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This might could be a problem...?

The difference i believe is NVDA's buyers are mainly the wealthiest companies in the US with tons of cash flow. Not the start ups that died that CISCO sold to. Not saying NVDA stock couldnt take a big hit, but I do think this is different.
More data at link

Blackrock can buy them all then get a government program to house all the illegals. Problem solved.
and we all know this to be reality...

"M.O.P.E. Management Of Perspective Economics" Jim Sinclair

It's why they 'adjust' (aka fudge) the economic numbers 3 months later... usually downward.
Be interested to hear what amount of discretionary spending is actually in the budget. Things like foreign aid, and all the programs the politicians use to get rich. Also no talk about the billions all the illegals are costing us?

Do you know when that hearing was. I'd like to listen to the entire thing.
Remember back in the beginning of the year when everyone was bitching about the miners doing nothing? Here we are a few months later and exk has gone from 1.42 to a new 52 week high today at 4.60.

I was hoping to buy a lot more at 1.00 a share. Obviously never got that low.
Miners had a real good day today which was kinda odd. No real news to attribute it to. Other than, they seem to be a day early so perhaps expect a very weak CPI and PM's to explode tomorrow.
Did you even know about a 25,000 grant for a downpayment if you r parents didn't own a home? Hmm, I wonder who this is heard towards.

It looks like we are finally into the next phase with miners actually beliving in a longer term run. They have already set a new high before either Gold or Silver. Hence, the breakout in the ratio here the last 2 days.


Here something about the accuracy of the chart:

“A” Periods (Economic Panics)

•1927: Correct (Pre-Great Depression)
•1945: Incorrect (Post-WWII boom)
•1965: Incorrect (Minor downturn, not significant)
•1981: Correct (Early 1980s recession)
•1999: Correct (Dot-com bubble)
•2019: Correct (Pre-2020 pandemic recession)
•2035, 2053: Future predictions (excluded from accuracy calculation)

Total Predictions: 6
Correct Predictions: 4

Accuracy: 4/6 = 66.67%

“B” Periods (Good Times)

•1926: Correct (Before Great Depression)
•1935: Correct (Recovery period)
•1945: Correct (Post-WWII boom)
•1953: Correct (Post-war economic growth)
•1962: Correct (Early 1960s growth)
•1972: Incorrect (Pre-1973 oil crisis)
•1980: Incorrect (Early 1980s recession)
•1989: Correct (1980s boom)
•1999: Correct (Late 1990s tech boom)
•2007: Incorrect (Pre-2008 financial crisis)
•2016: Correct (Post-2008 recovery)

Total Predictions: 11
Correct Predictions: 8

Accuracy: 8/11 = 72.73%

“C” Periods (Hard Times)

•1924: Correct (Pre-Great Depression)
•1931: Correct (Great Depression)
•1942: Correct (WWII economic strain)
•1951: Correct (Post-war recession)
•1958: Correct (Late 1950s recession)
•1969: Correct (Pre-1970 recession)
•1978: Correct (Pre-1980s recession)
•1985: Incorrect (Minor recession, not significant)
•1996: Incorrect (Economic boom period)
•2005: Correct (Pre-2008 crisis)
•2012: Correct (Post-2008 recovery)
•2023: Too soon to evaluate
•2032, 2039, 2050, 2059: Future predictions (excluded from accuracy calculation)

Total Predictions: 10
Correct Predictions: 8

Accuracy: 8/10 = 80.00%

Overall Accuracy:

Combining the predictions for “A,” “B,” and “C” periods:

Total Predictions: 6 (A) + 11 (B) + 10 (C) = 27
Correct Predictions: 4 (A) + 8 (B) + 8 (C) = 20

Overall Accuracy: 20/27 = 74.07%
I'm going to short NVDA and XHB and RCL here soon. I just don't know with what capital. :cry: Also, really REALLY like the miner action today. After two very strong days and them smacking the metals today they are hardly down. It's go time.
I'm somewhat surprised that Monday morning trading isn't a bit more volatile in the wake of the Trump assassination attempt.
I'm somewhat surprised that Monday morning trading isn't a bit more volatile in the wake of the Trump assassination attempt.
Might could be the same perps planned the 'accident'...?

Recent layoff announcements:

- Salesforce cuts 300 roles (TODAY)
- SolarEdge cuts 8.5% of workforce (TODAY)
- Intuit cuts 10% of workforce (LAST WEEK)
- Dyson cuts 1,000 roles (LAST WEEK)
- UiPath cuts 10% of workforce (LAST WEEK)
- UKG cuts 14% of workforce (2 WEEKS AGO)
- OpenText cuts 1,200 roles (2 WEEKS AGO)
- Microsoft lays off hundreds in Azure division (LAST MONTH)
- ByteDance (TikTok) cuts 450 roles (LAST MONTH)
- Fisker files for bankruptcy (LAST MONTH)

In 2024, tech companies have laid off over 106,630 employees.

Is this because of AI or the economy?

I've been watching the SFE/SGE price of silver in China and it looks like the price is meeting resistance at USD $35. It got to $34.99 on Thursday (July 11) and then dropped to $34.46 on the 15th (yesterday) and closed $34.69 this morning. Seems to be trading in a narrow range over the last week or so.
Just before TSHTF


The owner of San Francisco's largest apartment community has defauled on ~$1.8B in loans tied to the complex

The 152 acre, 3,200 unit apartment community known as Parkmerced was just appraised at $1.4B, plummeting $700M from 2019 and $400M less than the total loan balance

This is incredibly concerning given cracks have begun to appear in sizable apartment/multi-family buildings across the largest cities in the US...

Source: The Real Deal

For the latest updates on the real estate meltdown just like this, make sure to follow
Silver closed down to $34.16 in China (SFE/SGE) this morning. Gold meanwhile creeping up close to $2,500 at $2,491 on SFE.
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