Shortwave Listening (SWL)

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NEW XHDATA D-109WB test BBC World Service 25900 kHz Shortwave on Telescopic antenna​


NOAA Weather channels with Weather Alert is definitely a great feature of the XHDATA D-109WB​

XHDATA D-109WB VS D-109 band scan results comments and observations shortwave radio​


How The FCC Hunted The Mystery 'Hitler' Station​

Nov 17, 2023


International Radio Report November 19th 2023​

Nov 19, 2023


Hunting Super Illegal Signals​

Nov 20, 2023


Single Sideband SSB Viewer questions about how important it is to have it on a radio​


Remember SSB also means you have Lower Sideband LSB and Upper Sideband USB
I own a PL-330. Will recommend it.

December 2023 January 2024 Best AM FM Shortwave radio Tecsun PL-330 DSP with SSB​

Nov 27, 2023


This is one of the best portable receivers around at this time.
Here's a little CB skip.

Maine Sidebanders CB Radio Skip Clip​

Dec 2, 2023


The Source Of The Most Terrifying Signal Ever​

Nov 30, 2023


The Most Terrifying Shortwave Signal Ever • The Most Terrifying Shortwave Signal ...

I made a video recently on the story of the famous East German numbers station, Gongs and Chimes. This was one of the most unnerving numbers stations with its eerie gongs and chimes sound who’s quality worsened as the tape it was sent from degraded over the years.

It was widely believed for many years, in the numbers station community that the station, Enigma ID G03 came from Zeesen or other transmitting facilities in the Konings Wusterhausen area of Germany. However, other sources I’ve researched seem to suggest otherwise.


Dig around and you might find more info here:

Need to be able to use translate as site is in German.

Tuning 31 meter band on Yaesu FTdx10 with comments and tuning tips on shortwave​

Dec 4, 2023


Tuning the 9000 - 10000 kHz frequency range with description of the signals received
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