Shortwave Listening (SWL)

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NEW XHDATA D-109WB test BBC World Service 25900 kHz Shortwave on Telescopic antenna​


NOAA Weather channels with Weather Alert is definitely a great feature of the XHDATA D-109WB​

XHDATA D-109WB VS D-109 band scan results comments and observations shortwave radio​


How The FCC Hunted The Mystery 'Hitler' Station​

Nov 17, 2023


International Radio Report November 19th 2023​

Nov 19, 2023


Hunting Super Illegal Signals​

Nov 20, 2023


Single Sideband SSB Viewer questions about how important it is to have it on a radio​


Remember SSB also means you have Lower Sideband LSB and Upper Sideband USB
I own a PL-330. Will recommend it.

December 2023 January 2024 Best AM FM Shortwave radio Tecsun PL-330 DSP with SSB​

Nov 27, 2023


This is one of the best portable receivers around at this time.
Here's a little CB skip.

Maine Sidebanders CB Radio Skip Clip​

Dec 2, 2023


The Source Of The Most Terrifying Signal Ever​

Nov 30, 2023


The Most Terrifying Shortwave Signal Ever • The Most Terrifying Shortwave Signal ...

I made a video recently on the story of the famous East German numbers station, Gongs and Chimes. This was one of the most unnerving numbers stations with its eerie gongs and chimes sound who’s quality worsened as the tape it was sent from degraded over the years.

It was widely believed for many years, in the numbers station community that the station, Enigma ID G03 came from Zeesen or other transmitting facilities in the Konings Wusterhausen area of Germany. However, other sources I’ve researched seem to suggest otherwise.


Dig around and you might find more info here:

Need to be able to use translate as site is in German.

Tuning 31 meter band on Yaesu FTdx10 with comments and tuning tips on shortwave​

Dec 4, 2023


Tuning the 9000 - 10000 kHz frequency range with description of the signals received

A NEW Mystery US Military Signal Appeared​

Dec 10, 2023


Slow Scan TV decode 27700 kHz and 14230 kHz USB Shortwave MMSSTV software​

Dec 18, 2023

Using the Yaesu FTdx10 on end fed antenna with MMSSTV on Windows


Listening to The Voice of Türkiye on short wave on an SRT-CR91 radio receiver​

Dec 21, 2023

Booming signal from Istanbul today on 17715 kHz, and a very interesting program on old Turkish architecture, enveloped in dreamy traditional music.
The Voice of Turkey has a variety of programs in several languages, including French, Spanish and English on about any imaginable topic. I tune to them regularly for news and culture from that fascinating country.


12 Of The Strangest Most Secret Shortwave Signals​

Dec 22, 2023


NDR Gruß an Bord (Greetings on board) on Shortwave, 24 December 2023, 2035 UTC​

Dec 24, 2023


First: Merry Christmas to you and yours! Hope you have a nice time! A wonderful NDR programme for 70 years now: Gruß an Bord - Received with the Icom IC-R75 and a Wellbrook antenna. LOC: JO40bt Thanks for watching!

The diminishing, but still wonderful sounds of Christmas Eve on longwave with the Yaesu FRG-100​

Dec 25, 2023
Hi there, I record this video every Christmas Eve, because I love longwave and Christmas. Every year, the number of stations has diminished, but I'll keep going until there are none! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year!


F5CAC :ON 40M Band (Lionel SWL 🎧F-80737 )RX Kenwood R-5000 Ant Magnétique boucle 7️⃣3️⃣🤝

Dec 28, 2023


A World War 2 Radio Christmas​

Nov 11, 2016
This video is about old time radio, World War 2, and Christmas. Radio broadcasts, especially during the Christmas season, gave our armed forces overseas a little taste of home. And at home, hope and encouragement.


Checking 27700 kHz USB Shortwave for SSTV and some comments on 20 MHz above​

Take time to listen to what is above 20 MHz, you might be surprised at the amount of signals with the high solar activity we have


QSO de F4 BQK ON 40M Band RX Kenwood R-5000 ant magnétique boucle Lionel SWL​


This Was Used For Cellphone Interception​

Jan 9, 2024


Celebrate longwave whilst we have it: Sailing By and the Shipping Forecast BBC Radio 4, 198 kHz​

Jan 10, 2024

I'll definitely miss longwave when it's gone. In the meantime, I'll take every opportunituy to listen in to Radio 4, the wonderful folk music from Antena Satelor, Medi 1 and Chaine 3 from Algeria.
Here's the best of the lot, Sailing By and the Shipping Forecast!

Thanks for watching and 73.

Copying Radio New Zealand Pacific on 9700 kHz with one of the best ever desk-top receivers​

Jan 12, 2024

Everything JRC did was brilliant and this rig is one of the best-ever non-professional receivers ever conceived. If you can get hold of one, don't hesitate!

