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Tugboat captain at home with some down south eatin.


Don't tell me you're not amused. You loved this. Admit it.​

If you happened to live in these apartments, what would you want to do to the "teen" who did this?

Btw, the "teen" they refer to, is an 18yo adult. (Adult by law, not maturity)

Guy found affordable living in a skip.

a/k/a, a dumpster.


We've all heard of this type of thing, but this is insane. Guy breaks in to someone's house, (there's evidence of breaking and entering) refuses to leave and claims he is a tenant.
...and the insane city of Chicago agrees with him.

How can any reasonable person think this is ok?

If this ain't weird, nothing is. If the phenomenon described in the vid is legit, it's a game changer for humanity. As it would mean the end of all secrets.
....but is it real, or just coincidence?

It's kinda long at 36 minutes, but once I started watching, I couldn't stop. If these examples used in the vid are only coincidences, they are the most amazing coincidences ever. Especially the ones involving Oswald, LBJ, Shrub Sr, the Beatles, and many more.

According to the CIA: Record yourself, play it backwards. Your darkest secrets are revealed.​

So we've seen homeless squatters and a guy who made a home in a dumpster.
.....but get a load of what some homeless people in Colorado made a home out of. A bridge on an exit ramp off of I-70.

Not under it, inside of it.

Gotta say, pretty resourceful of 'em.

I'm gonna rent myself
a house
In the shade of the freeway
Gonna pack my lunch in the mornin'
And go to work each day
Here's the feel-good vid of the day.

Guy saves his dog from drowning.

A truly terrifying moment. This guy is extremely fortunate. Had it been bigger, he woulda been lunch.

It amazing how fast these things are in the water.

Super short vid, and a must-watch, imho.

A horrible way to go. May she R.I.P. Would've been a terrifying last few moments.

This is downright crazy. Car theif wrecks a dozen cars while trying to get away.
A prime example of a situation that could have been easily fixed if anyone there had a gun.
Edited to add: I'd even contend that the use of a gun would be the ONLY way to stop such a person.

Two of the most important people in my life, Shadow and wife unit.

Pussycat pickin' onna pussycat.
This is kinda weird.

Guy cuts into a tree and water starts pouring out of it.

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