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Take Five: And so the cycle turns​

LONDON, March 22 (Reuters) - Inflation signals from the United States, Australia and Japan should be in focus in the coming days following a deluge of central bank meetings that included a historic Bank of Japan rate hike.

Sweden's Riksbank could add to drama around who cuts rates now that Switzerland has kicked off easing among big central banks and Europe's IPO wheels are turning.

Here's your week ahead primer in world markets from Lewis Krauskopf in New York, Rae Wee in Singapore, Anousha Sakoui and Dhara Ranasinghe in London, and Simon Johnson in Stockholm.


Nothing to see, can listen in one tab, play around the forum in a different tab. 36 mins long.

China's Insatiable Appetite for Gold. "This Is Just the Beginning", Says Clive Thompson.​

Mar 22, 2024

Posted as a little food for thought. Take these two for what they're worth and dyodd. Nothing to see, can listen in one tab, play around the forum in a different tab. Remember.........they're just talking opinions. 59 mins long.

Doug Casey's Take [ep.#312] Russia vs. NATO, The BIG Lie, Censorship Incoming, and more​

Jim Kunstler's latest on the sane vs. insane https://jameshowardkunstler.substack....

Doug & Matt start by analyzing the potential implications of a Russian versus NATO war in Europe, pondering the possibility of it remaining conventional without escalating to nuclear warfare. The conversation shifts to critique the provocative actions of Western governments, particularly French President Macron, and discusses the presence of foreign soldiers in Ukraine and the strategic movements of military assets across Europe.

The discussion also touches upon censorship concerns stemming from new legislative actions, such as the TikTok bill in the U.S., and the potential for broader online content suppression. They also delve into personal health and fitness advice, drawing from Doug's long-standing practices. Additionally, they explore the concept of converting third-world countries into publicly owned corporations and the challenges of implementing such a radical change in governance. The conversation concludes with a critical reflection on the inherent lies of institutions like the church and the state, emphasizing the importance of questioning widely accepted beliefs.


00:00 Intro Exploring the Tensions: Ukraine, NATO, and Nuclear War
02:05 The Escalation: European Involvement and the Role of Mercenaries
04:24 The Future of Warfare: Drone Technology and Its Implications
05:57 The Unpredictable Outcomes of the Ukraine Conflict
10:13 Censorship and the TikTok Bill: A Threat to Free Speech?
18:31 Staying Fit: Doug's Approach to Health and Exercise
23:11 The Mighty Dogo Argentino: A Discussion on Dog Breeds
26:07 Capital Growth: Reflecting on Doug's Career Milestones
30:18 Exploring the Potential Bull Market in Mining Stocks
30:44 The Controversial World of Mining Stocks
31:27 The Influence of Warren Buffett on Mining Investments
31:54 Navigating the Complexities of Big Mining Companies
32:11 The Future of Mining Stocks and Prudent Investments
32:26 The Turning Tide in the Metals Market
33:01 The Importance of Surrounding Yourself with Successful People
33:13 The Virtues of Associating with Morally Righteous People
35:50 An Adventurous Encounter: The National Bank of Haiti Heist Plan
40:08 The Concept of Transforming Countries into Publicly Owned Corporations
41:05 Addressing the Challenges of Implementing the Public Corporation Model
47:54 The Potential of Distributing State Assets to the People
53:47 The Misconceptions and Lies People Believe

Cattle Placements 10% above year-ago levels | Weekly Livestock Market Update for 3/22/24​

Mar 22, 2024

Brownfield Anchor/Reporter Meghan Grebner and University of Missouri Market Analyst Scott Brown give a weekly recap of the markets and discuss how it can impact farmers’ bottom lines.


GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Charles Nenner​

Mar 23, 2024


- Gold recorded another new all-time high this week!
- Dr. Nenner thinks gold could reach new highs in 2024, once the cycle pattern resolves.
- Our guest's work is positive on the crude oil market.
- Most experts expect much higher prices in Bitcoin, but the volatility will be intense.
- The Bond market may find a bottom for longer-term investors.
- Is the market price random or autocorrelated; is the market almost always correct
- the evidence is compelling, but the jury is still out!


Key Events This Week: Core PCE Released When Markets Are Closed​

After last week's central bank fireworks, the most exciting event of the otherwise quiet and holiday-shortened week will happen once markets are actually closed for the month and Q1 is done and dusted in performance terms: as DB's Jim Reid reminds us, the monthly US personal income and spending report, which contains the crucial core PCE, is released on Good Friday when bond and equity markets are closed. The flash CPIs in Italy and France also come out on Friday, with the Spanish print due on Wednesday. Staying on the inflation theme, Tokyo CPI is out on Thursday, with the summary of opinions from last week's BoJ meeting on Wednesday. This will garner some attention given the once-in-a-generation shift in policy. Australian CPI is out on Wednesday.

Staying with central banks, there are lots of Fed speakers this week that can add some color to last week's generally dovish FOMC. They are listed in the day-by-day week ahead at the end.

