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European markets

Morning Bid: Looming event risk can't stop Nikkei topping 40,000​

A look at the day ahead in European and global markets from Wayne Cole.

It's been a largely risk-on start to a week packed with central bank events and major data that will refine market wagers for when developed world interest rates will finally start falling.

Japan's Nikkei (.N225), opens new tab cleared 40,000 for the first time having now climbed for five weeks in a row as it benefits from tech nearshoring and a flight of foreign funds out of Chinese markets.



Europe to battle with US for aluminium if EU opts for Russian ban​

  • EU has discussed for months possible ban of Russian aluminium
  • Expected to propose another package of import bans - source
  • Loss of Russian aluminium would leave Europe with shortfall
  • Aluminium prices spiked in wake of US sanctions on Rusal in 2018
  • Middle East accounted for about 9% of global supply in 2023- IAI
LONDON, March 4 (Reuters) - European and U.S. buyers will compete aggressively for Middle Eastern aluminium if the European Union bans Russian metal in coming months, sparking price rises reminiscent of 2018 when sanctions were imposed on Rusal.

A race for aluminium from Middle Eastern countries, including the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, will fuel inflation for Western companies in the transport, packaging and construction industries - already facing high raw material and payroll costs.

Aluminium is a key ingredient for electric vehicles. Significantly lighter than steel, it is now the metal of choice in a wide range of parts for electric vehicles.

The EU has for months discussed sanctions that would ban Russian aluminium. No new sanctions on aluminium were included in its latest package to mark the second anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, but the bloc is expected to soon propose another package with new import bans, sources said.


U.S. Markets

Morning Bid: Stocks hold records with Powell in view, Nikkei tops 40k​

A look at the day ahead in U.S. and global markets from Mike Dolan

Record tech-led U.S. and world stock indexes, a recoil in Treasury bond yields and the prospect of fresh Chinese stimulus make for a potent cocktail heading into this week's key testimony from Federal Reserve boss Jerome Powell.

Japan's Nikkei (.N225), opens new tab notched another milestone overnight, topping 40,000 for the first time as the artificial intelligence catalyst fizzed around the world. Chip-testing equipment maker Advantest (6857.T), opens new tab, which counts AI darling Nvidia (NVDA.O), opens new tab among its customers, was up 3.7% and chip-making equipment giant Tokyo Electron (8035.T), opens new tab gained another 2.4%.




Banking Chaos on the Horizon? FDIC Withholding Q4 Banking Profile.​

Mar 6, 2024


U.S. shares advance, Treasury yields dip as Powell gives rate cut assurances​

  • U.S. labor market data weaker than expected
  • Fed Chair Powell says inflation progress "not assured"
  • Bitcoin resumes climb
  • Gold extends gains
NEW YORK, March 6 (Reuters) - Wall Street followed world shares higher on Wednesday and the benchmark U.S. Treasury yield dipped to a one month low after Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell provided assurances that while inflation is not quite tamed rate cuts can be expected this year.

All three major U.S. stock indexes gained out of the gate in a rebound from Tuesday's steep sell-off. The tech-heavy Nasdaq was enjoying the most robust gain.

U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said before the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee that "if the economy evolves broadly as expected," the central bank can be expected to cut its policy rate this year, but added that continued progress against inflation "was not assured."

Powell is set to wrap up his two-day testimony when he appears before the Senate Banking Committee on Thursday.



Doug Casey's Take [ep.#309] The New Bull Market in Gold & Bitcoin​

****This one is highly political and contains racial overtones.****

Nothing to see, can listen in one tab, surf the forum in a different tab.


00:00 Intro

The MacArthur Genius Awards Program (00:00:30) Discussion of the history and selection process of the MacArthur Genius Awards program, with criticism of the recent recipients.

Current State of Gold (00:16:15) Analysis of the current price of gold, its historical highs, and its potential for future growth.

Momentum in Gold Stocks (00:20:26) Assessment of the momentum and sentiment around gold stocks, with an emphasis on their current undervaluation.

Bitcoin and Gold Breaking All-Time Highs (00:24:52) Implications of both Bitcoin and gold breaking to all-time highs, including the impact on the value of the US dollar and the competition for savings capital.

Bitcoin's characteristics (00:29:00) Discussion on Bitcoin's qualities as sound money, transfer mechanism, and its characteristics compared to traditional money.

Bitcoin's demand and accessibility (00:31:28) Impact of ETFs on Bitcoin's accessibility, exposure to new investors, and the expansion of demand.

Bitcoin and gold stocks investment (00:32:19) Comparative analysis of investing in Bitcoin, gold, and gold stocks, and the potential for higher returns.

Bitcoin's future and supply dynamics (00:34:45) Discussion on Bitcoin's future supply dynamics, including halving, limited supply, and potential increase in value.

Gold stocks investment potential (00:36:28) Potential for high returns in gold stocks, their performance in past cycles, and specific stock recommendations.
Nothing to see, can listen in one tab, surf the forum in a different tab.

