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Stew Smith Going LIVE - Tactical Fitness QA​

Stew has a lot of info on tactical fitness. Nothing to see in this one, you can listen in one tab, play around the forum in a different tab.

You can find Stew Smith at for more articles, spec ops swimming tips, tactical fitness podcasts, books, training programs and more...

Have you ever considered that the catalyst for physical, mental, and emotional health is movement? Obviously, physical fitness is not the cure-all to all health problems, and both mental and emotional issues, nor should it replace professional counseling and medical checkups, but if you are looking for the one thing that you can do to help you, it is moving more. According to the Mayo Clinic, all forms of physical activity are helpful in this quest to help mental/emotional health. The biggest question now is how much movement you need to do. Well, science has helped with that answer in recent studies:

Benefits of Movement for Mental Health

Physical activity (especially walking) can help with a wide range of issues, from helping the body relieve stress, improve your mood, reduce issues with depressive and anxious symptoms, and add quality to your life. Add a social aspect to your movement, and now you have an even stronger source of mood enhancement by walking with a spouse or friend, group workouts, sports like tennis, paddleball, and pick-up basketball games, to name several options. In this study of exercise and mental health:

Individuals who exercised had 43% fewer days of poor mental health in the past month than individuals who did not exercise. All exercise types were associated with a lower mental health burden than not exercising. The largest associations were seen in social physical activities, like team sports, and group aerobic and gym activities. The ideal amount of activity seems to be a duration of 45 minutes and frequencies of three to five times per week. More exercise per day was not always better.

Both High Intensity and Low Intensity Methods

Higher-intensity physical activity means you put more effort into each activity you do to increase your heart rate to 75-100% max heart rate. However, the personal definition depends on your current fitness level, abilities, and what you prefer to do. If you like lifting heavy weights, running, biking, or swimming fast for a shorter period of time, high-intensity training is a good way to get your workouts done in a shorter amount of time. The good news is that high-intensity training works well for depression and anxiety symptoms. To make higher-intensity workouts work even better, follow up with an easy cardio cooldown and stretching with deep breathing.

Lower-intensity physical activity like walking, easy jogging, biking in the park, and yoga can be just as helpful with reducing stress and depressive symptoms by helping the body metabolize the stress hormones. The release of endorphins, in turn, helps you change the nervous system from a more fight-flight response and more into the rest-digest response. Seeing an improvement in sleep, digestion, and immune systems is why you want to add more easy physical activity to your day. Better sleep and digestion alone will improve your health and ability to recover from daily stress.

Many Lifters Hate Cardio, and Many Runners Hate Lifting

If you are asking what the best physical activity for you is, the answer is the one you will do regularly – several times a week. Do not feel you must join a gym and start powerlifting to get stronger or sign up for a marathon to accomplish more cardio. Many people love walking and running for their exercise, and many enjoy lifting weights. If you want to improve on the benefits of the time you invest in your physical and mental well-being, consider adding the activity you are not good at doing in small increments. Yes, that means mixing in some resistance training to your walking or other cardio activities. And it means adding some cardio to your lifting. For the results, you may want to interfere with what you enjoy the most; consider doing cardio AFTER lifting if you prefer to be at your best during the lifting workout. It's the same for the runner. Lift after the walk or run workouts for a short period just to build a base of strength and help the healthy aspects of the movement work together for you even more.

Consistency is Key



The GOAT Chest Expander - Best in the World​

Dec 18, 2023

In this video I introduce Robert Baraban's Chest Expander, who many consider the Best Chest Expander in the World. Enjoy.


**I plan on looking into this. If I buy one, I'll do a review on it.
From Sep 27, 2014

Working while bodybuilding to build a future. What do you do? Where do you make the money and still train. What's the future for you in bodybuilding?



Aug 6, 2020

First of all jealousy is not a good thing but if you are There are several ways to Handle it. Watch and you will see.


Rapper DDG Shows Off His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health​

Dec 21, 2023


Rapper DDG takes us through a tour of his home gym and stocked fridge. DDG shares the key elements to keep his diet healthy, reveals his drink of choice, and shows the workouts he uses to stay fit at home and while on tour. Watch more Men's Health Gym and Fridge videos HERE:

Jackson native who hauled his own kettlebells from place to place builds a fitness empire​

Fitness has always been a way of life for Ocean County native Anthony Kapasakis. And through his development of a unique 50-minute workout and 2014 launch of Sets Hybrid Training fitness centers in Jackson, Freehold, Barnegat, Old Bridge and other locations, he’s found a way to help others embrace the joys of fitness — and get results.

