:
  19. S

    Europe's rescue euphoria threatened as Portugal enters 'Grecian vortex' Europe's rescue euphoria threatened as Portugal enters 'Grecian vortex' Monetary contraction in Portugal has intensified at an alarming pace and...
  20. pmbug

    Treasury Bond Bubble Bursting?

    More: :popcorn:
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