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Remember Bonomo Turkish Taffy?


Born: December 25, 1901, in Brooklyn, New York
Died: March 28, 1978, in Los Angeles, California

Joe Bonomo was born to Turkish immigrants, the owners of Bonomo’s Confections, located on Coney Island’s boardwalk in Brooklyn. As a youngster, nicknamed “Toothpicks,” Bonomo was convinced by the locally performing Coney Island strongman, “Ladislaw,” that “he too could become powerful, famous and wealthy if he adhered to a proper diet and regular exercise.” Obsessed by Coney Island carnival showmanship, Bonomo studied and gleaned every moneymaking antic practiced along Surf Avenue in order to attain his goals. He befriended notables, grapplers, and strongmen traveling the streets of Brooklyn, which included mail-order tycoon Charles Atlas, who ultimately became his mentor.



Effect of Tai Chi vs Aerobic Exercise on Blood Pressure in Patients With Prehypertension​

Key Points
Question Is Tai Chi more effective in reducing blood pressure (BP) for patients with prehypertension compared with aerobic exercise?

Findings In this randomized clinical trial that included 342 participants, the mean decrease in systolic BP from baseline to month 12 was significantly greater in the Tai Chi group compared with the aerobic exercise group.

Meaning Among patients with prehypertension, Tai Chi was shown to be more effective than aerobic exercise in reducing BP after 12 months.



Ja Rule Shows Off His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men’s Health​

Hip-hop icon Ja Rule takes us inside his gym and fridge, showing us the diet and fitness routine he uses to stay in shape.

Getting the Pump

The black, rubbery mat bubbles unpredictably beneath my back as I hold one sixty-pound dumbbell in each hand, palms facing each other above my chest—knees bent, feet firm—and move my arms out, then lower them, slow and controlled. I feel my chest stretch. I fight gravity. I raise the dumbbells up toward each other again, consciously contracting my chest throughout the movement, and squeezing as hard as I can at the top; I imagine my muscle fibers microscopically tearing; I imagine cells shooting through my body toward my chest like electrical currents, or little guppies rushing in a river; I feel engorged—I think of blood; I crease my eyes and grunt; I shrink myself down and enter into the muscle.

Focus, I think, feeling myself drift a bit. Ggggghh. I shrink myself down even smaller. I shrink myself down into nothing. I confront the nothingness there with a new kind of attention. I savor the nothingness. I live in the dark night of nothingness until my whole being becomes blood rushing into my muscles and suddenly I am surrounded by light. My head enters my chest and starts pulsing, like a heart; my consciousness becomes another molecule, a cell among cells; consciousness is not a machine, or a mistake, but an ever-present awareness of the obstacle; I only exist in relation to the obstacle—I am not a static being, but becoming, overcoming—and by the time the weight is lifted to the top position my head is even deeper inside of my chest, all burning and firing and pumped up alive.



Reacher's Alan Ritchson Shows Off His Gym and Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men’s Health​

Feb 27, 2024

'Reacher' star Alan Ritchson takes us deep into the Smoky Mountains and shows his home gym and fridge. From his wife’s homemade meatloaf to his obsession with cookie dough, he shares the secrets of how he stays jacked for his role as Jack Reacher - including his home workout and recovery in the woods. Watch more Men's Health Gym and Fridge videos HERE:


Gym & Fridge:
Train Like a Celebrity:
Eat Like a Celebrity:
Men'$ Wealth:
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Muscle Freaks and Site Injections​

Feb 27, 2024


Javier Bardem Talks Dune Training and Jason Momoa | Don't Read The Comments | Men's Health​

Dune 2 star Javier Bardem shares behind the scenes secrets from Dune, his psychotic No Country For Old Men character, playing a villain in Pirates of the Caribbean, and much more.


Everything Halo Star Pablo Schreiber Eats In A Day | Eat Like | Men’s Health​

Mar 5, 2024

'Halo' star Pablo Schreiber breaks down his daily diet for staying in peak shape—which includes at least 5,000 calories —all in the name of gains. Plus, he reveals the tip that The Rock gave him and the role that inspired him to start building muscle. 8 mins long.


Old School Camraderie and Why Gold’s Gym Equipment Was The Best - Ken Waller Interview​

In this video Ken Waller talks about Gold's Gym Equipment and old school camraderie amongst bodybuilders. Enjoy.


Trevante Rhodes Shows Us How He Maintains Six Pack Abs | Don't Read The Comments | Men's Health​

And the description will be: Mea Culpa star Trevante Rhodes takes us through his extremely thorough core workout that has gotten him in shape for roles like Moonlight and MIKE. He explains how his college athlete days still inspire him and his workouts.


The Calisthenics Master That Time Forgot​

Do you know about Jack LaLanne? He was a fitness guru from the 20th century who did a lot more than just promote gyms. He was a master of calisthenics. An absolute BEAST. And more importantly, he influenced millions of people to exercise in their homes and eat a healthier diet. In this video, I cover everything from Jack LaLanne's approach to working out to his diet, his amazing feats of strength, his power juicer, and more. He was a huge inspiration for me, so I made this video for 2 reasons: (1) to carry on his legacy for anyone who didn't know about him, and (2) to show you guys where a lot of my inspiration comes from for MTG. I hope you guys enjoy this different type of video!


Wendy Suzuki: The brain-changing benefits of exercise | TED​

What's the most transformative thing that you can do for your brain today? Exercise! says neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki. Get inspired to go to the gym as Suzuki discusses the science of how working out boosts your mood and memory -- and protects your brain against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's. 13 mins long.