Growing up in Jackson, “I played football in high school and physical activity was always a big part of my life,” said Kapasakis, 33, a former Toms River resident who moved to South Carolina earlier this year. “My mother worked out every day like a machine, my father took me to play basketball every weekend, and I used to get exercise equipment from them as gifts,” he recalled of life with his “extremely active parents.”



Starting Strength Weekly Report​

Something a bit different.

The Real Story of the Von Erich Pro Wrestling Dynasty​

Dec 24, 2023

Dive into the true story behind “The Iron Claw” as the last surviving brother of the legendary Von Erich wrestling dynasty revisits the inescapable tragedy that plagued his once iconic family.

This is from Dec 2012. Imagine how much worse things are now.

Obesity is a National Security Issue: Lieutenant General Mark Hertling at TEDxMidAtlantic 2012​

Lieutenant General Mark Phillip Hertling, is the Commanding General, US Army Europe and Seventh Army. In that role, he is the commander of the approximately 42,000 U.S. Army forces assigned to Europe, and he is the Army Component Commander of U.S. European Command. While Hertling's primary role is training U.S. Army soldiers and units for Contingency and Full Spectrum Operations, he is also responsible for Theater Security Cooperation and Building Partner Capacity with the 51 allied nations that are part of the European area of operation.


Was Bruce Lee TRULY an Incredible Athlete? Would He Succeed in MMA? - A Case Study​

Wishing everyone who follows / reads the thread a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year!

Every January Adriene (Yoga with Adriene) does a 30-day journey into yoga. It's good for anyone interested in yoga. Today I'll post the first video in this year's series. Here's the link to her channel should you want to follow along . Good luck to all in your 2024 fitness journey.

It’s GET READY day! A little moment to get yourself organized, take stock of your energy, and prepare for our next 30 days together on the mat.

(Consider this Day 0. Your first movement practice kicks off with Day 1.)

I hope this multi-layered series will serve as a daily practice to help you feel your worth as you build a strong and flexible body. It is also my goal to help you learn how to access different energetic states for sustainable expansion and growth. While yoga is and remains a good workout for many, it was originally crafted to allow our souls to experience embodiment.

Surrender to the FLOW of life that moves through your practice. Discover your own unique flow state, and drop in, my friend. I believe in the power and science of these practices, and I am honored to be your guide.


Read through the article, haven't clicked on any of the links yet. I can say is that it is well written, well researched and definitely worth your time. Good stuff here.


Stories from the Past How I met Arnold thru Bodybuilding​

Link to Starting Strength Radio (podcasts.) Free at the link, nothing to see, can listen in one tab, play around the forum in a different tab.


Michelin Star Chef David Shim Shares His High-Protein Beef Recipe | Weights & Plates | Men's Health​

David Shim, executive chef and owner of Cote restaurants, shares his healthy, high-protein meal of galbi, rice, and pickles that's great for post-workout recovery. Watch how to make it and get the recipe in this episode of #WeightsandPlates.


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Shredded Chef Shares His Secret Go To High-Protein Meal | Weights & Plates | Men's Health​

Celebrity chef and former physique competitor Michael Chernow shares how to maximize your fitness goals with nutrition and cooks up an ideal post workout meal–coal-fired steak. Watch how to make it and get the recipe in this episode of #WeightsandPlates


Alexander Zass - A Different Kind Of Strength​

Jan 14, 2024

A documentary covering the life, achievements and training methods of the great Alexander Zass. He was also known as Samson and "The Father of Isometric Training"

Strength performers have, historically, been somewhat shady individuals. For every Arthur Saxon who tried their best to be as honest as possible, there were hundreds of individuals seeking to deceive the public. Typically during the late 1800s and early 1900s, strength performers deceived the public in one of three ways.


'Curb' Actor Jeff Garlin's Diet & Workout Behind His 90lb Weight Loss | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health​

Jan 19, 2024

Jeff Garlin takes us through a tour of his outdoor home gym and stocked fridge. The 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' star shares his love for cottage cheese juice, his go-to dinner meal, and how he maintains his sobriety eating clean as a diabetic. Plus, he shares his morning boxing routine with celebrity trainer, Peter Lee Thomas. Be sure to check out season 2 of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' out Feb. 4th.


