1. pmbug

    Algorithmic debanking So anti-money laundering (AML ) software flags accounts that deal with cash. Banks then close the accounts for these customers (including perfectly legal coin shops) rather than spend...
  2. Unca Walt

    Brilliant article on the OPTUS failure in Australia... and the doomed dollar -- I did not really know how badly fiats have fared

    "Today’s world is awash with electronic money. But last week, much of Australia’s electronic money disappeared for up to 14 hours with the crash of the Optus electronic network. The disruption to business and the community was “immediate and profound” with rail networks, hospital services...
  3. Carrion Crow

    My college students can't stand cash

    This Fall I was asked to teach a class at my alma mater. With my full-time business, it's a bit of a crunch to squeeze it in, but it's been interesting. Somehow the subject of cash (dollar bills and change) came up the other day and I was surprised to find out that EVERY student in my class...
  4. B

    Drumbeats for the cashless society " the next economic downturn, expect the Federal government to simply outlaw cash altogether. With rates already at zero and the Fed’s tools for stimulating consumption all used up, the...
  5. Potemkin

    Israel might become the first to eliminate cash

    They want to eliminate cash from the economy. More control, more taxes, probably even wealth tax: Although there's a lot of speculation about eliminating cash, I did hear about other nations limiting the use of cash...
  6. A

    The End of Cash

    Sweden is going cashless. If I was a central bank I would really be pushing for this. If you combine a cashless society with internet tracking (thanks to google) it makes it pretty easy for governments (and others)...
  7. pmbug

    The eye of financial Sauron focusing it's gaze It's also gold to governments for controlling the population in a cashless society.
  8. pmbug

    No banks are safe (bail ins, FDIC limits, systemic risks)

    Following the news that TBTF Cypriot zombie banks will steal from depositors rather than go through normal bankruptcy, we heard that Canada was ready to abandon fiduciary responsibility too. Now there are reports that the USA and the UK have an agreement in place to do the same: More...
  9. B

    Cashless society / Media Control

    Long, but good read: It starts with a 1917 Congressman, going on Congressional record, talking about how J.P...
  10. DoChenRollingBearing

    Cash and Money!

    I yesterday read an article that had two interesting factoids: 1) There is less than $800 billion in actual CASH (US dollars) out there in the world (I did not notice if they wrote that approx. 1/2 is outside the USA in $100s). 2) The average household has less than $300 in actual cash, long...
  11. mike

    Eat sh*t, cashless society

    Recently, the buses in the city where I live in quit accepting cash, forcing people to either get a bus card or not take the bus. The result so far is a loss of 50 million kronor due to a large drop in spontaneous bus travelers who don't have bus cards. :rotflmbo:
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