Drumbeats for the cashless society

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Mario talks about a cashless society, CBDCs and more in this one. As usual, take anything I post fwiw and dyodd.

Why We're Being Pushed into a Cashless Society. It's Not Just About Convenience.​

May 21, 2024 #bank #cbdc #money


It's so tough to pay cash in China that the government had to fine a KFC for not accepting banknotes​

  • China recently fined several businesses, including a KFC, for refusing to accept cash.
  • These are some of the most established companies in China, showing just how quickly cash has fallen from favor there.
  • It's a problem for a China hoping to attract foreign tourists who aren't part of the cashless system.
China's central bank fined seven businesses last week — including a KFC and branches of state-owned corporations — for rejecting cash payments, all as Beijing pushes to make spending more accessible for foreign tourists.


Mario talks about a cashless society, CBDCs and more in this one. As usual, take anything I post fwiw and dyodd.

Why We're Being Pushed into a Cashless Society. It's Not Just About Convenience.​

Well of course not. Only a true idiot would think it's only about convenience. It's about control and monitoring and tracking We The People. The gov declared us the enemy in '33, and this is just one more step towards gov having total control.
Lot of banks around here are closing branches while leaving their most visited branches alone. Talked to a branch manager @Univest about a year ago. He told me that more and more peeps simply doing everything online. You have direct deposit, automatic or manual bill payments, buy or redeem CDs, open or close accounts, etc. All my dealings with Fidelity are online. The credit union I mainly deal with has just become kinda tellerless.

Over the years I've gotten to know some of the tellers and enjoyed chatting with them. Sucks to see this happen but there ain't jackshit I can do about it.

In reality banks have become way stations for your digital money.
Australia's Bankwest bank has announced that it will close all its branches and ATMs by the end of 2024, in order to become a fully digital bank.Coming soon to a bank near you, as part of the globalist push towards programmable CBDCs.
If people are dumb enough to keep using banks that do this, we will have no one but them to blame for the totalitarian gov that we will be forced in to.

Why are so many so seemingly ignorant of where this will so obviously lead us to?

When people see cash being made less available, the answer is to start using more of it. Cause demand for it to increase to the point that they can't get rid of it.

Otherwise, those short sighted people who are only thinking of themselves, are putting a noose on all of us.
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Sucks to see this happen but there ain't jackshit I can do about it.
But there is something we can all do about it. Start using more cash. Think about your fellow man and future generations, and don't do things that serve to rope them (and yourself) into financial slavery.
Over the years I've gotten to know some of the tellers and enjoyed chatting with them. Sucks to see this happen but there ain't jackshit I can do about it.
One more aspect of the Covidiocy we lived through.

I do my banking at a small credit union. I had gotten to know the tellers.

Well...I don't know if there was an ORDER for banks to close, but all the banks I know about, including my own Montana-based CU, did close their lobbies. They put in Zoom teller portals in place of traditional ATMs, so you could tele-bank (which was a big hassle, no thanks).

When the lobby did re-open a year later, all the personnel were different. Some of them new hires.

Surely the previous roster either went home, got Stimmy checks and died of Medical Marijuana overdoses, or took other work when the Stimmy ran out.

It's sad and it depersonalizes one more aspect of our lives.

Which no doubt was a feature, not a bug, of the social-engineering operation that was Lockdown 1.0.
It's strange how quickly we have accepted the current state of financial surveillance as the norm. Just a few decades ago, withdrawing money didn't involve 20 questions about what we plan to use the money for, what we do for a living, and where we are from. Our daily transactions weren't handed over in bulk to countless third parties.

Yet, what is even stranger is that most people continue to believe in a version of financial privacy that no longer exists. They believe financial records continue to be private and the government needs a warrant to go after them. This belief couldn't be further from reality. Americans do not have financial privacy. Rather, we have the illusion of financial privacy.

Why is this? Put simply, financial surveillance has been kept hidden in three major ways: Encroachments into privacy have evolved gradually through obscure legislation, the scope of surveillance has constantly expanded through inflation, and much of the process is kept intentionally confidential.

More (recommended):

^^^^ it's simply the continuation of our gov treating us We The People as enemies of the State. We were declared to be that, in '33 in the Emergency Banking Act where the American people were added to the definition of the enemy in The Trading With The Enemies Act of 1917.
...and ever since, the noose has slowly been tightened as we become ever more regulated, controlled and monitored by the goverment.

If you have little to no financial privacy, you are in no way a free person.
Related to post 289:

From Banks to Big Brother: The Rise of Financial Surveillance​

Think you have financial privacy? Think again. Since Nixon, the US has increasingly turned banks and the entire financial industry into a massive surveillance network. This video dives deep into 5 of the major acts they’ve passed since 1970.
Path to Liberty, Fast Friday Edition: May 31, 2024

If America was still on the side of actual freedom for the People, we'd invade Australia to free them from the tyrany enveloping them. Instead, our gov wants to use their plan as a blueprint.
If America was still on the side of actual freedom for the People, we'd invade Australia to free them from the tyrany enveloping them. Instead, our gov wants to use their plan as a blueprint.
Australia is now under covert control of the CCP.

