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The World We Knew: July 1974 (A fast-paced chronicle of the sights and sounds of the '70s)​

Mar 18, 2024

Another two-for-one day for this series, so look for Aug. '74 as well. (Note: In this video I had to use live versions of Gordon Lightfoot's Sundown and Hues Corporation's Rock the Boat in order to get past the copyright cops.)


The World We Knew: August 1974 (last episode; read text below for important note)​

Mar 18, 2024

NOTE: Starting next week, The World We Knew will become The America We Knew: Same format, all USA (As if it wasn't 99 percent all-American anyway!) Forthcoming episodes will begin to increase in length as the proliferation of VCRs allows for a more detailed record of a culture that is nearly 50 years gone. PS: Has anyone else noticed the sound muted during the Rich Little/Jack Benny clip?


The Prime Times Of Our Lives (Phase 2, Part 3): The 1959-60 Network TV Schedule​

Mar 21, 2024

In Phase 1 of this series, we looked at the U.S. TV schedule on particular nights. But a lot of shows were missed. Phase 2 will cover those shows as we spotlight entire seasons from 1957-58 through 1973-74 in 18 chapters.


Once Completely Necessary, NOW OBSOLETE​

Mar 22, 2024
Some things were so necessary that it would be hard to believe they could ever disappear. But time has a funny way of erasing things from our daily lives. These objects are very familiar to all of us, but in most cases they have been obsolete for years, so let’s take at some of the things that were commonplace way back when, but are now obsolete.


Growing Up in the 1960s Means You Remember This​

Mar 29, 2024

#recollectionroad #nostalgia #1960s

Growing up during the 1960s meant that you experienced first-hand some of the most important moments of the last 100 years. The decade was also full of details that made your childhood special, and some of which make you yearn for the past. This video revisits some of my older videos, compiling them into a longer, more comprehensive presentation. So, please enjoy this compilation of If You Grew Up in the 1960s…You Remember This!


Fads From The 1990s You Forgot About​

Apr 5, 2024

The 1990s was the decade when GenX came into their own. As these young people grew up, they latched on to many things that have become ingrained into the 1990s. Clothing trends were big in the 90s, but so was this new thing called the internet, and who could forget some of the memorable ad campaigns that made us laugh. So let’s take a look back at some of the fads from the 1990s that you may have forgotten about.


The America We Knew: November 1974 (a weekly chronicle of our shared cultural past)​

Apr 8, 2024

Elton's got John and Mike's got Moscow. (Don't ask; just watch.) Plus the usual commercials, trailers, top-40 songs and more. Some viewers have asked why these videos aren't longer. The main reason is I'm limited by what's available. I have to find clips that are specific to the month. If I see a commercial online that is tagged "1974" but not "November 1974," I can't use it. I'm also limited (only slightly) but copyright restrictions. Also, I don't want to repeat the same old "yeah, the economy and the energy crisis and the Cold War are bad" images, for fear of redundancy. Having said all that, as the months progress more material will become available (especially after wider use of VCRs). I know this because I'm already way ahead, and future videos will be so long they'll have to broken into two or three parts. I promise you it's going to be awesome and the end result will be the best series by far I've ever run on YouTube.

Air Travel Used To Be So Different

Apr 12, 2024
Flying to a destination used to be a luxurious experience that was full of upgrades. Pretty much everything has changed– the boarding process, the amenities, and even the freebies, flyers were offered a completely different experience from the moment they got to the airport. So, let’s take a look back at how flying the friendly skies has changed over time!


Things We Collected in the 1970s​

Apr 19, 2024
All of us find various things to collect over the years. Some may be useful in some way, while others are just plain weird. The 1970s especially offered up some pretty unique collections for both kids and adults that you probably haven’t thought about in years. So, let’s rewind the clock and revisit some of these popular collectables from the 1970s.


Products Found in Every Home…1960s​

Apr 26, 2024

The 1960s is full of memorable products that instantly remind us of being at home. Just about every room in the house had something that was considered a must have, usually because they were great products. Many of these are still available today, which attests to their quality. So, let’s revisit some of the products that were found in just about every home in the 1960s.


