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I Trained Like Muhammad Ali: Here’s What Happened​

Mar 30, 2024

In this video, I attempted to train like Muhammad Ali. That means adding jump rope, heavy bag work, and running to my workouts, every single day. It turned out to be quite a lot!
Reportedly, Ali would run about 7 miles to his 5th Street Gym, then do 10-20 minutes of jump rope, followed by ab training, and many rounds of heavy bag work and shadow boxing. He didn't typically do much sparring but would, instead, allow an opponent to try and hit him while he practiced evasion.
My hope, was that this additional training could help to improve my cardio, give me more energy, and make me faster and looser on my feet. Despite his massive size, Ali moved gracefully and explosively.
Things didn't go precisely according to plan... but you'll need to watch the video to find out more!
Either way, Muhammad Ali is a hugely influential figure whose charisma, sharp wit, and innovations within the sport cement him as a legend.
Is your training inspired by Ali?


Bodybuilders Eating In The Golden Era 1975 - Pumping Iron​

Apr 3, 2024

Behind the Scenes of Pumping Iron, bodybuilders eating post workout in preparation for the 1975 Mr Olympia. They also discuss the idea of creating a Bodybuilders Union to improve their financial situation and not get screwed by Weider. Enjoy.

This one's pretty good. Jerry talks about Brian Johnson in a way that had me smiling.

To begin:

Bryan Johnson’s anti-aging Blueprint ‘basics’ are now officially available to the public for $333 a month—but you’ll need the right ‘vibe’ to join the ‘fun’​

Bryan Johnson, the tech entrepreneur-turned-biohacker, is opening the doors to his “secret plan to kickstart our evolution from Homo Sapiens to Homo Evolutis”.

The 46-year-old, who has spent the last year swapping blood with his 17-year-old son, adhering to a strict diet, and taking unproven gene therapy injections in a bid to achieve a biological age of 18, is now offering his fountain of youth formula to the public.

For $333 a month those wanting to follow the maverick entrepreneur's regime can take Johnson’s 'basics' which includes, nutty pudding, extra virgin olive oil, ginger and garlic.

The centi-millionaire founder of Blueprint revealed on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, that applications are open to try out the 90-day “self-experimentation study”—but be quick, there’s only enough stock for 2,500 people.


Now let's hear what Jerry has to say...............

Nothing to see, can listen in one tab, play around the forum in a different tab.

Bryan Johnson's Blueprint to Live to 200​

Apr 9, 2024


62-Year-Old Rock Icon Jon Bon Jovi Show Us His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health​

Apr 15, 2024
Jon Bon Jovi takes us into his New Jersey home and at 62, explains how his diet and exercise has changed through out his career - from the beginning days of Bon Jovi until performing on stage today. Sharing details on his recent throat surgery, he tells us what his recovery process has included. His motto is everything in moderation and he explains how he lives by that.


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78-Year-Old Ghostbuster Actor Ernie Hudson Shows Off His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men’s Health​

Apr 20, 2024

Ghostbusters star Ernie Hudson takes us into his kitchen and shows off his fridge and takes through his diet staples. Throughout his decades long career, he's been known for his hulking physicality -- one he has maintained all the way through his 70s. Learn how he has modified his workout through the years to keep his body feeling good.


The Fall Guy's Ryan Gosling and David Leitch Talk Stunts | Don't Read The Comments | Men's Health​

Apr 22, 2024

The Fall Guy's star Ryan Gosling and director David Leitch discuss the art of stuntwork in films. Often overlooked and not given the credit it deserves, they discuss why stuntmen are so important on set and how they keep actors safe. They also highlight some of their favorite stunt sequences from the past year, like Barbie and John Wick.

This one is a podcast, not much to see (just Jerry and his guest) so I recommend listening in one tab, playing around the forum in a different tab.

Jerry Brainum Interviews Lucas about naturally raising testosterone levels​

Apr 16, 2024

In this video, Jerry Brainum Interviews Lucas Aoun, a ergogenic aids expert, about his personal program to boost testosterone levels to the highest degree without the use of any anabolic drugs. For more information about Lucas, check out his boost your biology YouTube channel. For in depth information about nutrition; exercise science, anti-aging research; ergogenic aids; hormone therapy, supplement science; women's health and fitness and much more, subscribe today to Jerry Brainum's Applied Metabolics,


Jerry's channel:
Lucas's channel:

Stunt Legend David Leitch Shows Off Fall Guy Fight Training | Train Like | Men's Health​

Apr 24, 2024

The Fall Guy' Director and former stuntman David Leitch explains what it takes to be a stuntman in Hollywood. He takes us into the facility where the fight scenes in films like Atomic Blonde and Bullet Train were choreographed. He walks us through the grueling training and fight choreography every stuntman or woman goes through to prepare for a role including wushu, Muay Thai, and jiu jitsu.


The Best of Arnold Schwarzeneggar - Pumping Iron​

Jan 24, 2012

Some Highlights from the famous movie "Pumping Iron." These are some of Arnolds best moments.

Surfing and a booty workout with Alana.............


In this video Jack and I go for a surf and then I go through my favorite booty exercises. We hope you enjoy the video and let us know if you liked the workout. :)


Straight Facts: The Biggest Bodybuilding Mistakes & Misconceptions No One Talks About​

Jan 26, 2022 #bodybuilding #StraightFacts #JerryBrainum

Nobody is perfect. But in today's day and age of fast flying digital technology - bodybuilding misconceptions are more prevalent than ever before. It might stand to reason that having a search engine in our pockets at all time provide us with more access to correct information. But the sad reality is that the internet gives away to more misinformation that spreads and is believed at a faster rate.