Trouble is, so are we.
Australian businesses and companies could soon cop huge fines if they don't accept or carry cash. Politicians Andrew Gee and Bob Katter have introduced a bill that aims to keep physical money in circulation.
The Keeping Cash Transactions in Australia Bill 2024 was submitted to parliament this week and the MPs believe it's "crucial in protecting the availability and acceptance of cash payments across the nation".
“Shockingly, while the law provides that banknotes and coins are legal tender, there is currently no legal requirement for banknotes or coins to be accepted for transactions in Australia.

“In other words, carrying Australian banknotes is no guarantee that you will be able complete a purchase in cash — it’s all at the discretion of the business. If a business gives you notice that it won’t accept cash it won’t have to."

The bill calls for businesses that provide goods and services in "face-to-face settings" that are based in a "premises, structure or vehicle" must offer to accept, and must accept, payment in cash if the transaction isn't more than $10,000.

If legislated, the maximum civil penalties for not upholding this rule would be $5,000 for a person and $25,000 for a body corporate.
Bob Katter sparked an almighty debate earlier this year after his $50 note was refused at a cafe inside Parliament House.

He was told the venue didn't accept physical money and even though it offered to give the MP the meal for free, Katter didn't let it go.

“Legal tender means you must accept it, it’s the law,” he said. “I fight the battle because otherwise all your freedom is gone.

It's totally stupid that a law to require the ability to use a nation's own cash within that same nation, is even necessary.

Just shows how truly stupid many people are.

Want to Pay Cash? That’ll Cost You Extra​

When Noa Khamallah recently tried to pay cash for popcorn and soda at Yankee Stadium, his almighty dollars struck out.

The stadium’s concession stands no longer take cash. An employee directed him to a kiosk that could convert his greenbacks into plastic. Khamallah, 41 years old, fed $200 into the reverse ATM, which subtracted a $3.50 fee and spat out a debit card with a balance of $196.50.

Paying for anything in New York is expensive already, said Khamallah, who lives in the city. “If you add on top of that extra fees for being able to pay for food, that’s not right,” he said.

Paying with cash used to be a way to get a discount. These days it can often cost an extra $1 to $6—the sort of transaction fees once limited to swiping a credit card or using an out-of-network ATM.

Reverse ATMs like those at Yankee Stadium are now common at cashless venues and restaurants across the country as a way to cater to those who prefer paying in cash. People who want to pay their parking tickets, tolls, taxes or phone bills in cash, meanwhile, often learn that government agencies and businesses have outsourced that option to companies that usually charge a fee.

All that can amount to a penalty on the people who prefer paying cash. Though it is more common to buy things with cards and mobile devices, cash remains the third-most popular way to pay, accounting for 16% of all payments in 2023, according to the Federal Reserve. That’s down 2 percentage points from the year before, continuing a steady decline that accelerated during the pandemic.



Do You Want to Pay With Cash? - That Will Cost You More​

Jun 9, 2024 #NoCash #Cashless #CashFee

We are here in this morning and more. Businesses are not accepting cash. If you want to use cash, you will have to pay a fee to use cash. Some banks are even charging for cash deposits.


Here are the links for the stories mentioned in this video:

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- https://www.bankrate.com/banking/savi...
- https://www.patriotsoftware.com/blog/...
That diary does not mention at all that the use of cash might just be impacted by the various prongs of the war on cash (access restrictions, algorithmic debanking of cash heavy businesses, etc.).
Apparently this video is about a year old now, but I saw it for the first time today.

Strawberry legend.

The Government Doesn’t Want You Using Cash​

In the Wall Street Journal, I had a letter to the editor published on June 26 regarding the rise of electronic payments and the fall of cash.

In the article I responded to, Oyin Adedoyin pointed out that businesses have been moving away from cash for a variety of reasons. For example, tapping a card can be much faster than counting out change. Likewise, not having to store large sums of cash on‐site can reduce the risks of theft (both internal and external). However, as I pointed out in my letter, it’s also worth noting how much the government itself discourages cash use.


The Government Doesn’t Want You Using Cash
The "government" doesn't want you living.

The government, today, is a cabal of insane sexual deviants who hate normal people and humanity in general. They lust for total control, not JUST because they're control freaks, but because they want to STOP economic activity.

Just shut up and die, you cis normie Deplorable, you.
Not a glass half full kind of a guy I see. :ROFLMAO:
How do you find a compromise with adversaries who WANT YOU DEAD?

Let them kill half of you? Beat you half dead? There can be no compromise, not when the PREMISES is, not a land or consent to operate or trade in a certain way, but...TO ELIMINATE YOU - WHO THEY HAVE DECIDED IS THE CAUSE OF THEIR PROBLEMS.