In terms of the key US data, today sees new home sales, tomorrow sees durable goods and consumer confidence, Wednesday the final consumer sentiment reading and pending home sales, while Thursday sees the final release of Q4 GDP, trade data, the Chicago PMI and, of course, initial jobless claims.


Massive U.S. Debt Levels Point To Future of Wars and Crises​

Mar 25, 2024

It’s “no coincidence” there is more extravagant “war talk” as the U.S. is going broke and continues to debase its currency, Matthew Piepenburg, Partner at Matterhorn Asset Management, tells Michelle Makori, Lead Anchor and Editor-in-Chief at Kitco News. Piepenburg weighs in on the current geopolitical tensions and their implications on the global financial system. He discusses the cycle of perpetual warfare, including debt accumulation and currency debasement. He also addresses the weaponization of the U.S. dollar.


Did you like this clip? Watch the full interview here: • Debt & Currency Crisis with Centraliz...
Streamed live 2 hours ago

Live: MCX Hits Record Volumes on Gold F&O | Gold Prices Up By 7.5%. Watch Commodities Corner with Manisha Gupta and Rishi Nathani, Chief Business Officer, MCX for more details.


Cocoa Is More Expensive Than Copper as It Tops $9,000​

Mar 26, 2024

Cocoa surpassed $9,000 for the first time ever as a supply crunch grips the market and chocolate makers grapple for beans. Bloomberg’s Ondiro Oganga reports from Johannesburg on what the surge in prices means for Ghana, for the rest of Africa and for the global economy.

Read more on bloomberg.com: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articl...


Hershey, Mondelez bet big on Easter as cocoa price crisis looms​

NEW YORK/LONDON, March 26 (Reuters) - Hershey (HSY.N), opens new tab, Mondelez (MDLZ.O), opens new tab and other confection-makers are employing promotions and pitching more non-chocolate Easter treats like cookies 'n' cream bunnies at a time when soaring cocoa prices threaten their profits and shoppers balk at high prices.

With shoppers' "impulse buys" of chocolate and candy at convenience stores and in grocery checkout lines down, according to industry data, special occasions like Easter and Halloween are increasingly important to the companies' sales.

Cocoa prices have tripled over the past 12 months thanks to bean disease in West Africa, which continues to worsen, meaning companies are not expected to get relief anytime soon. Sugar prices are also up some 7%.

Chocolate makers set their plans for this Easter last year, and have said they will hike prices again to cover the cocoa crunch. The companies face additional pressure on their profit margins as their hedges protecting commodity costs expire later this year and next.



Morning Bid: March markets serene as Q1 peters out​

March 26, 2024

A look at the day ahead in U.S. and global markets from Mike Dolan

Investors appear happy to sit on punchy first quarter stock gains as March drifts to quiet finish, with the dollar back under wraps overseas, interest rate markets calm and volatility subdued into the Easter break for many countries.

A slightly downbeat Monday was a mixed bag of fortunes all told.

Under-pressure planemaker Boeing (BA.N), opens new tab popped more than 1% after announcing a broad management shake-up and saying CEO Dave Calhoun would step down from his position at the end of 2024.



Weekly Commodity Market Update: Expected farm income challenges could lead to farm consolidation.​

Mar 26, 2024

This week Will and Ben discuss how interest rates and acreage expectations are guiding the market.


Morning Bid: Dollar flexes again, Japan warns​

March 27, 2024

A look at the day ahead in U.S. and global markets from Mike Dolan

The U.S. dollar is flexing muscle yet again as the first quarter grinds to a close, surging anew on Wednesday against Japan's yen, the Swiss franc and China's yuan - and drawing stern warnings from Japanese government officials in the process.

The dollar/yen exchange rate hit a 34-year high just a whisker from 152 overnight -- surpassing previous peaks from 2022 that drew intervention from the Bank of the Japan at the time. The dollar has now jumped almost 20% against the yen since the beginning of last year.



Baltimore bridge port blockade won't trigger new supply chain crisis, experts say​

WASHINGTON, March 27 (Reuters) - The catastrophic bridge collapse that closed the Port of Baltimore to ship traffic is unlikely to trigger a major new U.S. supply chain crisis or spike goods prices, due to ample and growing spare capacity at competing East Coast ports, economists and logistics experts say.

With six people still missing after a container ship collision destroyed the Francis Scott Key Bridge, it remained unclear how long the span's twisted superstructure would block the harbor's mouth.

But port officials from New York to Georgia were busy on Tuesday fielding queries from shippers about diverting Baltimore-bound cargo from containers to vehicles and bulk material.

"We're ready to help. We have ample capacity to absorb any surge in container traffic," Port of Virginia spokesperson Joe Harris told Reuters.

The Norfolk-based port is seen as a major beneficiary, due to its close proximity to Baltimore, but ports in Savannah and Brunswick, Georgia, also were poised to absorb some traffic, a spokesperson for the Georgia Ports Authority said.