That's why Jerry Brainum is going to clear the air with his breakdown and list of the most common bodybuilding misconceptions and training mistakes. Most of these misconceptions you may have heard before - or even quite possibly believed as a genuine tip to help your training. That's how strongly spread these mistakes are after all of these years. That's why Brainum wants to set the record straight.


READ full article:

*From Jerry 4/29/24: Ignore the last part about sending questions to Generation Iron. I haven't worked with them in years.

Adam Levine Shows Off His Gym and Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health​

Apr 30, 2024

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine takes us into his home and shows us the biggest fridge we've ever seen on this show, which is stuffed full of his favorite drinks and veggies grown in his home garden. Plus, there is one snack he absolutely needs backstage at every show while on tour. He also explains to us how his love of sports and competition translates on stage and in his workouts.


Kicking off on May 17th, three-time GRAMMY Award-winning multi-platinum band Maroon 5 will return to Dolby Live at Park MGM for 16 performances of their Las Vegas residency, M5LV The Residency. Tickets available now:

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Can A One Minute Walk Change Your Life?​

May 1, 2024

Walking is powerful! In this video, Dave talks about five ways a one-minute walk could change your life.

If you're struggling to make fitness stick, you're invited to try the Walking is Fitness podcast. There's a new ten-minute episode every day that will help you for a fitness habit that lasts. And, to keep it fun, Dave records each episode while he's out walking too.

This one is for peeps into tactical fitness. Stew Smith was a Navy SEAL and Naval Academy coach and most of his posts / vids are for those in military, police and other similar fields. I'm posting it for entertainment / educational purposes.

Can't Run - Try These Bike Workouts​

There are moments in every runner's journey when they face setbacks like tendonitis, shin splints, sprained ankles, or foot pain. It's a common experience, with over half of all runners encountering a running-related injury yearly. However, these challenges don't have to stop your progress. By incorporating these effective alternative training options, you can maintain your cardio training habit even when you cannot run for a few weeks or longer.

It is possible to take some time off from running, heal up, and get back to running again even faster than before you were injured, but let’s explore these options:

The bike workouts listed below are not your typical leisurely rides. They are designed to replicate the intensity of your running efforts. Even zone two biking, considered moderate, requires a level of pacing that is work. These workouts are intense, pushing your leg, lung endurance, and muscle stamina to the limit. The result? You'll likely return to running faster than before you were injured.

Bike Workout #1: Bike Tabata Intervals – This high and easy intensity interval works in 20-second fast / 10-second easy segments. Hold the 20 fast / 10 easy intervals for the time of your timed running event. If you run your 1.5-mile run in 10 minutes, these intervals will last 10 minutes. However, take an easy 5-minute rest (slow bike) and repeat the 10 minutes of the Tabata Interval again.

Bike Workout #2: Bike Pyramid (increase resistance EMOM) – For this pyramid workout, you start at 80 RPMs at level one on the resistance scale and keep it in between the range of 70 and 90 RPMs the entire workout. Every minute on the minute you increase the resistance by one or two levels depending on the amount of time you have. You can apply the Tabata interval for any cardio machine, but many have also used it for work-to-rest ratios for calisthenics and kettlebells.

Bike Workout #3: 100-calorie burnout set – as fast as possible - This is meant to be a higher-intensity workout. That would be like a sprint workout if you were running. Then, it is your job to go as fast as you can for as long as you can until you reach 100 calories. This workout/test estimates caloric burn, but it feels like you are timing yourself and a mile run. Typically, 100 calories burned on a bike or elliptical takes about the same time to run a mile fast with similar effort. This is one of those workouts that takes five and seven minutes to bike. After you burn 100 calories, rest with easy peddling for 5 minutes and do it again for a second set. If you have anything left in you, try for a third set after another 5-minute easy period.

Let's not overlook the power of rest and recovery, especially from impact exercises like running. Sometimes, the body needs a de-load. Occasionally, you can take an easy week, or an injury will dictate your de-load weeks. Give it to yourself and allow your body the rest it needs.



Is Gym Etiquette A Thing Of The Past?​

May 3, 2024


The Shortest Heavyweight Learned To Box In Prison & Became A Champ - Qawi Boxing Style Explained​

May 9, 2024 #Boxing #DwightMuhammadQawi #EvanderHolyField

Dwight Muhammad Qawi was a 5'6" light heavyweight champion. To do that he employed insanely advanced head movement, 3 types of guards, and some gutsy but grounded offense. Learning to box in prison, he later trained at Joe Frazier's gym and even fought George Foreman.


Guy Fieri Shows Us The Workout That Helped Him Lose 30 Pounds | Weights & Plates | Men’s Health​

May 15, 2024

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri takes home with him and shows around his ranch, barn and outside kitchen. He explains why getting a workout in first thing in the morning is so important to him. He also cooks a couple of his favorite at-home meals that are great post workout. He finishes in his home sauna.


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Olympic Fencer Miles Chamley-Watson Show His Workout | Train Like | Men’s Health​

May 20, 2024

Olympic fencer Miles Chamley-Watson takes us through a typical training session as he prepares for Paris 2024. He explains why it’s important to build a strong core and legs how this strength translates into fencing. He also shows off his grip strength skills and explosive movements.

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