The Saturday Evening Post Covers, Volume One: the Early Years​

Apr 28, 2024

Some of the best pictorial representations of America in the first half of the twentieth century, are the covers of the Saturday Evening Post Magazine. Enjoy!


10 Baby Boomers Life Choices, That Are NOW REJECTED​

May 3, 2024 #recollectionroad #nostalgia #babyboomers

The generational divide has never been greater, and society today seems as if it's coming apart at the seams. Families, careers, friendships, and even finances are affected by this shift, and certain baby boomer life choices have been completely rejected. I’m in favor of at least considering bringing back some of these decisions, so be sure to let me know what you think in the comments.


If You Grew Up in the 1970s…You Remember This!​

May 10, 2024 #recollectionroad #nostalgia #1970s

The 1970s began as an extension of the sixties and then took a turn as Generation X grew into their own. There were so many contrasting things happening, from Watergate to the emergence of the Summer Blockbuster movie. It was certainly a time when escaping reality was necessary, and it ended up giving us so many memorable moments. So, let’s take a look back, and if you grew up in the 1970s, you may remember this!


The America We Knew: September 1975​

May 20, 2024

Squeaky, Starsky, Hutch, Bowie, Barbarino, Kotter, Condor, Dog Day, Rocky (Horror) and Saturday Night Live starring...Howard Cosell???


The America We Knew: October 1975​

May 23, 2024
Big month for events such as the Thrilla in Manilla, Carlton Fisk's Game 6 home run in the World Series, the debut of (the real) Saturday Night Live, and my 21st birthday.


Things We Carried Around…Before Phones​

May 24, 2024
The days of carrying useful objects with us on a daily basis has certainly changed over the years. Our pockets and hands once held things that all of us needed to make life a little easier. So, let’s take a look back at a simpler time when we carried many things that did not include a cell phone.


Old-Time Home Delivery…That Made Life So Good!​

May 31, 2024 #recollectionroad #nostalgia

Today, daily delivery is the Amazon truck stopping at your house twice a day, which really doesn’t make life that much better. If we think back to the 1940s and 1950s, delivery to your home was about essentials, but I would argue it was also about relationships. It made life way more social than it is today, and we actually looked forward to all the people who made their daily or weekly stops at your house. So let’s look back at the old-time delivery that made life so much better.


Saturday Evening Post Covers Volume Two 1930s 1940s​

Jun 1, 2024

This installment covers the depression years, World War 2 and the post war 1940s.


Old-Time Door to Door Sales…That Made 1950s Life So Good!​

Jun 1, 2024 #recollectionroad #nostalgia #doortodoor

Door-to-door sales jobs were so prevalent, that many people, especially men, got their start in business by canvassing neighborhoods. They knocked on doors and met with homeowners, demonstrating the life-changing features that their products could deliver. These sales tactics were how companies built long term relationships with their customers. So, let’s take a look back at the old-time door to door sales that made life so good in the 1950s.


Things That Have Been Abandoned…1960s-1980s!​

Jun 7, 2024 #recollectionroad #nostalgia #abandoned

This is a compilation of my older videos. Past decades offer up many things that capture the essence of the time. Since the 1960s there have been countless things that, at the time, seemed perfect, but through the years they simply faded away. The must-haves from those analog decades of the 1960s through the 1980s have now been abandoned for newer, faster, or sometimes more compact replacements. So, let’s take a look back, and if you lived through these years, you will remember many of these abandoned items!


The America We Knew: March 1976​

Jun 10, 2024

Another nostalgic journey through our shared cultural past, specific to the month of March.



Jun 14, 2024 #recollectionroad #nostalgia

Your age says a lot about you, and having grown up in the decades that preceded the 1980s, means you have a lot of fond memories. The random objects that dotted your life, keep that period of time alive for you. It’s fun to think about those random things that made life so good. So let’s take a look back at things that might make you feel old… if you remember this!

I remember as a kid discovering the pawn shop. "The toy store is nothing like this!"
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