The Greater the Boom, the Greater the Bust: Market Meltdown Inevitable​

Mar 6, 2024
Harry Dent believes the dot com crash and the Great Financial Crisis were just a warmup for what is coming in the market, and he thinks that when reality finally hits, the level of wealth destruction will be monstrous. Harry discusses how your average retail investor can find shelter from the storm, how he views the future of gold and silver, the growing move away from the U.S. dollar, and much more. 41 mins long.

00:00 Introduction
01:23 Can We Have a Recession AND a Bull Market?
11:18 Strategy for Retail Investors
15:33 Silver and Gold Outlook
21:22 Emerging Markets
24:44 Japanese Economy and Stock Market
27:39 Paying Attention to Cycles
31:24 Move Away From US Dollar
36:02 Could Gold Return as Money?
37:37 A Bitcoin Standard
Nothing to see, can listen in one tab, surf the forum in a different tab.

Lars Barstad - Frontline, Euronav-Deal, Tanker Party, Shadow Fleet, Shipping Stocks, Oil Demand​

Mar 6, 2024

This is the second time Lars Barstad appears on Vonheim, and the first time was a fan-favorite episode. We hope you like this one as well! Topics we cover: Euronav-Deal, Tanker Markets Ahead, Middle East, Shadow Fleet, Stock Valuations, Other Impressive Shipping Companies, New Technology And Much More. 1 hour, 5 mins long.

00:00 - Geo Politics
05:47 - Frontline View On The Market
10:25 - The Euronav-deal
14:45 - The Frontline Machine
19:30 - Tanker Market: Where Are We In The Supercycle?
27:15 - What Are The Most Exciting Market Trends Ahead?
32:25 - The Shadow Fleet (Why, How And What Now?)
38:10 - Big Shifts In Power Balance?
43:40 - The Frontline Strategy Ahead And Stock Price
50:31 - Most Interesting Crude Markets Ahead
54:15 - Most Impressive Shipping Companies Besides Frontline?
55:50 - How To Succeed In Shipping?
59:55 - Green Technology And Fuel In Shipping
1:02:40 - Book Recommendation

Weekly iScrap Update: Copper Holds, Gold Peaks, & Steel Falters​

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👉 Read more: Dive into this week's iScrap Report as we dissect the contrasting dynamics in the scrap metal market. From copper's steady state and gold's historic rise to the continued decline in steel and iron prices, understand the underlying factors at play in these trends. We also touch on the shifting strategies in catalytic converter recycling and the steady trends in aluminum amid fluctuating oil prices. Join us for strategic insights and tips, especially as spring cleaning season offers new opportunities for scrappers. 20 mins long.


Morning Bid: Brighter mood as ECB meets, yen knocks Nikkei​

March 7, 2024 6:17 AM EST

A look at the day ahead in U.S. and global markets from Mike Dolan

Wall Street's early-week wobble seems to have stabilised as Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell plays it straight on Capitol Hill, with the European Central Bank deciding on policy on Thursday and after a fresh yen surge knocked Japan's Nikkei.

See-sawing speculation over when the Bank of Japan may end its negative interest rate stance tipped back overnight in favor of a move as soon as this month, sending the yen surging to its best level in a month in its biggest one-day gain this year. That side swiped the Nikkei stock index (.N225), opens new tab by more than 1%.



Take Five: Another bout of bitcoin fever​

(Reuters) - Bitcoin is back in the headlines, having roared to a new record high, just as many of the world's major central banks are starting to pave the way towards cutting interest rates, but only if inflation behaves.

Investment flows into cryptocurrencies, inflation numbers from the United States, China and the UK, as well as a potentially market-moving snap election in Portugal will all be under the microscope in the coming week.

Here is your week-ahead look at global markets from Lewis Krauskopf in New York, Li Gu in Shanghai and Dhara Ranasinghe, Elizabeth Howcroft and Amanda Cooper in London.



EXCLUSIVE-FBI agents deliver grand jury subpoenas as ADM criminal probe escalates, sources say​

SAN FRANCISCO, March 7 (Reuters) - FBI agents delivered grand jury subpoenas to current and former employees of grain trader Archer-Daniels-Midland this week, three sources with knowledge of the matter told Reuters.

The subpoenas were signed by officials at the U.S. attorney's Manhattan office and delivered to recipients' homes in the Decatur, Illinois, area where ADM has major operations.

They show that a criminal probe into ADM's accounting issues first reported by Reuters last month is escalating fast and directly relates to accounting issues that the company said in January were the subject of an internal probe.

Grand jury subpoenas order the recipient to produce documents or testify before a grand jury.

The subpoenas seek information, communications, as well as devices containing those communications, relating to certain ADM accounting information, including details on goods and cash transferred between company segments, according to the three sources.

Authorities were also seeking information on below-cost sales from the Carbohydrate Solutions and Agricultural Services & Oilseeds units to the nutrition division, one said.



USDA raises beef production in latest Supply and Demand | Weekly Livestock Market Update for 3/8/24​

Mar 8, 2024

Brownfield Anchor/Reporter Meghan Grebner and University of Missouri Market Analyst Scott Brown talk about the USDA raising beef production in the latest Supply and Demand report.


