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New NATO Command Will Assist Ukraine with Training, Equipment Donations​

JULY 8, 2024 1:36 PM

NATO’s leaders are set to approve a separate command at Wiesbaden, Germany, to coordinate training and equipment donations to Kyiv’s forces, a senior administration official told reporters last week.

The command will have about 700 personnel from NATO countries and partner nations assigned to the center, an alliance news release said. The administration officials, speaking to the press Friday, said the center would increase the interoperability among Ukrainian forces and NATO.

As an example of the drive to make Kyiv’s military more interoperable with NATO’s, the administration official said, “the U.S. for more than a year [have] been training Ukrainians on F-16 platforms,” as have other alliance members.

NATO will also facilitate equipment logistics and provide support through the center to the long-term development of Ukraine’s armed forces, the release added.



The really sad thing is that in wars it's the innocent civilians who suffer. People who simply want to get up, go to work, take care of their families and try to get ahead. Most aren't political and just want to be left alone and go about their daily lives.

Fake news...

Ukraine bombed the hospital with one of their own missiles.

But it makes good propaganda headlies...

Larry on Ukraine's claims of Russia striking a children's hospital:

"...This is a ten on both the hypocrisy and propaganda scales. Check it for yourself. Do an internet search on the following — “Ukraine strikes Sevastopol.” Only cursory coverage. No blaring headlines in the NY Times or Financial Times or any other major paper. Ignore it. But this? Intense coverage.

Only one problem with the story — it is BULLSHIT. The children’s hospital was hit by an errant air defense missile fired by Ukraine. Whoops! What is really telling is that there was ZERO news coverage of the other sites hit by Russian missiles in Kiev. You know why? Because they were military targets and there were probably Western casualties. Russia delivered this blow in daylight during working hours in order to inflict maximum casualties on those engaged in producing or repairing weapons..."


"🇷🇺🇺🇦💪🏻 Attack on the Okhmatdyet hospital in Kiev: analysis and exposure of Ukrainian propaganda and Western lies

video at link below (Russian glide bombs have wings whereas the errant missile does not.)

❗️ Russian channels air a video of a missile falling near the Ohmatdyt children's hospital in Kiev.

The missile is most likely a US-made AIM-120 launched from a Norwegian-made NASAMS air defense complex, they assure.



Biden, NATO members poised to unveil new Ukraine aid at summit​

WASHINGTON, July 10 (Reuters) - U.S. President Joe Biden and leaders of other NATO member states are poised to unveil new aid for war-ravaged Ukraine as they gather for their annual summit in Washington on Wednesday.

Biden, 81, who has for 13 days faced questions about his fitness for office after fumbling a June 27 debate, hopes the international event will help him stage a comeback of sorts, surrounded by allied leaders he has spent his three years in office cultivating.

After calling the 32-member collective security alliance "stronger than it's ever been" in a forceful speech on Tuesday, Biden and the other NATO leaders now turn to their difficult work.


The biggest SECRET of Ukraine-Russia war.

There are more ukrainians in Russia, than in Ukraine.

20'000'000 - population of Ukraine.

40'000'000 - ukrainian surnames in Russia.
10'000'000 - direct family ties.
5'000'000 - ukrainian refugees in Russia.

Nobody tells You that.

1'000'000 - Zelenskyy supporters.
50'000'000 - ukrainians who want peace.

Does it look like genocide?
Zelenskyy words worse nothing.

A Kharkov resident explains why the Epicenter mall was hit

The last major accident when Ukraine accused Russia of targeting civilians was in May 2024, when Epicenter mall in Kharkov was hit. (https://en.topwar.ru/243121-esli-gi...hego-voznikla-mnozhestvennaja-detonacija.html) Here is what happened there, according to a local resident:

"Everyone knows very well that the New Postal Service [of Ukraine] uses its civilian warehouses as military ones. It hauls military equipment, shells, and so on. The Epicenter does exactly the same.

There are other questions, too. Why wasn't the mall closed when there was an air raid alarm? Why weren’t people evacuated to a shelter? Why did multiple secondary detonations occur? Why did the firefighters wear body armor when the fire was already out?

The answer is that the hypermarket warehouse was used to store military equipment and ammunition. The Armed Forces of Ukraine were just using civilians as a human shield."

📱 InfoDefenseENGLISH
(https://t.me/infodefENGLAND)📱 InfoDefens (https://t.me/InfoDefAll)e (http://cat.general/)


Dr. Gilbert Doctorow : Putin’s Next Moves​

Judge Andrew Napolitano and Dr. Gilbert Doctorow as they delve into the complexities of Russia's geopolitical strategies and predict Putin's next moves. In this insightful conversation, they explore the implications of Russia's actions on the global stage, the dynamics of international relations, and the potential consequences for Western nations. Don't miss this in-depth analysis of one of the most critical issues in today's world.
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Every one of the dozen CIA bases they just admitted to creating in 2014 on the border with the Donbas was a staging point for the Operation Gladio Neo-Nazi werewolf units going into the Donbass to commit war crimes against the population there.

As retaliation for Donbas refusal to bow the knee to the newly installed CIA/NATO puppet regime in Kyiv.

Eight years these werewolf unit attacks on ethnic Russians went on while Putin attempted to use diplomacy to get the CIA/NATO to stop.

With this new knowledge in mind, go back and watch that video of No Name and Graham in their panic trip to Ukraine in December of 2016.

