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I went full woo-woo last night. Right down to aliens and wormholes to Mars and Venus. I have no idea if its true but it sure was interesting.

This guy goes around mowing overgrown yards for free.
...and not just mowing. Anything the yard needs. From edging to brushhogging.

This is just one short vid, but he's got a channel with tons of vids like this. Saw one where he even paid them to mow their lawn. Lol

Short vid. See if you can guess what this guy is painting before it shows you at the end.

Would you believe I got 2.5k views on this video in one week?!

Snow plowing from 1939 when it was still a spectator sport.

This was before they learned about snow fences.... and they obviously waited til the snow stopped falling instead of doing it several times throughout.
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