1. pmbug

    Dominica and St Maarten to adopt Tron as legal tender
  2. <SLV>

    Xi to drive Bitcoin higher?
  3. C

    Crypto and inflation

    I read the other day that the market cap for all crypto currencies was about 2.25 trillion world wide. Got me thinking, what if there were no crypto? Where would all that money be? Would inflation be even worse if that 2.25t was out in the economy. Are crypto investments like a sponge sucking up...
  4. pmbug

    El Salvador Makes Bitcoin Legal Tender El Salvador dropped the bomb. Wow.
  5. pmbug

    Crypto trading/market thread

    I made a coinbase account a long time ago when I was messing around with few dollars worth of bitcoin, litecoin and etherium. It had been so long since I last logged in or looked at it that I had pretty much forgotten about it. But they recently sent me an email with an offer to watch a few...
  6. 11C1P

    Fake Bitcoin-coins!

    Came across a few videos of this guy shooting bitcoins in a variety of calibers. Saw the title of this one & had to check it out. As the saying goes, caveat emptor!:snidely: . (BitCoin)They faked a fake coin.- UGEtube . Hey bug, I know this isn't a youtube link, but is there a way to get...
  7. L

    Blog on Monetary System Change

    I maintain a free blog site that collects news related to possible major monetary system changes I think are coming in the next few years. We cover gold as part of this as well. The site is free and does not even run ads. The purpose of this blog is to provide (hopefully) a quality archive of...
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