market manipulation

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    SLV / JPM forecasts central bank intervention? It would be interesting to see some data on this.
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    SLV And Silver Manipulation

    Jeff Nielson speculates on JPMogan's COMEX shorting: It will be interesting to see if his assertions get any sunshine in the class action...
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    Nine blows against the gold price suppression scheme

    I haven't talked much about the issue of price suppression yet, but Chris Powell of GATA posted a nifty summary of some significant events over the last couple of years and I highly recommend reading it if you are not familiar with the story: Much, much more:
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    Algorithms, Bullion and Criminals: The ABC’s of Understanding Precious Metal

    More (full analysis): The larger point Mr. Kirby doesn't address is that the bullion banks are having to reduce their systemic, serial gold and silver short positions because invetsment demand in the physical market is forcing their hand. $.02
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    CFTC Votes 3-2 to Approve New Limits on Commodity Speculation

    More: Bolded parts = F you JPM
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