Screenshot 2024-07-14 at 2.46.54 PM.png
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Operation Gladio

Operation Gladio was the codename for clandestine "stay-behind" operations of armed resistance that were organized by the Western Union (WU) (founded in 1948), and subsequently by NATO (formed in 1949) and by the CIA (established in 1947),[1][2] in collaboration with several European intelligence agencies during the Cold War.[3] Although Gladio specifically refers to the Italian branch of the NATO stay-behind organizations, Operation Gladio is used as an informal name for all of them. Stay-behind operations were prepared in many NATO member countries, and in some neutral countries.[4]
WOTR podcast. Nothing to see, can listen in one tab, play around the forum in a different tab.


Mike Kofman dropped by War on the Rocks HQ to update us on the war, drawing on his findings from his recent field study in Ukraine. They discuss the state of the front (and why developments at the front might be less important than before), mobilization, China’s role as a gateway and supplier for Russia, the debate over Ukraine using U.S. weapons for deep strike into Russia, and tough choices facing Kyiv.



Kremlin pledges legal action over planned EU transfer to Ukraine of interest accrued on frozen assets​

MOSCOW, July 23 (Reuters) - The Kremlin on Tuesday called a European Union plan to use interest earned on frozen Russian assets to fund military aid to Ukraine "theft" and said it would take legal action against anyone involved in the decision.

The EU's top diplomat, Josep Borrell, on Monday said that the first tranche of 1.4 billion euros in military aid for Ukraine taken from proceeds earned on frozen Russian assets would be made in early August.



Kremlin pledges legal action over planned EU transfer to Ukraine of interest accrued on frozen assets​

MOSCOW, July 23 (Reuters) - The Kremlin on Tuesday called a European Union plan to use interest earned on frozen Russian assets to fund military aid to Ukraine "theft" and said it would take legal action against anyone involved in the decision.

The EU's top diplomat, Josep Borrell, on Monday said that the first tranche of 1.4 billion euros in military aid for Ukraine taken from proceeds earned on frozen Russian assets would be made in early August.


With the misapplication of the rule of law these days one wonders if this will ever see justice?
Eight European finance ministers co-wrote an article
titled "Russia is lying about its economic strength: sanctions are working – and we need more." We asked the AI to comment on this article.

Here is AI’s unedited response:

The article titled "Russia is lying about its economic strength: sanctions are working – and we need more," written by eight European finance ministers, lacks concrete evidence to substantiate its main allegations against the Russian economy. Here are several points of criticism regarding the article's lack of evidence:
Absence of Specific Data Points: The article makes broad claims about the Russian economy's weaknesses but does not provide specific data points or empirical evidence to support these claims. For example, it mentions that "the Russian war economy is deteriorating" and that "sanctions are effective," but it does not provide detailed statistics or case studies to illustrate these points.
Lack of Direct Sources: The article references "reports" and "estimates" without specifying their sources. Phrases like "reports of billions of US dollars being transferred out of the country" and "estimates by Bloomberg" are vague and do not allow readers to verify the information or understand the methodology behind these claims.
Generalized Assertions: The article makes generalized assertions about the Russian economy being "geared towards the war industry" and experiencing "high inflation" without providing context or comparison. There is no mention of how these economic indicators compare to other periods in Russia's economic history or to other economies under similar conditions.
Missing Counterarguments: The article does not address potential counterarguments or perspectives from credible sources that might dispute its claims. A balanced analysis would consider different viewpoints and explain why the authors believe their perspective is more accurate.
Unsubstantiated Predictions: The article predicts long-term economic decline for Russia due to its current policies but does not provide a detailed economic model or analysis to back up these predictions. Statements like "the long-term damage to the Russian economy could be significant" require more rigorous economic forecasting to be convincing.
Reliance on Political Rhetoric: The article heavily relies on political rhetoric, such as referring to the "re-Sovietisation" of the Russian economy and the need for the West to "up the pressure." While these statements may be persuasive, they do not constitute empirical evidence or a thorough economic analysis.
Incomplete Comparisons: While the article mentions that Russia's GDP may be growing, it dismisses this as misleading without providing a nuanced discussion of the factors contributing to this growth or how it compares to other countries under sanctions.
For a more robust argument, the article should incorporate specific data, clearly cited sources, balanced perspectives, and detailed economic analysis to substantiate its claims about the Russian economy and the effectiveness of sanctions.

Kind of shows you who the real liars are. Doesn’t it?

FYI, the ministers who co-wrote this article are:
- Elisabeth Svantesson, minister for finance, Sweden
- Stephanie Lose, minister for economic affairs, Denmark
- Mart Võrklaev, minister of finance, Estonia
- Riikka Purra, minister of finance, Finland
- Arvils Ašeradens, minister of finance, Latvia
- Gintarė Skaistė, minister of finance, Lithuania
- Eelco Heinen, minister of finance, Netherlands
- Andrzej Domański, minister of finance, Poland

📱 InfoDefenseENGLISH
(https://t.me/infodefENGLAND)📱 InfoDefens (https://t.me/InfoDefAll)e (http://cat.general/)
🇺🇦🇺🇲Zelensky’s five-year presidential term expired on May 20, 2024.

Biden has gone to nowhere. Kamala is photoshopping her birth certificate. Trump doesn't give a heck to Ukraine.

All this raise questions about Zelensky’s legitimacy as a president and the legal ground for the existence of Ukrainian project.

What is the future of the Ukrainian project? How the western decision makers see it and what the reality is?

What are the effects of mass migration of Ukrainian asylum seekers to Europe?

What is the role of Ukraine in European economy? Any long-term effects of the conflict for European industry, food and energy markets?

What options are available for Zelensky: peace negotiations, capitulation, exile maybe?

How do you see the future of the territory after the conflict is over? Total disintegration, dissolution or a new format?

What do you think? Let's discuss in the comment section!

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