Find more agriculture news here: https://brownfieldagnews.com/
Little bit of everything in this one. Nothing to see, can listen in one tab, surf the forum in a different tab. 59 mins long.

Thriving in a Broken Financial System | Lyn Alden Ep.119​

Let's take a deep dive on the economy, our money system, BITCOIN, and investment ideas with Lyn Alden, macroeconomic analyst focused on monetary systems and energy markets.
"Who Controls The Ledger?"
We talk about the state of the economy and markets, our debt crisis, inflation, liquidity, investing, and markets.
We go beyond the headlines and discover what is really going on in the markets and economy. Massive fiscal spending has mitigated QT and effects of higher rates. Where are we in this economic cycle? Are we headed for a recession or stagflation?
Want to find out some investing ideas and strategies that can grow and protect our money during these times? You cannot afford to miss this episode!

00:00:00 - Historical Analogies and Unique Situations
00:02:28 - The Global Financial System and Its Imbalances
00:04:39 - The Rising Problem of Interest Expense
00:06:52 - Concerns about Public Debt and Inflation
00:09:14 - The Decline in Purchasing Power and Alternative Forms of Inflation
00:11:40 - The Changing Dynamics of Credit Growth
00:13:43 - The Quantitative Rhyme of the 1920s and 1930s
00:16:06 - Inflationary and deflationary forces during economic crises
00:18:23 - The Fiscal Decade and Global Inflation
00:20:47 - Currency Debasement and Higher Prices
00:23:05 - Investing in Real Assets for Inflation Protection
00:25:26 - Investing in Real Assets
00:27:48 - The Future of Gold and Bitcoin
00:30:07 - Investing in AI Companies
00:32:21 - Valuing Tech Companies and Liquidity in the Market
00:34:37 - Treasury's Liquidity Injection
00:36:51 - Factors Influencing Global Liquidity
00:38:57 - The Fed's Policy on Interest Rates and Inflation
00:41:05 - Liquidity and the Balance Sheet
00:43:17 - Historical Analogues and the Future of Markets
00:45:36 - Investing in Energy Stocks for Inflationary Environment
00:47:48 - Thoughts on a Recession and Emerging Market Landing
00:50:08 - Bitcoin and the Decentralized World
00:52:20 - The Rise of Decentralization
00:54:28 - The Collapse of Fiat and the Coexistence of Bitcoin
00:56:44 - The Global Reserve Currency Comparison

Do they know something we don't? American titans Jeff Bezos, Leon Black, Mark Zuckerberg, Jamie Dimon and Walmart's Walton family sell a staggering $11 BILLION in stock - as billionaires cash out before​

  • Jeff Bezos - the world's third-richest man - sold $8.5billion in Amazon this month
  • Mark Zuckerberg - the world's fourth-richest - sold about $638million in Meta
  • Jamie Dimon, Leon Black, and the Waltons also sold stocks, sparking concerns
American billionaires are selling stocks by the boatload - sparking fears of an impending financial disaster.

Jeff Bezos - the third-richest man behind Louis Vuitton's Bernard Arnaut and Elon Musk - unloaded $8.5billion in Amazon shares this month alone.

Mark Zuckerberg - the fourth-richest - sold about 1.4 million Meta shares worth roughly $638million.

Jamie Dimon, chairman and CEO of JPMorgan, shilled $150 million this past week, in his first cash-out since taking the reins at the bank nearly two decades ago.

Within days, Apollo Global Management's Leon Black also enacted his first-ever sale, shedding $172.8million in his equity firm after 34 years. Walmart's Walton family sold $1.5billion in a week, bringing its total sale proceeds to $2.3billion since December.


The Defense Department has in recent months advanced its goal of developing domestic supply chains to ensure continued access to the rare earth materials needed to manufacture the permanent magnets used in important U.S. military weapons systems. 

"DOD's recently published National Defense Industrial Strategy will guide the creation of a modernized defense industrial ecosystem," said Laura Taylor-Kale, assistant secretary of defense for industrial base policy. Taylor-Kale has a doctorate in management science and engineering with a specialization in organizations, technology and entrepreneurship from Stanford University's School of Engineering.


Morning Bid: Inflation thermometer tops market dashboard​

March 12, 2024

A look at the day ahead in U.S. and global markets from Mike Dolan

Wall Street seems to have lost direction in another shaky start to the week for some of its megacap stocks and now needs some clearance from Tuesday's U.S. inflation update to steady the ship.

In an illustration of just how quickly this year's slightly hotter inflation readings so far can feed consumer expectations, the New York Federal Reserve's latest household survey might be another red flag at the central bank.



People Are Financing Food - YouTube

By now, pay later has been a big thing. Now people are doing this to eat. They were paying their utility bills earlier with it and now it’s gotten worse. They are using it to eat.

Links to stories are below vid.

Mar 12, 2024

This week Will and Ben look at USDA's most recent supply and demand estimates and breakdown movement in the soybean and wheat markets.
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