Shortwave Listening (SWL)

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Why put up a pirate radio station when you can run a live station on YouTube for free?

International Radio Report July 9th 2023​

Jul 9, 2023


The latest news in what is happening in the world of radio, local and international

LRA 36 Antarctica relaying Radio Nacional Argentina received via Brasilia Brazil kiwi SDR​

Jul 9, 2023


Special broadcast almost no signal in Montreal but this Brasilia , Brazil kiwi SDR is having a great signal

Op Ed: “OK, but why shortwave?”​

A question I’m regularly asked when talking about our radio show, and radio in general, is why choose independent radio rather than publishing a podcast or streaming playlist?
The answer is not a simple one, but I feel that it’s a powerful one.

Streaming services have made it far easier for new and independent artists to publish music, but publishing is only the first step in exposing new music to a potential audience. The age old problem faced by artists and publishers since the commercialization of music, remains – how does an artist or label get their new music heard?


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SANGEAN MMR-99 Emergency Weather Radio -- REVIEW​

Apr 8, 2023


It's impossible to know when an emergency situation will arise, so the smart move is always to have an emergency radio in your kit. RV, camping, or just in case, the SANGEAN MMR-99 Emergency Weather Radio is just jammed with great features and capabilities, notably including a solar charging panel, a hand crank, and a full 7-band NOAA weather radio tuner, along with AM/FM (with RDS)/Bluetooth/AUX. What most surprised tech expert Dave Taylor when reviewing the SANGEAN MMR-99 was that it actually sounds really good too, making it a pleasure to use for music too.

*Note - does not have shortwave bands. IMO - in a major emergency these would be good bands to have along with LSB & USB capabilities.

The Shortwave Stations Of The North Korean Defectors​

Jul 13, 2023


Radio Pacman / Mike Radio on 6290 kHz Shortwave, 28 July 2023, 1858 UTC​


Received with Airspy HF+ Discovery and a MegActiv MA305FT antenna: European Shortwave Pirate: Radio Pacman / Mike Radio on 6290 kHz Shortwave, 28 July 2023, 1858 UTC, Loc: JO40BT. Thanks for watching!

Marion's Attic on WBCQ 7490 kHz, 21:49 UTC. Hammarlund HQ-180A​

Oct 16, 2016


Marion's Attic on WBCQ 7490 kHz, 21:49 UTC.
Hammarlund HQ-180A and G5RV dipole antenna. QTH = Montreal , Canada

WBCQ The Planet​

It's all about the antenna.

Speaking about antennas...................

VK7s chat about antennas on 80m​

Premiered 4 hours ago


Listening to some VK7s (in Tasmania) talk about antennas on 80m. Using a simple regenerative receiver.
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Here's a few articles on shortwave radio antennas.


Medium and shortwave reception on a Rohde Schwarz EK 070 radio receiver​

Aug 4, 2023


Reception was very good today on all frequencies. I like very much the performance of this radio on CW (telegraphy) mode. The filters are excellent, and reception is generally very comfortable choosing the right filter and using the BFO control once the receiver is set on the frequency where the CW signal is strongest. The narrowest filter this receiver has is 150 Hz, and the widest is 12 kHz.


Tuning the shortwaves with an 80 year old radio receiver​

Aug 5, 2023


This BC-348 radio was manufactured some 80 years ago, as the main receiver on board heavy American WWII bombers such as the Boeing B-17 “Flying Fortress” and B-29 “Superfortress”.
It has an interesting ID tag, which indicates that the specific type is “BC-348 L”, and that this particular unit was stationed for some time in Algeria at the SFRA, which I believe was the French colonial airport authority during the 1950s.
It still works very well after all these years. It operates on 28VDC (the standard voltage in any aircraft) by means of an internal dynamotor that makes a very characteristic whirring noise.
Today I was surfing a bit the shortwave bands with it. Sounds very good on telegraphy, AM and even on single side band if you tune it with a bit of patience.


MW AM Broadcast from new QTH​

Aug 6, 2023


MW conditions at my new house on the West Coast of South Africa about 175 Km from Cape Town.
A view of my new listening post / radio room and equipment in use.
Reception of Super Radio Brazil a Transatlantic signal on 940 Khz in Portuguese.
Antenna my JHG amplified magnetic loop used indoors
Great example of what you can hear with a small portable shortwave and a reel-in wire antenna.

Urban DXPEDITION Parc Bellerive band scan 2000 UTC Shortwave Tecsun PL-990X​

Aug 2, 2023


another band scan of international broadcast bands

The next few vids are about coms with merchant ships. Something I've never done before but do plan on doing in the near future.

Marine DSC Digital selective calling decodes with Cargo Ship ID 12577 kHz Shortwave​

Aug 7, 2023

My first decodes on 12576 kHz USB for 1000 Hz tone, New Venture Cargo ship DSC decode

Marine Traffic website how to search ships received via DSC on Shortwave​

You can check out the information via this website

Tuning to short and medium waves on a WR1/1 Wehrmacht radio made in 1943​

Aug 11, 2023


Quick surfing of the short and medium wave ranges on this 1943 German troops entertainment radio, which still plays very well after over 80 years.
Among other stations, I can hear NHK on 13860 kHz from Ibaragi (Japan), Radio New Zealand International on 11725 from its Rangitaiki transmitter, Radio France International and a few others, as well as some big medium wave transmitters nearby.
For anyone interested in listening to shortwave radio here's a quick and cheap way to get started. Anon is a reliable company and I've brought several things from them. But that's me. You may be able to find the same things cheaper elsewhere. DYODD.




C Crane also has some good radios.

Here's a short but good review of the PL330. Best to watch on youtube so you can read the comments.

Do I still enjoy the Tecsun PL-330 and is it worth buying after testing it for a few weeks​

Jan 26, 2021


With the bugs fixed, this is definitely a winner , great radio, very sensitive and tons of features we don't have on any other portables of same price and size
Ham traffic

YB0AR Ferry & V85A Aman :ON 20M CQ : RX Lionel SWL🎧F-80737🇫🇷Antenne Magnétique Boucle​

Aug 15, 2023



V85A Aman

Antenna is a bit wild (for me)

What is the AM Expanded Band?​

Aug 20, 2023


Discovering the AM expanded band from 1602 kHz upwards. everything you need to know. Some countries license stations in this part of the spectrum but in Europe it's where lots of pirates are found. Here is a wiki page where you can click on the various expanded band frequencies and see what's on there.
Images of the French resistance broadcasting in code from Rene's basement.

A review with commentary on the best shortwave portable receivers I've ever owned​

Aug 25, 2023


Hi there, here is a commentary on the best shortwave portables I've ever used. I hope you enjoy it - and perhaps find it useful if you're in the market for buying another radio.
Thanks for watching and 73.

Not youtube, but real Antennas, by real people.

The 30 foot pipe that will hold my Hexbeam HF antenna and the Hexbeam antenna.
20221020_111922 (1).jpg
The foldover ground mount that will be anchored into a 12 inch sono-tube. The short pipe section inserts into the 30 foot pipe.
20230629_164615 (1).jpg
When stood up the 30 foot pipe is secured with U bolts into the Standoff mounted to the porch.

20221022_104817 (1).jpg
And more real antennas by real people.
20221020_094104 (1).jpg
My most productive antenna is the hardest to see. An off center fed dipole. A wire suspended from trees with supporting antenna ropes pulling it higher.
A 4 to 1 balun is where the coax is connected. I have talked and listened to every continent (conditions permitting) around the world with this antenna.

20221213_065448 (1).jpg
Hurricane Watch Net is now active to monitor: 14325 USB 7268 LSB shortwave.

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