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“Ventura Highway” is a 1972 song by the band America from their album Homecoming, Foxes and Fossils brings it back from the seventies with their tight harmonies and intricate guitar parts. This cover features Tim Purcell on lead vocals.


An Absolutely Brilliant Performance of ABBA's "SOS" as Zoe Clarke Is Joined by Marcos​


Foxes & Fossils "Southern Cross" Cover by Crosby, Stills, and Nash​


My Foolish Heart 3-20-24​

Written in 1949 by Victor Young and Ned Washington for the 1949 film "My Foolish Heart".

Smooth Operator - Sade Cover by Indigo Dreamers​


Got To Get You Into My Life - Leonid & Friends (Earth, Wind & Fire cover)​


Conan O”Brien - Suspicious Minds @ Love Rocks Beacon Theater 3-7-2024​


Martin Miller & Mark Lettieri - Easy Lover (Phil Collins / Bailey Cover) - Live in Studio​

From the 1976 album "Silk Degrees" by Boz Scaggs, here is Lowdown. Featuring the talents of Barry Leef, Peter Northcote, Victor Rounds, and Hamish Stuar


How Long Has This Been Going On. The Guys Downstairs​

Great recording history lesson

Bill Schnee: Engineering Steely Dan's Aj​

In this episode, legendary audio engineer Bill Schnee shares his extensive experience in the music industry, including his work with Steely Dan (Aja) and Ringo Starr (Ringo, Goodnight Vienna). He delves into the technical aspects of recording and mixing, offering valuable tips for both aspiring and established audio engineers. Schnee also reflects on the evolution of music production, highlighting how technology has shaped the sound of music over the decades.

Ella Fitzgerald - Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea (Verve Records 1961)​


David Stewart + Vanessa Amorosi + Helene Fischer - Eurythmics Medley (Die Helene Fischer-Show 2023)​

Elijah Wood drum cam of "That Don't Impress Me Much" from Barretos, Brazil 2018 with Shania Twain. The mix is just the band and a lot of drums unedited, LIVE from Brazil!

Elijah Wood drum cam of "Don't Be Stupid". Mixed by the amazing Cory Churko

Bass cam video performing “Don’t Be Stupid!” With Shania Twain

‘Time After Time’ (CYNDI LAUPER) Cover Performed by The HSCC featuring Kat Jade


AMAZED ONLOOKERS when 17yr old STARTS SINGING -Bruce Springsteen -I'm On Fire (Allie Sherlock Cover)​

'THE CHAIN' (FLEETWOOD MAC) Performed by The Hindley Street Country Club featuring Dusty Lee Stephensen & The HSCC Bad Girls


'If I Can't Have You' (Yvonne Elliman) by Sing it Live​


Strat Sessions ft. Buddy Guy with Christone “Kingfish” Ingram | Year Of The Strat | Fender​


Steely Dan - Two Against Nature (Sony Studios NYC 2000)​

1,002,349 views Dec 16, 2022
Steely Dan - Two Against Nature (Sony Studios NYC 2000) This is their fantastic concert in full with the interviews carefully edited out. As a big fan I bought this DVD when it was released and only recently got around to editing out the disruptive interviews. The sound has been carefully downmixed and crossfaded from the DTS multichannel to stereo for YouTube. Thank you Donald and Walter (any your amazing band) for doing what you do and making the world a much better place for millions of devoted fans. TURN UP this jazz rock party and enjoy !!

If you want the chat from between the songs , its here • Steely Dan - Two Against Nature - The...
Raw Footage from 2000-01-28 • Steely Dan's Plush TV Jazz Rock Party...

1. Green Earrings 00:30
2. Cousin Dupree 06:11
3. Bad Sneakers 11:36
4. Janie Runaway 15:18
5. Josie 19:21
6. FM 24:39
7. Gaslighting Abbie 28:22
8. Black Friday 34:28
9. Babylon Sisters 38:54
10. Kid Charlemagne 45:13
11. Jack Of Speed 50:18
12. Peg 56:32
13. What A Shame About Me 01:00:56
14. Pretzel Logic 01:06:18


Frank Vignola's Guitar Night with Pasquale Grasso and Jimmy Bruno, November 29 2023​


School of Rock Coppell's Fall 2023 House Band performing "I Want You to Want Me" by Cheap Trick!

The Four Tops performing "Baby I Need Your Loving", released originally in 1966.

Manfred Mann performing "Do Wah Diddy Diddy", released originally in 1964.


'Rebel Yell' (Billy Idol) by Sing it Live​


Old Crow Medicine Show - The Weight (Live)​


'Call Me' (Blondie) by Sing it Live​


Don't Stop Believin' (Journey); drum cover by Sina​




Boogie Wonderland - Leonid & Friends (EW&F cover)​


T-Bone Walker w/ Jazz At The Philharmonic - Live in UK 1966​

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