Natural Gas Market Dynamics and the Growing Opportunity in Lithium​

Mar 25, 2024
Max Sali, Founder of Monumental Energy (TSX-V: MNRG | OTCQB: MNMRF) sheds some light on the complex dynamics of the natural gas markets and explains why he thinks lithium presents a massive opportunity right now. Max also gives an overview of Monumental Energy and their natural gas production in New Zealand, along with their lithium exploration activities in Chile.

Nothing to see, I listened in one tab, screwed around online in a different tab. 36 mins long. As usual, dyodd here.

Doug Casey - The U.S. Welfare Warfare State is Collapsing​

Patrick Vierra from SBTV spoke with legendary speculator Doug Casey. Doug spoke about the situation in Argentina and how the U.S. welfare warfare state is collapsing. Much much more in this one that you won't want to miss. See it all here.

Discussed in this interview:
01:17 Argentina comeback
06:33 Fed is stuck - nowhere to go
12:51 People sense what is going on
16:37 Trust gold, silver, bitcoin
23:50 U.S. becoming Argentina?


Scrap Market Update: Steel's Slide & Copper's Correction - What You Need to Know​

📈 Check Scrap Prices: https://iScrapApp.com/ - Dive into this week’s comprehensive review of the scrap metal market. We're breaking down the latest trends: from steel's continued decline amid shipping woes and falling demand to copper’s recent price correction after its rapid rise. Discover how upcoming interest rate cuts could further influence the market and what the new emissions regulations mean for the catalytic converter sector. Plus, get insights into the niche but profitable carbide recycling market and how companies like RRCats and RRCarbide provide invaluable services to navigate these changing tides. Join us for an in-depth analysis and expert advice to stay ahead in the fluctuating scrap market.

👉 Read more: https://iscrapapp.com/blog/weekly-scr...


Combat Drones, Pirates and the True Confidence Vessel: Shipping's Deadly New Era​

Mar 28, 2024

The perilous journey of the 50,000-ton True Confidence cargo vessel as it was attempting to sail through the Gulf of Aden, a series of deadly events pieced together by Bloomberg News, offers a look at a deadly new era for the international shipping industry. Bloomberg's Verity Ratcliffe reports.
Read the full story on Bloomberg.com: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articl...


Take Five: A shiny new quarter​

LONDON, March 29 (Reuters) - A tumultuous first quarter is coming to an end and the "buy everything" party is in full swing across markets, but the coming week has a few reality checks that even the most avid bulls may not be able to overlook.

The strong dollar is giving major Asian central banks a headache and there are big questions to answer over the state of growth in the United States, China and the euro zone - the world's three largest economic blocs. Some big data releases might answer them.

Here's your weekahead primer in world markets from Lewis Krauskopf in New York, Rae Wee in Singapore and Dhara Ranasinghe and Amanda Cooper in London.



S&P 500 closes at a fresh record, posts strongest first-quarter performance since 2019: Live updates​

The S&P 500 rose Thursday, registering its best first-quarter performance in five years.

The broad market benchmark was up 0.11% to settle at 5,254.35. The Dow Jones Industrial Average added 47.29 points, or 0.12%, and finished at 39,807.37. Both indexes closed at records, and the S&P 500 hit a fresh all-time high during the session. The Nasdaq Composite slipped 0.12% to end at 16,379.46.

For the quarter, the S&P 500 added 10.2% for its best first-quarter gain since 2019, when it rallied 13.1%. The 30-stock Dow advanced 5.6% during the period for its strongest first-quarter performance since 2021 when it jumped 7.4%. The Nasdaq ended the quarter with a 9.1% pop.



Baltimore port bridge collapse: Global ocean carriers put U.S. companies on hook for urgent cargo pickup​

  • Some ocean carriers are invoking 'force majeure' as a result of the Port of Baltimore bridge collapse and telling shippers including U.S. retailers that once cargo is dropped at alternate ports, it's no longer their responsibility.
  • Logistics companies tell CNBC the next 36 hours are critical in tracking the diverted trade and information is hard to get from container vessel companies, and could result in port penalties if they don't pick up shipments quickly.

Ocean carriers are declaring "force majeure" due to the Baltimore port bridge crisis, telling logistics companies and U.S. shippers including retailers that once cargo is dropped off at alternate ports, it becomes their responsibility to pick up.

In an alert to customers Tuesday, CMA CGM wrote, "Those (containers) on the water will be discharged at an alternate port where they will be made available for pick-up, and CMA CGM's bill of lading will terminate."

It was the first ocean carrier to declare force majeure — the provision in a contract that frees parties from an obligation due to events beyond their control.

COSCO announced Wednesday morning that its services would "be concluded" once the diverted container arrives at the alternate port. Evergreen announced the same measure.

In contrast, Maersk is providing transport. "For cargo already on water, we will omit the port, and will discharge cargo set for Baltimore, in nearby ports. From these ports, it will be possible to utilize landside transportation to reach final destination instead," Maersk said in an alert to customers. Though it noted that the situation remains fluid. "We are still working through the various contingencies with our customers and will continue to provide both specific and general customer advisories as the matter progresses," it said.


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