Recorded on 21/11/23 at 16:59 hrs GMT using a Wellbrook ALA1530 magnetic loop antenna (outdoors) via a Bonito AntennaJet RF splitter.


Hammarlund model SP-600 JX-21A part 1​

Jan 23, 2024

This is what my grandfather left behind. Although it is a very old and heavy radio, I was surprised by its warm sound quality and high performance. This time, the shooting will be divided into two parts. In Part 1, we tested basic performance. In part 2, I will try DX.


Russian Numbers station received via Novosibirsk Russia KiwiSDR on Shortwave​

Jan 23, 2024

This one was received on a KiwiSDR but was not heard in Montreal


Listening on a Hallicrafters S38 radio receiver​


Retekess TR 509 FM Radio Station Giveaway! Run Your Own FM Radio Station For Free!​

Jan 27, 2024

I love that I am able to do these every now and a again! It's your chance to setup and run your very own personal community radio station. Just leave one single comment (more that one is a disqualifier) on why you should be the winner. We are looking for the best possible reasons here. Maybe to start a school radio station? maybe for a retirement community. Who knows. You tell me why, and Jenn will pick the top 5 to be drawn from live 2 weeks from today!




Jan 20, 2024

I've reviewed a lot of radios over the years, and I've owned many many more. Of all of them, and I mean ALL of them, this is the radio of my dreams. It perfectly blends the old school AM/FM/SW experience with a entire world of new content that exists online. This radio is a game changer and it's something I've been dreaming of ever since I heard about it's design.


The WIP Philadelphia 1925 Eclipse Test. DX ALERT for 2024.​

Feb 1, 2024

January 24, 1925 test by radio stations WIP in Philadelphia and 2LO in London during a solar eclipse. Music by Ted Weems Orchestra in 1925 playing "Nine O'Clock Sal," a composition written by Jack LeRoy. It was LeRoy's orchestra that was heard by Londoners over WIP. Maybe if WPAJ 1120 kHz in New Haven, Connecticut had more power it could have been picked for the test, since they were located at the center of the path. But the station was a mere 100 watts and WIP was a whopping 500 watts. Also, maybe propagation on 1120 kHz was not efficient or there would be interference received abroad. A month after the eclipse, on February 21, WPAJ was renamed WDRC. Newspapers of the day projected the next similar eclipse not occurring until April 8, 2024. Unfortunately, modern data on this eclipse shows the path of darkness will not extend to Europe. The center of the 2024 eclipse will be near Buffalo, NY. Of note, see my video aircheck of WKBW during a 1982 lunar eclipse.


Hammarlund model SP-600 JX-21A part 1​

Jan 23, 2024

This is what my grandfather left behind. Although it is a very old and heavy radio, I was surprised by its warm sound quality and high performance. This time, the shooting will be divided into two parts. In Part 1, we tested basic performance. In part 2, I will try DX.


Here's part 2


Radio wave conditions were poor both during the day and at night, resulting in mediocre results.
2024 / 01 / 26 / jst 17:00~ / utc 08:00~
QTH : Tokyo Japan
The antenna is an inverted L-shaped antenna with a height of approximately 15m above the ground.


Reaching hostages and prisoners, through Israeli and Palestinian radio​

TEL AVIV, Israel, and RAMALLAH, West Bank — Thousands of Israeli and Palestinian families know nothing about the fate of their relatives — Israelis held captive in Gaza and Palestinians jailed in Israel — during the Israel-Hamas war.

No phone calls. No letters. Just a few short Hamas hostage videos and limited lawyers' visits to Israeli prisons. Even as diplomats try to reach a cease-fire deal for their release, it is an ongoing source of anguish for the families.

So Israeli and Palestinian radio stations are broadcasting their voices, hoping their loved ones hear them.



More maps and a midwinter broadcast​

Hi all SWLing Post Community, FastRadioBurst 23 from the Imaginary Stations crew here letting you know that this week we present another installment of WDWD – Off the Map Radio. Programme 3 in the series will be going out to Europe via the services of Shortwave Gold on Sunday 4th February 2024 at 1000/1400 hrs UTC on 6160 kHz and then at 2100 UTC on 3975 kHz. There will be lots of place names, locations and maps mentioned.



The Russian Short Wave War Is Getting Worse!​

Feb 9, 2024


M.P. Pedersen B285K radio receiver​

The M.P. Pedersen B285K was a professional radio receiver made in Denmark in the 1950s. It was extensively used in ships and in coast, weather and scientific stations, such as most of the ones along the coast of Greenland, for many years.
It covers the long, medium and short wave ranges in 6 steps, which are selected by turning a large drum that contains the coils for each of the bands.

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