That is where we are with the Globalists. They're unhinged, removed from basic realities, sexually-twisted...and they despise us, and right now they have enough tools in various governments, they can actually ACHIEVE something like a Malthusian Clot Shot, all over the world.
How do you find a compromise with adversaries who WANT YOU DEAD?

If someone really wants you dead, you can't compromise with them.

That said, I've been reading all sorts of stuff about depopulation for years. I don't see things heading to that, but more towards control. CBDCs come to mind. Been following news about them for a while now and they seem to be chugging along. IMF, BIS and national govs all seem on board. Control food, control the means of buying necessities and you'll control society. Ergo.........a cashless society.

And I honestly believe a cashless society is coming. Just didn't think things were as far along as they appear to be now.

And while I could be dead wrong, I think the covid stuff was either a chance escape from a laboratory or some type of disease that got outta hand.

As to depopulation.............what would the elites do without worker bees?

jm2c (fwiw)

Businesses Suffering Big Time for Not Taking Cash​

Jul 8, 2024 #cashless #badbusiness #iallegedly

I dive deep into why businesses going cashless is causing major headaches and even financial losses. From restaurants in Los Angeles to the iconic Roman baths in Bath, UK, the shift away from cash is hitting hard. You'll hear stories about local laws, the challenges faced by lower-income communities, and even how big retailers like Target are phasing out personal checks.


Here are the links for the stories mentioned in this video:

- https://nypost.com/2024/07/07/lifesty...
- https://nypost.com/2024/07/05/us-news...
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- https://share.newsbreak.com/7mjj23mv?...
- https://nypost.com/2024/07/06/lifesty...
- https://nypost.com/2024/07/06/busines...
- https://www.bbc.com/news/articles/c3g...
- https://nypost.com/2024/07/07/us-news...
- https://nypost.com/2024/07/07/us-news...
- https://t.ly/qOPkV
One moar reason not to shop at Tar-ghey. (French pronounciation - which fits with their obvious preference for one customer group...)

The death of the personal check: As retailers move toward 'check zero,' here's what that means for you​

  • Target is the latest retailer to stop accepting personal checks as a form of payment at checkout.
  • As the U.S. steadily moves toward a "check zero" world, here's who may be affected.
Most Americans may not even remember the last time they wrote a check.

Only 15% of adults said they wrote a few checks a month in 2023, according to a recent report by GoBankingRates. At the time of the late November survey, 46% of the more than 1,000 respondents said they hadn't written a single check in 2023.



Why Gold & Silver WON'T Help Against CBDC's - They Are NOT Practical At ALL!!​

Jul 20, 2024 #gold #silver #bank

In this video, we dive deep into the recent global IT outages that have disrupted economies and daily life around the world. While some suggest turning to gold and silver as a safe haven, and others tout Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) as a modern solution, we explore why these options may not address the core issues.

📉 Gold and Silver: Age-Old Solutions, Modern Limitations
Gold and silver have historically been seen as stable stores of value, especially during times of crisis. However, in our highly interconnected and digital world, relying on these precious metals has significant drawbacks:

Lack of Immediate Liquidity: Unlike digital currencies, gold and silver can't be used for instant transactions.
Storage and Security Issues: Safeguarding physical assets is costly and complex.
Non-Scalable Solutions: In a global economy, the scalability of precious metals is highly impractical.

🌐 CBDCs: Digital Innovation or Digital Vulnerability?
Central Bank Digital Currencies are hailed by some as the future of money, offering a regulated and secure form of digital cash. Yet, they come with their own set of challenges:

Centralized Risks: CBDCs can still be susceptible to the same IT vulnerabilities that caused the outages.
Privacy Concerns: Increased government control over individual financial data raises significant privacy issues.
Transition Challenges: The shift to CBDCs requires significant infrastructure changes and public adoption, which can't happen overnight.

Join us as we explore these complex issues and discuss more sustainable and secure solutions for our digital future. Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more insightful content!

From the summary, sounds like he's pushing wishful thinking.

I'll bet, once you get into his "arguments" it's another sales pitch for Bitcoin.

Not interested. Not interested in money I need to have an expensive device to use, intense instruction to know HOW to use and store (or else put faith in scummy exchange-operators) and an elaborate network to be able to use.

Moar and moar, we see how easily these kludgy networks can be brought down - in terrorist strikes, for blackmail and even for political aims, as happened yesterday.

MONEY, in HAND, is the most-basic, simplest transaction. Value for value. Chicken for silver. Lotta silver for little gold. Gold for land, or for a home, or for other high-value exchange.

Thus it was and thus it will be. Verifiable value in the hand, eliminates or minimizes the need for trust or verification of the seller.
Do you believe it? That there are dangers to society in going cashless?

Look through the thread. Very good possibility you asked, and I answered, this before.
If you do, then isn't the answer for all of us to try to find ways to use at least some cash?

The less it's used, the easier it'll be for it to be taken away.

You don't need to use it for ALL transactions, but isn't there some spot in your life for cash? We all need to make at least some effort to increase demand for cash before the point comes where it simply won't be an option.
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