This is a little on the political side. It's well researched and well written.

By Challenging Our Physical Bodies, We May Heal Our Civic Ones​

In 1819, philologist and theologian Friedrich Ludwig Jahn was jailed by Prussian authorities. His crime wasn’t suspect theological treatises but teaching gymnastics and calisthenics. Despite his relative obscurity in the annals of history, Jahn invented much of what is regarded today as modern gymnastics, systematizing elements like the vaulting horse, rings and balance beam that grace mainstream television screens every four years during the Olympics. How his instruction of formal exercise became so frightening to local authorities is worth examining in our time.

Since the Enlightenment, educational reformers had sought to revive the Greek gymnastic ideal, summarized by the Roman poet Juvenal as mens sana in corpore sano (a healthy mind in a healthy body). As a result, European gymnastics had been slowly evolving, vaguely linked with the moral development of the young.

Jahn inherited this tradition, being a secondary school teacher. But since he was also a fervent patriot and veteran, he saw gymnastics as a crucible to forge a sense of solidarity and civic duty in the general population. Brooding on Napoleon’s shattering of Germany into a series of loosely connected states ruled by autocrats, Jahn became obsessed with the notion that Teutonic youth lacked the deep psychophysical reserves necessary to hold their national sovereignty intact.



Fasting and Food...It all adds up.​


Bo Jackson Shows Off His Gym and Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men’s Health​

Former MLB All Star and Heisman Trophy winner Bo Jackson takes us through his home kitchen and gym and explains how he stays in shape in his sixties.


Watch more Men's Health videos HERE:

Everything Mark Wahlberg Eats In a Day | Eat Like | Men’s Health​

Mar 14, 2024

'Arthur The King' star Mark Wahlberg takes us through the extremely regimented and robust meals he eats every day that took him 52 years to fine tune. He discusses everything he's learned from the best proteins to the right time of the day to eat. Learn about his training for the physically challenging role of playing an adventure racer.


How A Daily Ten Minute Walk Could Change Your Life​

Mar 13, 2024

A lot of us take walking for granted. But, an intentional ten-minute walk every day could change your life. In this video, Dave explains the health, emotional, and productivity benefits of making this commitment.

If you have struggled with building fitness into your daily schedule, you're invited to check out Dave's daily podcast, Walking is Fitness. Every episode is a ten-minute walk...even for Dave!

First Ric Drasin vid to cross my screen in a while. From 2010.

venice golds 1970 revisited.m4v​

Venice Gold's revisited from the 1970's. A tour of the past

Little bit of this, little bit of that, some heavy, some fun in this chat featuring Ralph Romeo and Jerry Brainum. One hour, 20 secs long. Nothing to see, so if you prefer you can listen in one tab, play around the forum in a different tab.

Jerry Brainum (Bodybuilding Guru) Returns!!!​

Mar 18, 2024


Jake Gyllenhaal's Workout To Get His Ridiculous Road House Body | Train Like | Men's Health​

Mar 19, 2024

Road House star Jake Gyllenhaal trained like crazy to get absolutely shredded for his role in Road House. Gyllenhaal's trainer, Jason Walsh takes us through every movement the actor does in his daily workout to prepare for the role -- both aesthetically and to perform stunts. Watch more Men's Health videos HERE:


Gym & Fridge:
Train Like a Celebrity:
Eat Like a Celebrity:
Men'$ Wealth:
Don't Read The Comments:
In this one Jerry talks about gaining strength. Nothing to see, can listen in one tab, surf the web in a different tab. 29 mins long.

Mar 19, 2024


Indy 500 Champ Josef Newgarden Shows Us His Workout | Train Like | Men's Health​

Mar 21, 2024

Indy Car champion Josef Newgarden takes us through his workout that allows him to stay strong enough to control his car for hours on end -- professional driving is far more than merely sitting behind a wheel. He also discusses why he likes specific exercises from barbell cleans to kettlebell swings.


Arnold Schwarzenegger JOKES With Girlfriend During Gym Demo​

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his physical therapist girlfriend, Heather Milligan, share their fitness routine for his YouTube channel, 'The Pump.' The 'Terminator' star assists Heather's demonstrations of helpful exercises for those who pained and gained a little too hard.


Arnold Schwarzenegger (Age 76) WORKOUT & DIET Plan Reveled after Heart Surgery​

Mar 1, 2024

He's a bodybuilding icon, an action hero, and a former governor of California. But beyond the muscles and the movies, Arnold Schwarzenegger, embodies the power of lifelong dedication to health and fitness. While a heart surgery necessitated a shift from his intense training style, he still lifts weights, favoring lighter weights and higher repetitions. we'll delve into the strategies that keep this legendary figure in shape, even at 76 years old.


The Billion Dollar Black Market: Steroids (Full Episode) | Trafficked with Mariana Van Zeller​

Mar 17, 2024
Mariana attempts to understand the vanity, insecurity and greed that’s driving the unregulated, billion-dollar black market in body-enhancing drugs.


Nick Jonas Tells Us His Circuit Training Secrets To Stay Fit On Tour | Train Like | Men's Health​

Mar 26, 2024

Nick Jonas has been working since he was a kid, starting on Broadway all the way up to now - where he plays shows with his brothers every week. He was also diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and has learned how to manage his diabetes while staying fit.

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