Shortwave Listening (SWL)

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Moment in History: BBC World Service via Madagascar relay 12095 kHz Shortwave Iran attack on Israel​

Apr 14, 2024

BBC reporting on the events in the Middle East


Marconi H2301 Receiver - a rebadged Eddystone 880/3 - one of the best valve receivers ever made -​

Apr 17, 2024

One of the best valve (tube) receivers ever made. Stability is excellent from cold as the set uses a massive PTO (Permeability Tuned Oscillator) like the Collins R390. There are 30 bands to select from. The operator sees 1Mhz over the entire scale. The set is badged Marconi but was actually made by Eddystone. Marconi owned Eddystone at this time.


Sources of SWL Information “Pre-Internet”

by Dan Greenall

When I first discovered the world of shortwave listening, many years before the internet, access to hobby related information was mostly available through over-the-air DX programs, monthly DX club bulletins, as well as a number of books and electronics magazines. I joined a few clubs including the Midwest DX Club, SPEEDX, and the Ontario DX Association, and eagerly awaited each issue of Electronics Illustrated and Popular Electronics (early 1970’s) on the news stand. Later, in the 1980’s, Popular Communications and Monitoring Times came along, though these were not always easy to find here in Canada.

Ironically, nearly all issues of these magazines can be read today, over 30, 40 and even 50 years later, thanks to David Gleason’s not-for-profit, free online library

More here:


Radio New Zealand on 13690 kHz Shortwave on Tecsun H-501x using MLA 30 loop antenna​

Apr 21, 2024
Great signal as they start on this new frequency at 0600 UTC



Legendary 1951 Hammarlund SP 600 radio receiver tuning the bands​

May 1, 2024


Take a look at Dan Robinson Excellent Radio Channel and videos​

Tests many high end radios and some of the newest radio tech also


/ @dxace1
Both the Kenwood R2000 and the R5000 are very good receivers.

Volmet RX Kenwood R-5000 antenne magnétique loop Lionel SWL 🎧F-80737🇫🇷 7️⃣3️⃣🤝2-05-2024​

One of the things I enjoy on shortwave is ham traffic. It's enjoyable to hear peeps in different states, different countries talking to each other. Rarely do I hear loons, but I have heard them on the rare occasion. This vid is an example of a loon.

More evidence of a low brain cell count on 40 metres - copied with my (now repaired) Kenwood TS480HX​

Apr 6, 2024

Hi there, as much as I hate to say it, there are some real idiots out there on the bands. What on earth is going on here? If you know who they are - name them!


Thanks for watching and 73
The R-2000 is a great radio. Shame they aren't made anymore.

Why listen to an old radio?​

Apr 18, 2024

CNR1 1098 kHz MW Xingyang, China 15th April 2024 19:02 local time. (UTC +3) heard in Northern Finland 6,300 km away. JRC NRD-525 200m wire


Receiving Antarctica in the Arctic! LRA36 15476 kHz USB heard 16,110 km away​

Mar 9, 2024
LRA36 Radio Nacional Arcangel San Gabriel 10kW Hope Bay Antarctica received in the Arctic 16110 km away. 23:01 UTC 9th March 2024Kenwood R-2000 100m wire

This vid will show you that you really don't need fancy antennas to listen to shortwave. Matt lives in Finland (pretty far north) and is using a long wire antenna. It's really long and seems to serve its purpose well. Be sure to check out the bldgs. Neat vid.

Antenna update​

Feb 27, 2024
100m long wire antenna setup plus a separate ground.


Indice de propagation données par F5 LTB Op Philippe Info​

(Propagation index given by F5 LTB Op Philippe Info)

Not in English

May 8, 2024

Been listening to sw now for around 60 years. Started around 64 / 65 and have no regrets. Good hobby, you can learn a lot about different places, hear real news happening in real time in faraway places, have a lot of fun and in an emergency a sw radio could prove invaluable.

We need radio

Fernando has some really neat older radios. Check out his channel. Link below vid.

Listening from Madrid to the Spanish service of the Voice of Turkiye on a 1943 military radio​

May 17, 2024

The Voice of Turkiye, signing off. Listening from Madrid on a WR1/P “Rudi” 1943 German troops entertainment radio, on 13725 kHz.
The programs of the Voice of Turkiye can be heard very clearly from Spain every day. They carry a number of great items on Turkish history and culture, and indeed a unique point of view on international affairs. Extremely interesting.


German ham using some WWII equipment.

WW2 German Radio Station Hagenuk Ha5k39 in use.​

May 29, 2024

WW2 German Radio station connects, and I set up the aerial. And have an AM QSO and a CW QSO with it.


A tune through longwave with the brilliant Grundig Satellit Transistor 6000 receiver​

May 31, 2024

Hi there, I love this old radio from 1968. The audio is simply superb - probably better than my Hacker Super Sovereign - and that is saying something. Here's a quick tune up and down the longwave band - emptying fast, but still my favorite.


Thanks for watching and 73.
*Language is Italian. Some cool radios in this one.

Obiettivo DX trasmissione su Guglielmo Marconi 02062024​

Jun 2, 2024


Radio Ukraine International - February 24, 2022 (English Shortwave Broadcast)​

Feb 28, 2022 UKRAINE


Date: February 24, 2022 Time: 1200 UTC Frequency: 5010 kHz

Equipment: Receiver: Remote SDR Antenna: N/A

Other: Note: Relay via WRMI

My favourite radio JRC NRD-535DG​

Jun 3, 2024

The JRC NRD-535DG has won me over, I mostly find myself using this more.


JRC NRD-535DG 220m wire
This one is a bit different. Matt (see above vid) lives in Lapland (Finland) and shows his listening post.

The ‘Radio shack’ reveal​

Jun 5, 2024

The listening post has had a make-over, it’s no longer a storage shed!



Listening to the Harwell ARS Friday night net on the Sony ICF-SW77 receiver, using the whip antenna​

Jun 7, 2024

Hi there, obviously there's some noise on these signals which is too be expected given I'm using the built-in telescopic antenna indoors! But, just goes to show you don't always need 10s of metres of wire to copy amateur radio signals, particularly if they're relatively local.


Thanks for watching and 73.

Summer propagation personal comments and suggestions for Shortwave listeners​

Jun 10, 2024

Summer has some special propagation to check out

Don't really agree with this.

There is no such thing as Winter is better than summer on Shortwave propagation​

Jun 10, 2024
Once again a few exceptions to the rule, but Shortwave is alive with DX 365 days a year


How Radio Hams Tried To Solve The UFO Mystery - UFO NETS​

Jun 13, 2024


BBC Mid Winter test broadcast 7255 9585 9870 and 11685 June 14th 2024 before next week​

Jun 15, 2024

Friday June 21st 2024 from 2130 to 2200 UTC the BBC mid winter broadcast is going on the air, this annual event will use 4 frequecies that have been tested on the 14th

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