1. Barrettone

    What's your DCA? (Dollar Cost Average)

    I thought this would be a cool thing to have all the forum members sound off on. Some of it will be indicative of how long (since when) you've been stacking, but I thought it would be interesting to see the various responses. No need to list how many ounces you've acquired (OPSEC), but just...
  2. Barrettone

    That's it...I'm done with Gold and Silver

    Reached my goal for AU and AG. No real deals out there, and I just can't justify the premiums anymore. I'm gonna have a LOT of cash, but that makes me nervous too. I'm debating getting into platinum or palladium. I had some back in the day (circa 2008- 2015) when I last stacked but had to...
  3. G

    new hope for precious metals

    came across this today and it has some amazing possibilities, would love to hear your thoughts on it. Is this what we have waited for?
  4. Unobtanium

    The State of Platinum and Palladium Mining Some snippets:
  5. pmbug

    Sprott Physical Platinum and Palladium Trust (infographic) Sprott caters to optimists too, DCRB. :D
  6. ADK

    Trillion Dollar Platinum Coin

    Get your orders in early! :rotflmbo: I have trouble believing that this is an actual solution. Either way, it's a funny(?) / interesting article. ADK
  7. DoChenRollingBearing

    Platinum Resurgent!

    Over the past, what, week or so I have seen platinum move up nicely vs. gold. We're only some $55 / oz lower now, and we were some $150 (?) lower not long ago? Anyone have any idea why? Disclosure: Long physical Pt
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