Watch more Men's Health Gym and Fridge videos HERE:

I’ve been running for 40 years and there’s a very good reason I’ve never given up the gym​

I’ve been exercising consistently for 40 years, and the indoor-outdoor running dilemma never goes away. There are sunny days when running on a treadmill seems like an act of lunacy, and there are sleety evenings when pounding through the woods feels like bizarre madness.

The Gym Group, with 230 sites, says it’s turning away from treadmills to weights as we see a resistance-training boom pull a new audience of women towards the dumbbells and barbells. It could be that people no longer view these facilities as places for running.

According to Statista, there were six million UK runners in 2022 and PureGym figures say this compares with 10 million of us who go to the gym. However, stats from food brand Fridge Raiders say Britons waste £4 billion a year in unused memberships.

What’s better for you, and is running in the gym worth it?


Ralph Romeo Fitness interview with John Hansen

John Hansen champion bodybuilder, joins me​

Jan 22, 2024


How did Medieval Warriors & Monks Work Out? Fitness Methods and Techniques of the Middle Ages​

Exploring the exercises and fitness methods of the Middle Ages.


Do 19th Century Historical Physical Fitness Methods Really Work? Let's Find Out! - Episode1​

This is an introduction to a new series of videos in which we will be exclusively using historical 19th century and some early 20th century physical fitness methods to get back into shape, and see what that does to a person's body. The methods (and antique tools) used in this never-before-done "experiment" include 19th century calisthenics, light dumbbells, wands (both wood and iron), barbells, Indian clubs, and other popular implements of the period.


For part two, check out: • Can 19th Century Exercises Fix Modern...
For the whole playlist, check out: • Do 19th Century Historical Physical F...

Lawmen: Bass Reeves' David Oyelowo Shows Off His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health​

Jan 31, 2024

Lawmen: Bass Reeves star David Oyelowo takes us through a tour of his home gym and stocked fridge. The Emmy-nominated actor shares the key elements to keep his diet healthy, reveals how he preps for upcoming roles, and shows the workouts he uses to stay fit.


Watch more Men's Health Gym and Fridge videos HERE:
Can she do it?

Marine Commandos Put Me Through Their Physical Fitness Test **absolutely brutal**​


Taylor Swift's Workout Routine Includes Singing 44 Songs On The Treadmill​

  • Taylor Swift made key fitness and nutrition changes to train for the Eras Tour.
  • She worked out by singing on the treadmill and doing strength training sessions.
  • She also stopped drinking alcohol and spent time in bed to recover after shows.
There's no way you could've gone the past year without hearing any news about Taylor Swift—especially since she’s dating Super Bowl-bound Travis Kelce and just announced a new album, The Tortured Poets Department, at the 2024 Grammy Awards. Oh, and not to mention she just kicked off the next leg of her Eras Tour in Japan. The show is one of the most popular tours of all time—in fact, analysts predict that by the end of 2024, Taylor is likely to bring in over $2 billion over the span of her tour.

As if all that weren't enough, Taylor was also named Time's 2023 Person of the Year, and in her interview, she revealed how she trained for the global tour. News flash: It's intense. Ahead, here's all the details on Taylor's workout routine.



BEST of the BEST Gym & Fridges | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health​

Feb 9, 2024
Men's Health has visited 100 Gyms & Fridges. These are some of the highlights - from the dopest home workouts to the most beautiful locations and the most tricked out gyms. Watch more Men's Health Gym and Fridge videos HERE:


The gym industry is rattled by a flabby January as customers resist membership plans over $10​

A post-pandemic growth spurt for gyms in the US came to an abrupt halt in January, usually the busiest month of the year.

Foot traffic to major gyms was flat from January 2023, according to mobile phone location data for 10 chains tracked by January visits rose more than 40% in each of the past two years at the clubs, which include both closely held ones like Equinox Holdings Inc. and listed ones like Planet Fitness Inc. and Xponential Fitness Inc.

The slow start may signal a tough year ahead if traffic doesn’t expand. Planet Fitness, seen as a proxy for the industry as it’s the largest listed chain, usually adds about 400,000 members in January, about a quarter of its 1.7 million yearly sign ups, Chief Financial Officer Tom Fitzgerald said at a conference last month.

Xponential is expected to report its slowest revenue growth for the first quarter since going public in 2021, while Planet Fitness is on track for its second-worst quarterly sales growth since 2021.



History of Strand Pulling and Chest Expanders​

In this video we look in depth into the history of strand pulling and the chest expander. Enjoy.

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